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What Happens When you Lose Weight Too Fast.

Your body weight may have negative impacts on your normal well- being if left unchecked as it causes heart problems, obesity, and also gives you a hard time in performing your normal daily activities. If your subject your body to unplanned weight loss you may negatively affect its health condition. Here are some of the negative impacts you may experience from rapid weight loss.
A decrease in general body metabolism is one of the disadvantages of rapid weight loss. The amount of calorie energy you are burning determines your body metabolism. A decrease in body metabolism occurs when you subject your body to calorie deprivation at the same time with a fast loss of body weight. This is the main reason why individuals cutting weight are advised to maintain a healthy diet even when cutting their weight. Low body metabolism may be prolonged and may negatively affect you even after you have cut the desired weight. For instance, if you gain weight again in the future losing it may become a problem.
Secondly, subjecting your body to fast weight loss may see you lose your muscular weight and integrity. When you deprive yourself of nourishment in terms of food, the body doesnt eat fats but in burns muscle tissue leading to the loss of muscle weight. This is why exercise is recommended to cut the fats while nourishment keeps your muscles in tone, nourished with calories and hydrated. Contrary to this you lose muscle weight and the final outcome if a fatty skinny body. Keep in mind that muscle weighs more than fat. Stepping on a weight scale may not give you a clear picture of what you are losing and for this reason consider using a tape measure or having your BMI measured.
A reduction in body metabolism and the loss of body muscle, in turn, leads to many other side effects in the body aggravated by fast weight loss. A decline in the strength of your immune system is among the side effects of fast weight loss brought about by deprivation of nutrition. The immune system is dependent on nutrients, vitamins and calories to fight disease-causing organisms without which your body becomes prone to infection. Fatigue, bone issues and hair loss are also common occurrences you will face during periods of fast weight loss as your body physique is altered form the poor support system caused by lack of enough muscle tissue in your body.
Lastly, always remember that the correct and healthy amount of weight to lose in a week is less than four kilograms. You can achieve this by keeping to a healthy well-balanced diet, proper hydration and healthy exercise practices.