How To Keep Your Violin Safe?

If you take a violin case from a music student or artist, you might be surprised by the stuff that are stacked in. There is a reason the backpacks are called violin cases: because they are for violins! So, apart from the bow and the musical instrument, what else do you keep inside the case? And how do you ensure that your violin safe?

violin safe

Acceptable stuff to put in violin cases in UK

  1. Spare string set
  2. Rosin
  3. Shoulder rest
  4. Spar bow
  5. Pencil
  6. Duster
  7. Membership card
  8. Sheet music
  9. Rubber
  10. Padlock

It is interesting to find out what people put into their violin cases and the reasons for that. But care must be taken because violas are very delicate instruments. Some people keep more than two pens

Risks involved in keeping violin out of its case

A big part of violin is made of wood and there are a lot of accidents which can happen to such critical areas if left in unsafe places.

  • Scratches

Wood is prone to scratches and it should be placed in a very safe place where there are no hanging objects or sharp things.

  • Warping and cracking

The wooden part of violin is very sensitive to temperature changes. It expands and contracts according to the environmental condition. That is why violin cases come with hygrometers to control humidity fluctuations. If the wooden body of viola absorbs excess moisture, it expands and loses its musical quality. If on the other has it stays in an extremely dry place, the wood will crack.

  • Tarnishing

The polished surface of violin is delicate. Adverse changes in temperature make the surface lose its original color.

  • Dust

Dust is another issue that affects violin strings hence their quality.

  • Breaking the bows

The violin should be kept out of children’s reach to minimize any chances of breakages. Children are very playful and might crash your viola.

So, before leaving your musical device in the open, first assess the surrounding conditions. Make sure that it has no chance to move and that it stays stable.