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Five Superhero Movies You Simply Must See


Superhero movies are all the rage right now, but it’s best said that they’ve been en vogue for probably the last twenty years. There may be a number of reasons for this trend such as better graphics in film and better storytelling & writing. Perhaps the best reason, however, has been a willingness to commit to the source material in a way that hadn’t been done in the past. The idea of staying true to the original storyline makes sense as many of these superheroes have been around for decades, so obviously the writers know what they are doing.

There are so many of these types of films out, which means that coming up with a list of five that are “must-see” material is pretty difficult and will undoubtedly bring about some criticism. Nonetheless, this list aims to bring a variety of options for the moviegoer that may not have dipped their toes in this genre.

Here goes nothing:

1. The Incredibles – This animated film is the story of a family that is essentially hiding its superpowers due to a government crackdown on superpower shenanigans. However, a superpower has a super urge to stand out, especially when faced with the need to fight evil or suburban boredom, as is the case in this film.

2. Watchmen – Based on the graphic novel by Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons, this movie has a similar storyline to that of The Incredibles, but Watchman opts for gritty, dark, and dystopian rather than animated & family-friendly. Though the movie is seen as either a failure or a decent adaptation, it’s worth watching because even the casual fan can be easily brought into the fold of this argument. Considering the film adaptation was thought impossible for a couple of decades, its epic existence is worth it on its own.

3. X-Men – If there were ever a movie that best captures our tumultuous times, it’s X-Men. In a world where the embracing of that which is considered different can be seen as a bold & unnerving stance to take, the story of X-Men is one of outsiders thought to be other than human or normal must join forces for good.

4. Superman – In many ways, you can see this landmark movie starring the late Christopher Reeve as the quintessential superhero movie. A mix of entertainment, humor, heart, and a struggle to understand our existence, Superman made audiences the world over cheer for a hero willing to do everything possible to do good. The movie’s tag-line sums it up the best: “You’ll believe a man can fly.”

5. Unbreakable – This is perhaps the superhero story for the true lover of the genre & the true comic book fan. You know the general rules of the hero universe, and you recognize the clichés and tropes. This movie, however, presents a story so well-written that the biggest comic ‘nerd’ will become unhinged at the amount of genre-specific Easter eggs to be found.

Even if this genre of films isn’t your thing, these movies provide a tremendous escape, provide great entertainment, and they are nothing short of brilliant in their adaption of the age-old struggle of good versus evil. Check them out today.


Source by Morris Raymond

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