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How To Get A Bigger Penis – Do This From Home To Gain Inches To Your Penis Size Within Weeks!


Growing the male organ bigger may seem like an impossible feat for some guys. But in reality, it is actually possible – even easy – to get a bigger penis! All you need is to know what you should do to get your penis to start increasing in size.

You don’t even need to resort to the hassle of having surgery that artificially makes your manhood bigger. Getting your penis to grow bigger can be as easy as doing something on your own from home, starting today!

How To Get A Bigger Penis From Home

There are plenty of self-help ways and products today that are meant to help adult men achieve a bigger size down there.

But one of the favourite ways amongst guys today who want to get a bigger manhood for real does not even require any such tools, gadgets, or pills – exercising!

Penis enlargement exercise is actually an age-old technique used by ancient tribesmen to end up with a bigger package. It involves doing special massages and stretches to the male organ using nothing but your hands.

Today, it is being vouched for by medical professionals as a highly effective penile enlargement technique.

How Does Exercising Make Your Penis Grow?

If you understand how the male organ gets its physical size, it is easy to see why exercising is a logical way to make it grow bigger.

The massaging and stretching actions that you perform on your penis helps the blood flow to the male organ to increase. To cope with the increase in amount of blood, the cells that make up your penis’ blood chambers break down and regenerate into bigger cells.

This process of breaking down and growing of larger cells continues while you regularly perform the exercises to your penis, until eventually the amount of blood that is stored in the blood chambers is more than before.

With more blood inside the chambers, the tissues that surround these chambers have no choice but to expand. This directly translates into an increase in your penis physique!

How To Do Penis Enlargement Exercise?

There are several variations of exercise routines that you have to do in order to get the best possible results in your penis size increase. Here is one of the basic routines that you can start off with from today:

1. Begin by bringing your penis up to a half-erection state

2. Apply a generous amount of lubricant to the penis body

3. Make a ring-shape grip around the base of your penis using the forefinger and thumb of one hand

4. With a considerable amount of pressure, move the grip down towards the penis head

5. As your finger and thumb are about to reach the penis head, use the index finger and thumb of your other hand to form a similar grip on the base of your shaft

6. Release your first grip and repeat the routine with your second grip

Reading the instructions above may give you the impression that the exercise is tough to do, but it really is not. There are websites that provide video instructions that would help you get a clearer understanding of how the exercises need to be done.

How Fast Can You Get A Bigger Penis?

I’ll be honest with you about this. Exercising will not make your penis instantly bigger. You will also not see an additional inch to your size down there within a couple of days.

However, with proper exercising, you should be able to notice a positive change in size within the first two weeks.

And although exercising may take you longer to get a bigger penis, you can be sure that your increase in size will remain with you for good!


Source by Terry Mitchells

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