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Music Addiction


Music means sounds arranged in a way that pleasant or exciting to listen. “People sing music or play it on instruments.” Music appeals to the soul more than to the ear as someone has said that it is food for the soul. We now have pop music or modern popular with a strong rhythm and simple tunes that thrill young people and make them walk rhythmically and dance passionately.

We are music addicts when we cannot stay away from it for long hours. We cannot stay away from songs, and spend much time listening to it as a matter of habit. We are even prepared to damage our regular work or studies at the cost the music. At first we had the gramophone that reproduced recorded sounds and voices and could not be carried easily.

With the introduction and popularity of the tape recorders, we could record sounds anywhere and listen to them everywhere. We came to have portable and pocket-size tape recorders with headphones that facilitated dramatically listening to songs. Now we have compact discs with hundreds of pre-recorded musical units for CD players for hearing as long as we like. Moving vehicles of different kinds are fitted with these gadgets to satisfy our thirst for music.

Dance music makes us dance in joy and hope. Religious music is devotional that creates in us moods of prayers and worship. Classical or traditional is serious and connected with old musical instruments played with the hand. Whatever the form of music may be, it is the mood and thoughts of the player that make him interested in it. Even computer and electronic music demands special moods of appreciation.

We can study or work at a place, sometimes better while listening to music. Often different tunes move, encourage and inspire us and help us to take momentous decisions. Many a soldier fights energetically while listening to light tunes. Even while dining or lunching we are pleased to listen to soothing light songs in the background.

The music that pleases us as we work and study, and improves the tempo or pace of our work is the best. Music addition would surely be condemnable if it makes us attend rock concerts, pop concerts, jazz concerts, and the like as a habit. We, then, get lost in these concerts and attend them at the cost of our studies, professional work, and household duties. Some religions like and Hinduism sanction music and singing with prayers.


Source by Batool CH