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Top 3 World of Warcraft Account Services


Back in 2005 when World of Warcraft came out there were very few account services. Today, players can access multiple account services to enhance their game play and allow them to make changes to their character name, appearance, realm and fact. This is no doubt done to allow players to experience the game in its complete and play the character they want to play without having to re-roll if they wish to play on the opposite fact, to be another race or to look differently. You get access to all the paid account services when you log on into your World of Warcraft account. You can find all the information and the exact details on the official Blizzard services page, but I will give you all the details here so you know what it is all about.

1.World of Warcraft Character Name Change: if you have ever wondered why you picked that funny name for your character which you get pointed at and people mock you about, the Character Name change if for you. Before it was not possible to change the name on your character, but this is no longer so: as long as you are willing to pay a small fee to Blizzard and the name you wish to use is available (ie, there is no character with same name exists already on that realm) you can rename your character a new, cooler name.

2. World of Warcraft Paid Character Transfer: if you are no longer interested in staying on your current real or if you have found friends who play on other realms, go here. This feature is often used by players who are interested in serious hardcore raiding and are joining suitable guilds on other realms. Paid character transfer does not allow you to choose another faction or another race – it will just move your character to the real of your choice, and you might have to choose another name if the name you come with is already taken on the target realm. You can also use this service to move characters from account to account if you own more than one. There are some restrictions that apply for this service, but you can find details on the official pages.

3. World of Warcraft Character Customization: this is a great paid service if you want to make extravagant changes to your character's appearance, beyond what you can do in the barber shop – skin color for example. I do not know many players who go all-out like that, but if you will not settle for anything less than a purple-skinned Orc with a rainbow mohawk, hit up this paid service.


Source by Alex R Cooper

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