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Mandatory Device to Log Into World of Warcraft – Could This Happen?


In World of Warcraft there are many account issues where third parties log in and steal items. This causes customer support issues for Blizzard. A device might be needed to log in to your account to prove that it's really you.

World of Warcraft is the most popular online role playing game ever with well over twelve million players worldwide. With a customer base this large, the staff at Blizzard is severely backlogged with customer issues, complaints, and account problems. Most in the general populace probably are not aware that stealing accounts is big business for people who take the virtual gold and sell it for real money. This practice is causing huge problems for players.

All it takes is a fake email scam, a key logger, or another form of malicious software for someone else to get your account information and you may log in to find that all your gold and items are gone. When this does happen, Blizzard has a restoration process where they put back all the gold and items. This is so backlogged that a device might be mandatory to log into your account.

This means that every player may have to get a physical device that will be interfaced by the user when logging in. One example of this is an iPhone application that a user types in a code each time they log in to tell Blizzard that they are indeed the account owner. If one does not own a phone like this, a less than $ 10 device could be purchased to have the same functionality.

With as many problems that there are with online account security, adding this extra layer of protection for accounts might become the norm sometimes in the very short future because of so many complaints about account security. When people want your virtual gold or real money from your bank account, something that costs $ 10 to protect all this is quite the bargain. Some are skeptical about thinking this is a way of Blizzard making money off millions of players, but it would make everything more secure.


Source by Linda McDermott

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