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What Does It Mean When a Guy Keeps Looking at You?


There is a cute guy you keep seeing. You may meet him in class, on your way to work, or even at your favourite hang out place. Quite a few times now, you noticed him staring at you. Unfortunately, he still has not made a move to come and talk. Hence, you feel confused about what it means when a guy keeps looking at you. Does it mean he likes you? If so, then why won’t initiate conversation? Should you make the first move? Keep reading so you can decide whether to move on, or take action to move a potentially fun and great relationship along…

Here’s the biggest reason why a guy keeps looking at you...

He looks at you because he is feeling curious about you. It also means that for now, he finds you more interesting than the other things happening around him. While this shows potential that he likes you, please consider the following before you rush into introducing yourself to him…

How does he BEHAVE when you look back at him?

Does he look away or does he smile? If he looks away and pretends he wasn’t staring at you, I would do my best to ignore him. After all, a guy who is seriously attracted to you will absolutely find the courage to look back at you – at least to let you know that he is interested in you. Think about it: If a guy can’t even muster up his courage to indicate his interest, how can you trust that he will stand up and protect you in the future?

When a guy keeps looking at you, but turns away when you look back at him, his actions reveal that he is interested in looking, but he does not wish to interact with you…

You may not like hearing this, but a very possible reason he does not flirt with you, could be that he is already in a relationship with another girl! Hence, while it is safe for him to look at you, he does not want to jeopardize his relationship by flirting with you. Very often, a guy who is already chasing one girl, will not risk wasting his efforts. He knows that by ‘flirting’ with you, it could ruin his chances with the girl he is truly interested in if she finds out. This is a very possible reason why he does not smile at you when you look back at him.

Similarly, if a guy smiles at you when you look back at him, it means he is keen to interact with you. At this point, if you like him, do give him a smile too. This lets him know that you are receptive towards him, which will give him more courage to come and speak to you. The truth is, when a guy is very attracted to a woman, he can’t help but want to get to know her. He WILL get over his shyness for a girl he is crazy about. If the guy you like doesn’t make the first move, save yourself the heartache, and appreciate the guys who are willing to put themselves “out there” for you. Those are the kind of guys who deserve your time and attention. Not the guys who don’t like you enough to ask for your number and ask you out.


Source by Rachel Lim Shuling

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