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Types of Inclement Weather


There are many precautions made by drivers before getting on the road, but some situations are completely out of the control of even the safest driver. Facing situations such as unforeseen inclement weather requires motorists to exhibit an exceptionally high amount of caution behind the wheel. Anyone who fails to acknowledge unacceptable driving practices in unusual circumstances may be sacrificing the wellbeing of themselves and others. Individuals injured in car accidents that are caused by the irresponsible behavior of negligent drivers may be eligible to receive financial compensation for their medical expenses and other losses.

Types of Inclement Weather

Inclement weather can exist in many forms and can vary from place to place according to the geography and climate of each location. Some of the weather patterns that lead to dangerous driving conditions include:

  • Heavy rains- can obscure the view of the driver and make the roadways unsafe
  • Snow- can pile up on roadways, creating dangerous driving conditions and restrict the reliability of the driver’s view
  • Ice- can create slippery surfaces and compromise the traction of tires
  • Hail- can damage vehicles and safety signs or warnings
  • Blizzards- can lead to extreme amounts of snow and ice
  • Heavy winds- can create debris and unsafe conditions for cars
  • Tornadoes- can create serious danger for anyone on the road by moving vehicles or debris unexpectedly
  • Hurricanes- may lead to floods and heavy rains
  • Lightning storms- can create a distraction for drivers as well as lead to damage or debris on roadways
  • Dust storms- may decrease the ability of the driver to see out of their vehicle and drive safely


Source by Karen Whitehurst