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Make Your Own Music And Become A Millionaire


If you’re bored with the current job, you can look into switching your career in music: earn by selling your music online. A global music artist can earn potentially millions of dollars to online audience. How to become a millionaire? You cannot be one if you get an income from pay check to pay check. Sell you music online.

In today’s globalised world, anyone – with an average music composing ability and song writing skills – can become a global music artist at an instant. The hard wares necessary for getting into this kind of stuff includes a computer, decent microphone, head phones, digital mixer and speakers, and the ability of mixing the final piece. Well you can ask this guy(visit my site) who is now doing online music and he started from scratch.

Senses And Sensibility

Have you heard people saying that ‘ don’t do business; you will not succeed in this time’. The reason being it is too competitive. I will say it is a fair statement. But you see the senses nature bestowed on us is a very interesting masterpiece of creation. Taste goes for variety and changes through time. Do you like Deep Purple music? People who were born in the 70s and 80s do not have the slightest idea of this great band at all.

Every good and service produced is for the senses’ satisfaction. When demand is met by supply it simply means human satisfaction is attained by a particular good or service. Food business is interesting – it has no taste static – food is prepared in a variety of ways to appease changing taste. Starbucks is very popular as it sells different kinds of coffee which is different from what people drink at home.

Like food, going into music business online can be a profitable pursuit.

Amateurs Or Professionals

Any beginners in music can become a global artist – thanks to the internet. Prior to internet, music timeless superstars are created by only specialised people in this field. Each performer only knows his stuff – he might be a lead singer, guitarist, composer or a song writer. With online facility, this entire works can be carried out by a smaller group of two or if not by one person.

A song writer is a performer, producer, mixing engineer/ recording engineer and mastering engineer. And most of all, you can do all these in the comfort of your home.


The opportunity to earn millions of dollars in online music sales is there. The monthly search for the word music 277,000,000 and it is rising. People are finding for music in the internet. The recent information that streaming is getting more hits than any other downloads is interesting news for those who are in online music business.

But one thing for sure: the more the audio files are compressed the less the quality it is. It is without doubt a setback for music aficionados. International Federation of Phonographic Industry reports good news.

IFPI reports of growth in digital sales. More than a quarter of all recorded music industry revenues worldwide comes from digital source. Other ‘blackholes’ which are sucking out this billion dollar industry’s are illegal file-sharing and other forms of online piracy.


The potential to earn millions by music artist online is growing every year. But before you sell those music copyright your music and songs. In this manner your music has commercial value.


Source by Gazzali Maidin

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