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How to Choose the Best Siamese Cat Names – And Save Your Cat From Eternal Embarrassment!


Don’t make my mistake. Don’t fall into this common cat naming trap. One of my lovely cats (not my Siamese cat) is called Stripy. Why? Because he was in a litter of five kittens – and he was the stripy one. Once a cat has a name, you will probably never change it, trust me.

Where to start?

Choosing Siamese cat names is easier than you think. What is the Siamese cat’s unique feature? Yes, the heavenly blue eyes. So ‘blue’ inspired names are a great place to start.

– Artists have given fabulous names to exquisite blue paints. Some you might like Indigo, Prussian and Maya.

– What’s more romantic than beautiful old-fashioned wild flower names? Blue or white flowers might be best: Cornflower, Gentian or Bluebell might be purrrfect for your new Siamese.

– How about some precious crystal Siamese cat names? A famous blue diamond called Hope? Or Sapphire or Cinnabar?

– Blue cat names not for you? White-inspired cat names from the frozen north like Frost, Snowflake and perhaps Blizzard for the ultra active Siamese!

– Brown cat names? They might include, Coco (Chanel of course rather than the hot drink) I also know Siamese cats named Onyx and Chocolate.

– Grey names because you are newly-owned by a blue point Siamese? Frosting and Pussy Willow have a lovely ring to them.

– Some ‘hot’ names for your red or flame point Siamese to consider, Amber Honey and Rufus.

– How about a witchy name for your spiritual Siamese? Choose wisely here, you don’t want your cat to live up to a ‘bad’ name do you?

– There have been lots of famous Siamese cats. How about Siamese cat names with Star appeal? Siam was owned by President Rutherford Hayes and lived at the best address in America; The White House. And Marcus was a present from one famous star to another.

Lucky you to have such a lovely problem – a new cat to name!


Source by Anne Sterck

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