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Virgo Men – How to Go About Loving a Virgo Man


Loving a Virgo man requires complete honesty on your part. Try and deceive or fool him and you will always be found out. The Virgo man must be able to trust you implicitly so always be truthful with him.

Virgo men also hate “drama scenes” so be open and honest when sharing things with him or asking something from him but never let the moment get too heated; Virgo men find it difficult to deal with high emotion. Indeed they often have a burning desire to be on their own with their own thoughts; do understand that this is part of the personality of Virgo.

Virgo man loves to be seduced – start with chat. Talk about him and his work; let him know how impressed you are with him and his achievements. Talk things over with him, let him know he’s wanted and appreciated. Make him feel special. Maintain lots of eye contact and let those eyes tell him that you want to make love with him. If there is any doubt on his part take a gentle lead and simply suggest to him how you would like to please him and what you would like. Ask for his help in pleasing each other.

If it’s your first time constantly reassure him and gently guide him. Virgo man likes long foreplay; aggressive moves tend to turn him off so be patient. Perhaps start with some gentle stroking and petting and maybe suggest a back massage. Spend some time kissing and cuddling until you feel the time is right then slowly show him what you would like to do for him and what you would like him to do for you. If he would like to take the lead then let him and continually let him know how he pleases you.

You must make sure your Virgo man feels loved and needed at all times if you wish to keep him. You must maintain the important details in his life: respect and care for yourself and your health, keep a tidy, clean house and always keep him special.

Keep him special and you give yourself the best chance of keeping him!


Source by Mary E. Ellen

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