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Making the Right Choice in Wedding Photography


Wedding photography and wedding videos have changed in style and technology. Clients now have a choice of putting it into film or digital photos. A professional photography studio specializes in wedding photography, family photography, black and white wedding video, and video and photo packages.

Most dedicated and passionate wedding photographers not only carry basic and stylish photo shots and videos for wedding, they also have affiliations with other services in the wedding industry. The very important things and details that complete your dream wedding you may find solved once you shop around for the perfect wedding photographer. They are in the wedding services industry and a good photographer will be able to recommend other wedding services that they have come into contact with over the years.

Some of the special services offered are:

• Wedding Coordinators
• Decorators and Stylist
• Car Rentals that offers choices from limousines, vintages and stylish cars
• Classy wedding venues
• Singers
• Florists
• Hairdressers and Make-up Artists
• Wedding Dresses

This is when you'll know if you have made the right choice, your wedding day is the most important day of you and your spouses living and working with a seasoned photographer who knows not only snapping along during the big day but has contacts in the wedding industry will ensure that your happy day proceeds like a dream. You need choose a promising wedding photographer that can capture that moment, keep it still and bring it back to life in a photo. You would want to smile every time you open your wedding album and enjoy reminiscing that magical moment.

Choose a photographer and coming up with a shortlist may require you to ask these questions:

• How much experience do you have shooting weddings?
• Can we see recent samples of your work?
• What style do you film in?
• Will you be taping my wedding or will it be someone else?
• Are your cameras digital?
• Do you carry a backup camera on the day?
• Do you use a radio microphone?
• Do you use a tripod?
• Do you use lights?
• What type of editing equipment do you use?
• How much time will you spend editing my wedding video?
• Can we decide how our video is edited?
• Can we choose the music used in our wedding video?
• What sort of extras do you offer?
• How long will I have to wait for my wedding DVD?
• What sort of packages do you offer and what are your prices?
• Do you have a contract?
• Will my wedding be filmed in wide screen?
• How many cameras do you use to film the ceremony?

The three main styles are:

• Documentary – events happen naturally.
• Staged – shots are set up with the wedding party
• Video clip – lots of camera movement and effects edited to music.
• Most use a combination of all the three styles.

Your wedding day will be over in a few hours so to ensure that all the elements are captured in the most beautiful and carefully planned way. This will give you happy memories stylishly preserved. Choose the best wedding photographer for satisfaction beyond expectation.


Source by Richard Jules

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