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Introduction to Starcraft 2


Starcraft 2 or StarCraft 11 is the sequel to the very popular StarCraft game, which is a video game for personal computers. The original game was released by Blizzard entertainment in 1998 and in May 2007, it announced its plans to develop the sequel. The new game should be compatible with Windows XP, Windows Vista and Mac OS X. Although no date date has been announced, players who are wondering what this sequel will be like can play a sample demonstration of the game on the Blizzard website.

The sequel to StarCraft 1 is intended to be even better than its predecessor. It still features the three races of Terrans, Protoss and Zergs, so you will not have to get any familiar with any new or additional races. However, it is designed to be more user friendly for multiple players. The new features include an new deign of Battle net, a ladder system for ranking the games and a capability of matching players with those of their same skill set. There will also be an improved replay function in which you can record the games you play and review them later.

You will still be able to experience cut scenes, which are pre-rendered and highly cut CGI movies when playing the game, just as in StarCraft 1. You will see an improvement in this as well because the scenes will be of better quality. There will also be advanced scenery allocation and the terrain of the planet will be more detailed. Floating space platforms, with planets and asteroids in the background, will help to make the scenery more vivid and real in its appearance.
In the new game, there will be a difference in the single player aspect. Instead of the briefing room of the original game, this sequel starts with an interactive version of the battlecruiser Hyperion. The campaigns are also non-linear in which Raynor can take jobs for pay and use that money to purchase additional supplies. However, the end result will remain the same to keep a linear storyline, although the Zerg and Protoss campaigns will be different from that of the Terrans.

When this new game is released to the market, you will receive a very sophisticated game editor with your purchase. This will give you more freedom in creating custom maps and mods. Some of the same units of the original game will be present in StarCraft 11, but some have new features and capabilities added. One example is the Protoss zealot, which will have the ability to move quickly when in combat. Some changes are also affected by the success of Broodwar. In the video demonstration this new game, it is clear that you will be able to interact with the game environment in more complex ways. There will be units that can travel over different types of terrain or have the ability to teleport over short distances when they need to escape. Some of the Protoss units will have the ability to be deployed immediately into battle by means of a specialized structure.


Source by Charles Johnson