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The Future Transportation System

The most advanced technology, is going to be brought into the transportation industry. However, the concept behind this revolution has been challenged for many days. Some of the scientists who invented the airplanes back in the 1920s wanted everyone to own an inexpensive personal aircraft. But that idea was ill-fated. Yes, the idea was not praised but rather stalled, nevertheless, its hope did persist. Idea dreamers, predicted that the production and the right to own the flying cars will become true to all. To achieve it, the combination of the motor car and of the airplane is indispensable for this respect. Even if folks are still using the terrestrial transportation mode, there are the ongoing researches, aiming to make this dream true. These researches and developments are being tried in different developed countries.

In this great scientific discovery, modern sophisticated technology plays the key role. Therefore, because of it, in the future these dreams are going to become true. With the artificial intelligence and computerized piloting, flying will make it easier and secure. People are safer with the computerized piloting than the traditional terrestrial car driving manner. Unlike on the ground, there is nothing to collide within the sky.

In contrast, to the traditional vehicles, the flying cars will only be using electricity. These machines will help in the conservation of the environment and the ecosystem in general because they will not contribute to the deterioration caused by the carbon. Apart from being faster than cars and helicopters, the flying cars do not make noise while flying. These flying cars cannot just operate with ordinary batteries, that is why scientists are working hard to make sure that appropriate batteries are produced for them. Apart from that, the decent infrastructures to host a network of these flying vehicles are still to be built. To all other facilities that are not yet made available, there are great teams of scientists who are hardly working to provide them.

In Europe this exercise has already been tested. To give an example, a five-seated aircraft has flown into the sky after the second one was done in 2017. Yes, these cars can fly but there is still more effort to be put into some areas in order to ensure safety. It was found that these cars’ safety is more guaranteed by putting 36 extra engines along with the wings. This means that even when the engine fails the device will remain aloft. It is except that these transportation model will start to operate by 2015 as an air taxi in the world’s major cities.

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