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High Quality Ship Models Valued as Five Figure Investments


Could your HMS Bounty model be your secret path to increased personal bounty?

That depends on several things like your modeling ability, your investing ability and your negotiating ability.

The real star of “Mutiny on the Bounty” is the ship itself and it is unquestionably the most sought after of the Tall Ships.

It is one of the real stars of the website “Tall Ship Models” , a site devoted to becoming the most trusted in the investment community. A site where individuals or corporations can come to buy, sell, or simply admire the beauty of historic ship models. Acting as consultants and brokers, agents have been providing the ship modeling community with the opportunity to expose their works of art for sale to the investment community.

It is serious business, these are not your simple $5 Snap-Together-Kits but instead are arduous examples of history preserved to contribute to the culture of days gone by and to the art of today.

The Tall Ship Models site recently became a part of the Handcrafted Model Ships family, but will still specialize in investment quality models.

“When the time comes to find a buyer for your work, I believe that at TallShip Models.Com we are more than well equipped and versed to market your art to the World. To properly reflect your many, many hours of meticulous modeling and to maximize it’s true value means presenting your work to an appreciative audience,” said Morey Benton, president.

There are 62 models on the Tall Ships site ranging in price from $800 for a model of the paddleboat Robert E. Lee to the classic HMS Victory, the Ultimate Model priced at $50,000.

The Ultimate Model’s description reads, “its hard to imagine that a model like this really exists. 30 years and over 4000 hours in the making, and is offered for sale exclusively at Tallshipmodels.com. I have personally inspected this outstanding model and am absolutely amazed at the level of detail,” Benton stated.

Tall Ship Models are all offered for bid on the site (the bid must be verified by FAX). Each buyer is protected by the Tall Ship Models, Inc. Buyer Protection Plan through an Escrow service which provides a refund if the model is lost, undelivered or not as described.

Back to the HMS Victory. She is over 8 feet in length and includes an operating wheel that actually turns the rudder; a removable rear window assembly that exposes the officers quarters and fully functional gun ports for all 104 guns.

This article first appeared on the website www.scale-modelers-handbook.com with pictures of the $50,000 HMS Victory. It needs to be seen to be believed.


Source by Reg Hardy

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