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How to Host a Jewelry Making Birthday Party

As your child grows, you will have to get more creative in the birthday celebration ideas. You need to do so more for a baby girl. There will be the costumed princess stage, the toys stage, and many others. But as she grows older, those events need to have more meaning and be more engaging. A fun idea you to go for this year is to have a jewelry making birthday party. She can invite her close friends and make it a fun and memorable event. You, on the other hand, need to prepare well for the event.

A quick word of advice: you can make the preparations much easier on yourself by getting DIY jewelry making party kits. They contain all the necessary items to host the party, such as beads, goody bags, bead caps, clasps, gander charms, measuring charts, and proper yet simple instructions. You will have so much time, money, and energy in the process. You can check out some amazing examples on this site.

You need to practice before the party, to get in the mood and to ensure success in the event. As much as they will be having fun, it does not hurt to come out with a few great designs. You can, for example, perfect your crimping on the clasp and closing the piece in a manner that does not expose the beading wire. You should also work on each piece from both sides to ensure symmetry in the final product. You should also have space for displaying the best pieces, to serve as inspiration and encouragement for each participant to do better. There also needs to be space for putting all the materials so that there is some organization. Imagine when you are all present, and everyone is busy making the jewelry. It can get pretty messy, pretty fast. As part of the preparation, you need to also assign sating areas for everyone. You need to get confirmations of attendance to ensure you have enough seating and working areas.

During the party, you need to welcome the guests and give them clear instructions for the event. You need to acknowledge the birthday child, and then proceed to tell them which jewelry to create first. They can proceed to make other pieces after you have all looked at the results. Keep it simple and easy going. There is no need to be strict with time or procedure. Remember, it is a party, not an exam. The birthday girl can be the judge of everyone’s efforts, picking out the best among the finished pieces.

It is a good idea to have over several parents of the kids present to serve as helpers. It makes the part more fun and involving, as well as keeping it organized and helping those having a hard time managing to make something beautiful. Such events are great times for all of you to bond, and what better way than through art and crafts exercises. Alternatively, you can hire the services of a jewelry making birthday party service. They offer better organization, more engagement among the guests, and some amazing piece created at the end of the party. It relieves you of the pressure of organizing the group and allows you to enjoy more of the event with them.
You should encourage everyone to make plenty of jewelry, and have each person leave with something they will wear to commemorate the event.

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