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Practice is Not a Shot You're Already Good At


My daughter Sammie has a horse and she rides in English riding competitions. She's been doing it now for over 7 years and I must say she's become quite a good rider. My son Kirk will be going into his senior year in high school next year and he's planning on having a great year in both football and basketball. Both kids are busy practicing so that they can do their absolute best in their chosen sport. As they practice they must remember that:

Practice Is Not a Shot You're Already Good At

I'm proud of my kids for choosing to stick to something and wanting to be the best that they can be at it. Sammie practices her riding almost every day of the week and Kirk is either practicing shooting, weight lifting, or running every day also. It's a pretty rigorous schedule. Sometimes they complain, but for the most part they see their commitment through and realize that it's the only way to get to where they want to go.

During this practice time they will sharpen their skills. The most important and valuable sharpening of their skills will come from continuously practicing the things that they are not as good at.

It's easy and far more enjoyable to practice the things that we can do well. Yet it's those things that we practice that we can not do so well that helps us develop the "Total Package." It's almost a guarantee that both of them will encounter the most challenging situation that's unique to them at some time during their competitions. This particular challenging situation may never be the best part of their overall performance. At the same time, by practicing the thing that is the most challenging, they will have a better chance of dealing with it effectively when they do encounter it.

I wish them luck in their endeavors. I will encourage them to continue with their practice and tell them to imagine and expect great results because of the work that they have been willing to do.


Source by Fred Nicklaus

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