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What Does Walt Disney World Have to Offer For Visitors?


Places to see in Disney World include all of the theme parks and the water parks, and if you are a foodie ( aka. someone who enjoys fine food ), some of the best restaurants in Florida, so let’s take a look.

Typhoon Lagoon: this legendary water park has one of the best man made wave pools in the world. In fact you can rent the park after hours and bring your friend for your own little surfing safari.

Blizzard Beach: if you love water slides, slow lazy tube riding, family style water rides and just general enjoy your self at a water park type of day, then Blizzard Beach has it all, including a water slide that is over 100 feet tall.

Epcot: This is a two-sided affair with rides and interactive fun for the whole family on one side, and short walk to over ten world class restaurants that include citizen’s from each of the country themed zones.

Animal Kingdom: This is Disney’s form of an animal park. You can walk around and get a feel of what the local food and buildings would be like if you visited the different countries or you can board a Safari that lets you see Lions, Giraffes, Gazelles and many other animals in an natural setting that makes you feel as if you are in Africa.

Hollywood Studios: You get a behind the scenes look at the world of film making and one of the rides includes a fire and flood that you are close enough to feel the heat from the flames.

Magic Kingdom: this is the park that many tourist think of when they invision the world famous amusement park. Walt Disney built the first one in California, and the present day complex in Orlando, Florida is considered the best example of family entertainment for all ages.

Walt Disney World will take at least 7 days to see all of the parks if you take your time and do all of attractions. There is plenty do for kids of all ages and if you go to website, you can get maps of the parks and prices for admissions.

If you can go in September or October this has historically been the slowest time of the year, and the fastest lines for all of the rides. With the addition of Fastpass to help ride lines move faster, anytime of the year is a good time.


Source by Tom Pinaud

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