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Search Yahoo and Google Together


Search Engine : This is the tool which is used by almost all the Internet Users when they start browsing. Except for a few known and popular sites which are already fed into our brain, we all depend on Search for our day to day Internet requirements. From Shopping to Business development , and for every thing , we all depend on Search Engines, No one using Internet can Opt out of this.

As we know currently there are only few bunch of Search Engines that most Internet Users are Using. Namely these are Google, Yahoo and the List continues.About Three – forth of Internet Users depend on these two Search Engines for their daily activity. So, Google and Yahoo are expanding to more and more remote parts of the World.

Common strategy of Searching : We generally Start Searching with Our loved Search Engine, it is nice and fine if we can find some thing related to our requirement, otherwise what we’ll do is simply shift to another Search Engine and do the same process. The thing is We might find something related in this step.

The Idea : What if we can club the Two Major Search Engines in to One and Enjoy the Same fruits with some Extra Enhancements. This Site does exactly the Same thing. It shows results from both Yahoo and Google with a single Click. Results can be compared as they are displayed side by side.

Technology : This Site is not as many of the inframe Sites, which Embed Yahoo and Google Pages in their Pages. This Site directly connects to Google and Yahoo through respective API’s and fetches results.

Features : There are Mainly Three Features associated with this Site.

  • Displays Yahoo and Google Results Side bye Side.
  • Word Suggestions appear as we type in the Search Box
  • Probable Results are Displayed before hitting the Search button.

For Whom : For Every one who uses Search Engine to find Quick results.What Next : Go and try to Search Yahoo and Google Quickly.


Source by Surya Prakash

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