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Get Your Perfect Electric Guitar: But How?

Get Your Perfect Electric Guitar: But How?

The most characteristic of an electric guitar is that it often has no sound box compared to an acoustic guitar. In addition, the sound of electric guitars is created by external speakers. Nevertheless, the sound that the strings produce first has to be converted into electrical signals. Here the guitar elements (pickups) take care of. Then the signals are sent to an amplifier, which makes the sound even louder.

Electric Guitar

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An electric guitar, like all other guitars, usually has six strings, but sometimes also a different number (egg 7 or 12). This guitar has perhaps been the most influential instrument in the music world. Electric guitars have different shapes and therefore not all the same. Partly because of this, the electric guitar has become very popular, because guitarists often choose a guitar based on personal preferences. Even though the form has no influence on the sound, it will nevertheless contribute to the guitar playing.

There are various types of electric guitars, so it is often not clear what differences there are. They have therefore decided to divide the electric guitar into the following groups: semi-solid, solid-body, (thin line guitar) and hollow-body. There are also electric guitars that fall outside these groups. You can find full support on your visit to


Solid-body electric guitar in this category all electric guitars are covered with a solid construction. This means that there is absolutely no question of a sound box or something similar to it. This makes the solid-body electric guitar extremely suitable for high sounds. The massive construction also ensures that there are as few vibrations as possible, which can affect the sound. For example, the following models belong to the solid-body guitars category:

  • Fender Telecaster
  • Fender Stratocaster
  • Semi-solid

A semi-solid electric guitar, in contrast to a solid body, is provided with a sound box. Often this sound box has sound holes in the form of f-keys (similar to an arch top guitar). In addition, the sound box is not completely hollow, but with a solid piece of wood. This makes it a real semi-acoustic guitar, which is also known as the thin line guitar. The following models can be included in the semi-solid category:

  • Rickenbacker 360
  • Gibson ES335
  • Epiphany Casino

Hollow body

Hollow-body electric guitars have, as the name implies, a hollow inside or real sound box. With these electric guitars, the sound is also caused by the wood, construction and used guitar elements. In addition, the hollow-body as both semi-solidsis used by jazz and blues guitarists. Genuine hollow-body models are for example:

  • Gibson ES-330
  • Epiphany Casino
  • Guitars from the brand Fritsch

Electric baritone guitars

There are also electric guitars, which are lower tuned. We are talking about baritone guitars. Want to know more about the baritone guitar? Take a look at the extensive page on

Sound of an electric guitar

Guitar elements two parts are indispensable for an electric guitar to produce sound. We are talking about the strings as both the pickups (guitar elements). As said before, the pickups transform the vibrations of the strings into electronic signals. Almost every electric guitar works in this way. Yet the sound of electric guitars can be very different. This has to do with the following:

Differences in form and construction

  • Use and location of guitar elements
  • Amplifiers and speakers
  • The strings
  • Environment where the guitarist plays (outside or inside)
  • Use of accessories (egg plectrum)

The guitarist himself

In addition to the above, it is also important that as little noise as possible is lost. For example, a guitar with a sound box will last longer (sustain) than a solid-body electric guitar.