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Music For The Stars!


Alan Cohen author, "Chicken Soup For The Soul," and other inspirational books said that in his work, "Lifestyles Of The Rich In Spirit."

A prominent political figure from a Muslin nation visited one our University recently to speak and answer questions, and I watched the president of that institution challenge him and attack him verbally. There was no peace in the words he used to describe his guest, he had his mind made up that this man represented the enemy and a war of words was in order. It was obvious to everyone that this man and his country were working the devil and it was our duty to eliminate him first by dehumanizing him, and then by threats of war.

The guest answered the questions as best he could; he knew that the majority of the audience would not accept his words, but he tried to explain his country's position on several topics that stuck fear in the hearts of Americans; but our thoughts had already established that this man was someone to hate. He on the other hand, stood his ground firmly and explained his position as clearly as he could have given the atmosphere of emotions that surrounded him. He did not claim to hate or want to destroy us, he said he wanted to be our friend; he said that his religion was a peaceful one and that his country wanted to live by their beliefs without interference from other nations. He saw the conflict in Iraq as a senseless attempt to control something that was not under our control; it had been in existence for centuries before we were born as a country and always found a way to resolve its own issues. In the mist of all the anger and resentment he found himself in, he maintained his composition and expressed his feelings about how we had created the situations we found ourselves involved in, and that we were the ones that were forcing other nations to conform unconditionally.

The real issue is not about this man and his country; it is about each one of us. As Alan said, we must find the peace in our hearts in order to heal our separation. If we are motivated by fear, anger, and hatred, that is what we will manifest; the face of this man was that manifestation.

We do not practice what we preach in church every Sunday, we do not follow the teachings of Christ if we attack and fight in order to control. Destroy never wins healing, but forgiveness does. Through all the years of fighting we still do not get the concept of unity; we still put ourselves up on a higher plane of existence; we are disconnected from our source and do nothing but fight in order to reconnect; years of conditioning has made us what we are, a group of wanderers looking for redemption in all the wrong ways. It is us against everything else, when in fact there is nothing else; what we see is a mirror, there for us to remember who we really are.

Alan said something else in his book, "The most significant contribution you and I can make towards world peace is to be peaceful ourselves, to give peacefulness to those who lives we touch daily, and to forgive ourselves for our errors, to the point at which we love ourselves no matter what we have ever done. "

Now is the time for that forgiveness; now is the time to reunite within myself, to be the spirit that expresses the love that fills my heart. I can change and will change in order to be at peace; I ask for help from my source and it is given; I ask for love to fill my body and it is given; I ask to share that love with all life and it is given.
This Russian folk song explains my thoughts:

If the people lived their lives

As if it were a song!

For singing out the light

Provides the music for the stars

To be dancing circles in the night.


Source by Hal Manogue