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Rolling a Painted Canvas: 5 Simple Tips


You might want to roll a painted canvas either to store it safely or to send it through mail. Rolling a painted canvas can sometimes be tricky and if sufficient care is not taken the painting can get damaged. While rolling a canvas, you should keep in mind the following tips:

Tip 1: Ensure that the paint is completely dry on the canvas before you start rolling it. This applies most to oil paintings. You should check that all layers of the painting are dry and not only the top surface. Any wet paint can cause smudges or cracks.

Tip 2: Always remember to roll a canvas with the painted side out. That way, the canvas will be stretched and even if there are any hairline cracks, they will be minimized to a large extent when the canvas is flat again. On the other hand, if the painting is rolled with the painted side in, the paint will be squeezed in and will get wrinkled. When the painting is flattened, the paint will chip off. This applies to not only while rolling a canvas but also while rolling paintings/sketches on any medium.

Tip 3: It is a good idea to roll the canvas on a tube. The tube will create a solid core that will prevent the rolled canvas from losing shape. Use a tube with a wide diameter and longer than the width of the painting that will be rolled onto it. The wide diameter will ensure that the canvas is not squeezed tight and the long tube will ensure that the edges of the canvas are protected.

Tip 4: Don’t roll the canvas too tightly – this might cause stress leading to cracks. You should be making a firm roll instead. Do not try to secure the roll with any strings; it might cut through the painted layers.

Tip 5: If you are rolling the canvas in order to post it, it is also a good idea to have some packaging in place between the rolled canvas and the tube you will put it in. This could be some stiff plastic or a piece of blank canvas. You should also cover the rolled canvas with a sheet of acid-free paper to ensure that the canvas does not come in direct contact with the packaging and there is no paint damage.

Following these 5 tips will ensure that your canvas is safely rolled.


Source by Anindita Banik

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