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Medifast Prices – A List of the Cost of Popular Medifast Plans and Foods


I get a lot of questions about this diet.  One of the more common is “how much does medifast really cost?”  Some people want to know the cost of a monthly package and some want to know the price of the individual products.  I’ll go over what you’ll pay for some of the more popular foods or plans in the following article.

The Price Of The Medifast Women’s Monthly Plan (The 5 Plus One): Without a doubt, the most commonly ordered product is the women’s monthly package.  This is the diet that Kristi Swanson and Genie Francis used to drop over 45 pounds each.  Ordering your foods as part of a package brings the cost per meal way down and you’re only having to pay for shipping once (although shipping is pretty reasonable at around $5 for the regular option.) With this package, you get about 145 meals (giving you enough for five per day – you eat six times, but you make one of the meals yourself.) You’ll get a decent variety of the most popular foods.  The retail cost of this package is $299, which for me is still cheaper than groceries. 

But the really positive thing about ordering a package is that there is almost always coupon codes or specials when you order by the month.  You’ll sometimes get $55 off or 2 -3 weeks of free food (which is worth well over $150). So, it’s smart to first obtain the latest coupon code before placing an order (and remember to put the code in the box at checkout. If you don’t, they don’t know you have a discount.)

Also, the 2 week version of this same plan is about $150. And the price of the diabetic version is the same – $299 for a month and $150 for 2 weeks.  (The diabetic plan omits some of the higher carb foods, like the bars.) Again, the coupon advice that I gave before applies here too.

Enhanced Heart Health Package Cost: This is basically the 5 plus one with omega 3s, fatty acids and fish oil added for heart health.  This enhancement brings the cost up to about $325 for the four weeks.  

Medifast Momentum (Metabolism Booster) Monthly Price: Although the 5 plus 1 is very popular, the momentum packages are gaining ground.  This package includes all of the regular foods plus additional foods that have metabolism boosters included (the active ingredient in green tea is one example). The momentum foods include banana shakes, lattes, cappuchinos, and flavor infusers (powder you put in water that’s a lot like crystal light.) This is the most expensive package at about $350, but you can still use the coupons and specials to bring this down quite a bit.

Medifast Individual Shakes Price:  Although many people think of this diet as being shake only, it really isn’t.  There are over 70 food choices available (eggs, soups, chilis, oatmeals, eggs, puddings, bars, chips, etc.). But, the shakes are very popular and some people will buy these individually as a way to sort of ease into the diet.  There are two shake options: the 55 and the ready to drink.  The 55 option are the shakes that you make in your blender. The ready to drink shakes are like a kids juice box and are already mixed for you.  A box of the 55 meals is $15.50 and this includes 7 shakes. A case of the ready to drink meals (24 shakes) cost about $69.  

Medifast Protein Bars Cost:  Another popular food is the protein bars. They are nice, sweet, and chewy, but they’re very high in protein too.  You can get a box of 7 for about $16.00.

As you can see, you’ll pay a lot more if you buy the meals individually.  And, you can’t take advantage of the discounts if you go with this option.  But, this is still a good way to ease into the program.


Source by Lindsey Price

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