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Prom Dresses for 2010 – What is the Difference Between a Junior and Senior Prom Gown?


Whether you are going to the junior prom or senior prom in 2010, the start of a new year usually begins the mad dash to begin planning for this favorite high school event. As you are in the midst of your planning and shopping, you’re likely to ask yourself this one question: What’s the difference between a junior prom dress and senior prom dress? Let’s talk about that now!

Junior prom dresses: Although they are both fun and important events in your high school career, generally speaking – the junior prom is a less formal event. Gowns for this dance are typically shorter, more trendy and a lot cheaper than you would spend on your senior prom gown. These dresses are especially designed for girls between the ages of fourteen to seventeen years old, so they also tend to be more modest and age appropriate. In many ways, this gown is going to be more along the lines of a cocktail dress than a formal event dress. Most retailers and dress designers have special sections just for junior prom dresses, and as you browse them – you will notice that there is an obvious difference between the styles, cuts, shapes and lengths of them. Because the junior prom is just one year away from the senior prom, try not to overspend. The dress you buy for the junior dance can also be worn to your homecoming dance during your senior year.

Senior prom dresses: The senior prom is the final major dance of your high school career, and apart from your high school graduation, it will be the most memorable event as well. People tend to spend more money on the twelfth grade prom than any other event during the four years of high school. Senior prom gowns are typically more formal than their junior prom counterparts. Most teen girls will opt for longer gowns that are fitted, sophisticated and elegant. While a junior dance dress can usually be worn to other semi-formal events, you will likely only wear your senior dance dress one time. This dance is like the equivalent to a Hollywood red carpet event, so finding the most stylish and glamorous gown is extremely important.


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