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Mind Over Matter – What is the Subconscious Mind and What Has it Got to Do With Hypnosis?


Mind over Matter. What does this actually mean? All that weird talk about the subconscious mind and getting people to act like chickens on stage sounds a little bit bizarre doesn’t it? At the very least fascinating anyway. Until you understand how the subconscious mind actually works. It could be compared to an iceberg with 9/10th’s underwater, and 1/10th floating above. The conscious mind is the part above the water and the subconscious mind is the vast ocean of “stuff” hiding below. It contains everything we have ever done, thought, said, imagined, learned, forgotten, felt, in fact everything is in there. It also governs our automatic functions like breathing, digestion, blood pressure and all other bodily functions that we do without conscious effort or thought. Unlike our conscious mind, however, it cannot reason, it has no sense of humour, no rational thought process, and lives every moment as though it is the present moment. When you realise this you begin to understand why things like phobias arise, or other negative behaviours.

For example in a phobia or fear, e.g. spiders, the person originally had a frightening or disturbing experience when a large spider crawled up their leg and made them jump! The way the subconscious mind responds is such that it thinks all spiders from now on are threatening, even though rationally they cannot harm us, and it will respond the same way as the original terrifying incident. It thinks it is actually trying to protect us by telling us to react the same way every time.

This is when hypnosis can help. A state of hypnosis is defined as “relaxation with heightened awareness” and means that although we are very relaxed, our senses are actually sharper and we can remember or realise things that we could not recall in a normal state of awareness. We therefore become open to suggestion and the therapist is able to substitute positive suggestions to replace the “old” negative beliefs. Remember the subconscious always acts in the present tense, so once a new suggestion has been accepted, it becomes active immediately and overrides the previous irrational thought. A number of sessions may be required depending on the severity or longevity of the issue or problem, but almost anything can be tackled using hypnosis, from emotional issues to physical issues, to sports performance, to past life regression – the list is endless!


Source by Karen Rains

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