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Tips To Remain Safe While Using a Heat Gun To Remove Paint


A heat gun is a multi-utility tool that can be prove useful in diverse industries, including automobile, construction and even crafts. This a special gun that ejects extremely hot air instead of bullets and hence can prove quite dangerous if not handled with care. The most common use of this tool is for softening matter so that it can be used elsewhere or can be molded into a desired form or shape. In order work efficiently with a heat gun, while eliminating the risk of getting burned or injured, it is important for the users to not only know how to operate the gun in a proper way but also to take the below mentioned safety precautions.

• Since these are Hand Held and operated tools, it is important for the users to wear protective gloves made from Heat Resistant materials while handling the guns. These gloves can prove extremely helping in protecting the hands of the users from any misdirected blasts of hot air emitted from the nozzle.

• Using heat guns over certain materials can result in the production of dangerous fumes which can cause serious health issues if inhaled. So the users should make it a point to keep the work area well ventilated while working with the heat gun. It is also advisable for them to wear gas masks to minimize the risk of inhaling these fumes involuntarily.

• The users should make sure to stay completely focused while using these guns as the air emitted from them can have temperatures up to 13000 F. So even the slightest contact with this excessively hot air directed unintentionally towards the users might cause severe injuries and burns.

• Almost all manufacturers of heat guns provide detailed usage instructions and precautions to be taken, inside the packing of the tool. The users should not only go though these thoroughly but also follow them in the strictest manner.

• Any inflammable materials should be kept far away from the range of these guns. In addition, pregnant women and small children should not be allowed to venture near the work area where the gun is being used to prevent them from becoming the victim of accidental injury or exposure to fumes.

• The users should first check the required temperature setting for working with a material, rather than simply using the heat gun at full blast. This can irreversibly damage the material that needs to be processed making it completely useless for any other task.


Source by Emma Albert

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