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The Feel Felt Found Technique to Overcome Sales Objections and Make More Money From Sales


Feel Felt Found is a brilliant way to handle those fast little sales objections that come from the customer’s feelings. Use it on the sales objections that start with, I think, or I feel. They often come as a first reaction to the product or some of its features. Feel Felt Found is a great way to overcome sales objections in retail or showroom sales. It is easy to learn, effective in many sales situations, and you can start using it today.

At first you may feel skeptical about such an easy way to approach sales objections. Many experienced sales people have felt the same way. Once they tried it they found it closed sales and earned them commission.

An additional benefit

If you’re a sales manager you can try adapting this sales technique for coaching and influencing your sales team. There are a lot of similarities between selling and coaching. After all, you are trying to influence people’s actions and behaviours.

You understand how they FEEL

Empathize with the customer. Tell them that you can understand how they feel as they raise their sales objection. When handling sale objections you want to work with your customer, not against them. Think of it as a sales martial art technique. You use their force and change the direction, not meet it head on with another force. The Feel Felt Found objection handling technique is a great way of doing that. You are letting them know that it is understandable that they have this objection to the sale. That it’s normal, it’s happened to other people, and they still bought the product.

Other people FELT the same way

Other customers, that went on to buy from me, felt the same way.

You are using social proof to show that this is also what others have said, and they went on to buy. Your customer wants to be like others, we all do. Do you enter an empty restaurant? If you see a crowd gathered at a market stall you go and take a look. If they find it interesting, so could you. Like it or not we still follow the crowd. Many sales markets rely upon this basic instinct.

With the Feel Felt Found technique you are emphasizing the message that, the feelings your customer has at the moment have been felt by others and it didn’t not stop them buying. The reason it didn’t stop others buying is because of what they Found.

Others have FOUND

I understand why you FEEL….

Others have FELT…..

What they FOUND was……..

Tell the customer what other people found when they went on to buy from you. What they found that overcomes the sales objection. Spice it up and add some great sales benefits. When you tell the customer what others found you have the opportunity to sell your product. Tell them, others didn’t just find the objection was no longer an issue. They found something great that surpassed their expectations and gave them something great.

Feel, Felt, Found, putting it into action

I understand why you might Feel the price is too high.

Other customers have Felt the same way.

When they saw the money they saved with it they realised it was a really good investment

I know how you feel. When I first saw it I felt the same. But when I tried it I found I looked at it in a different way.

It’s understandable that you should feel that way. I felt the same when I thought about changing. Now I’ve found that it works much better than my old one.

Try it for yourself

I can understand how you might feel about trying a new way of handling sales objections. When I was first shown the Feel, Felt, Found, way of handling sales objections I felt the same. Now I’ve found in many situations it’s a really effective way of overcoming sales objections.

Try it out and start using it today. You find after a while that it comes natural. What I like about it is how easy it fits into communication and normal conversation. I’ve used it twice within this article to sell the benefits of the Feel Felt Found technique. Did you spot where I used it?


Source by Stephen Craine

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