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Weird Scholarships – Bizarre Grants For College


One of the obstacles of attending college is how to pay for it. With the issues the economy is having, many people have either lost their jobs, had hours cut or are in transition. If you are a high school senior, you may be experiencing one or both of your parents out of work. There may be no college fund, or it may be necessary to draw on it for dealing with daily expenses and needs. Does this mean you can not attend college?

There are grants and scholarships out there that can help you to attend school. One area that often stays unexplored is the classification of money that is considered bizarre, weird or wacky. For example, you can get a scholarship for having red hair, being a good duck caller, eating as a vegetarian, being a lefty or wearing duct tape to the high school prom. Many organizations are trying to get the word out about their cause, product or area of ​​interest. Certain corporations and manufacturers such as soda pop drinks also sponsor grant money for university classes.

Although some of these rewards want the candidate to have a high GPA, others do not require this. Some will emphasize community participation, leadership and involvement as the main qualification. Do not discount yourself if your GPA is not stellar. What is important is that your essay reflects your passion and that you convey why you believe you should be awarded the funding. Write down the history of your interest or involvement, the way this manifests in your life and whatever you've done in the local area you live in to demonstrate your strength of concern.


Source by Dee Cohen

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