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Unique 65th Birthday Gift Ideas


Someone you know is turning 65 and you probably want to find the perfect 65th birthday gift. First, consider what type of person you are buying for, are they the sentimental type or are you bringing your gift to a birthday party? Some people feel a bit queasy about turning 65 while others feel that 65 is the new 45, so proceed with caution. Most turning 65 have already retired, so what is it that this person loves to do?

These gifts can be difficult to buy since most people that are 65 have just about everything they could want. The last thing that you want to buy is another robe or sweater and how many monogramed coffee cups can a person use? So, now it is up to you to come up with the perfect gift. Fortunately, there is help available.

At age 65, what people need the most is something really good to talk about because they have usually fallen into a routine and life is pretty simple. This means that a great gift would be something that they can talk about, like a hot air balloon experience. Keep in mind that every 65 year old is not going to take kindly to this idea but if you are buying for that rare breed, this is a gift that is a once in a lifetime opportunity.

Be very creative for a 65 year old person; something out-of-the ordinary and extremely creative would be a Deed to Land to land in all 50 States of the USA. Sure, the land is only a square inch in size but it comes with an attractive Deed printed, or on a plaque or in a frame…and you can get one immediately via email. Best yet it is legal, personalized and perfect for a person reaching 65 years of age. Most likely they have everything already…except this.

Maybe your 65 year old is a bit more conservative. A membership to the dinner of the month club is ideal and surely one that will be appreciated and used. They will receive their monthly coupon via email and you only have to pay a portion of the value. You can choose how many months you will continue on with the service and they can use the coupon at a variety of restaurants and locations.

Most people like to know what was going on the day that they were born. You can get them an authentic newspaper from that very day that they were born 65 years ago. Not only will they find this a gift of interest but the rest of their family will likely find this to be the case too. Things change a lot over a period of 65 years so this gift is sure to be quite a conversation piece.


Source by Scott Moger

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