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Karaoke, The Great Entertainer


Where Karaoke was once a popular form of entertainment found in lounges and night clubs in the 1990s it has continued to grow and develop into different formats while still providing excellent party entertainment. When you consider the success of top-rating shows such as American Idol or America's Got Talent you can see that people have not moved on from enjoying watching people, good and bad, singing along to well-known music. Karaoke is great party fun because it gives everyone a chance to become a part of the evening entertainment, while enjoying music that most people know. It breaks down barriers at a group event as people are called out to take a risk, sing out no matter how good they are and everyone encourages them on while waiting to take their turn. Most people will find that once a few people sing and break the ice, that almost everyone at the party will be willing to participate.

In earlier days, having Karaoke at a private party meant hiring a Karaoke machine which most likely came with a jockey to run the machine and announce songs for you. This could quickly make it quite expensive to host a karaoke party. However with technological developments, Karaoke has become available available to anyone who wants to own it in their homes. Both XBox and PlayStation have released the Karaoke Revolution video game and there are other music video games that run on a similar sing-a-long theme that are available in XBox, PlayStation and Nintendo. The XBox live version even allows users to go online and download additional song titles of the Internet so the owner has more control over using songs that suit their music tastes. Software is also available to purchase that would allow you to use a personal computer as a karaoke machine. These forms of Karaoke have proven themselves to be very popular with smaller parties hosted in a home, with people taking turns to sing or singing together while others cheer them on.

For those who are more serious about having Karaoke at their party, purchasing a personal Karaoke machine is relatively inexpensive. These machines have excellent sound systems, wireless microphones, high end graphics and all the latest technological features that will make the party seem professionally organized. They are designed to be portable so you can set them up for a garage party or at a rented venue for larger groups. Karaoke can be an excellent choice for group entertainment, especially with the ability to tailor the songs available to the specific group that you have coming. You can have your group singing along to holiday music during the Christmas season or choose songs from an era that everyone will remember and enjoy reminiscing over. Karaoke is an excellent way to bond a group together, get everyone feeling involved and give them all a night to remember.


Source by Kristin Long

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