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Everything That’s Beautiful is Cracked, That’s How the Light Gets In


What is beauty anyway?

The answer to that question seems to come at us everyday through magazines like; People, Chatelaine, Men’s Health, Vogue, Hello, Esquire, newspapers, television shows like; Extreme Makeover, Entertainment Tonight, The Miss Universe Pageant, Access Hollywood and the advertisements that come with those publications and shows, that purport to know what beauty is. We seem to take for granted that the narrow, superficial societal definition of beauty is essentially related to physical appearance and attraction. But have you really stopped to ponder what beauty is, really?

Leonard Cohen; singer, songwriter, novelist and poet said that “everything that’s beautiful is cracked, that’s how the light gets in.” I do believe he has captured the essence of beauty.

Beauty is in the nature of our flaws. It is in our reflective self-awareness and acceptance of our imperfections that we discover our true beauty. Once we begin to reach that level of maturity and self-esteem, approaching self-actualization, we increasingly behave and even radiate an inner goodness, grace and dignity, which becomes evident to the people around us. Acceptance of ourselves is eventually what leads us to becoming self-actualized. It allows us to transcend our imperfections, highlight and focus on our strengths and forge a life for ourselves and for those who we love in a congruent way with the essence of our being.

To translate; “that’s how the light gets in,” is meant to mean quite literally becoming “enlightened.” When the light shines through the cracks in our outer armor rather than blinding us, it illuminates areas in our lives that we need to bring attention to. Those cracks or flaws are what often keeps us from achieving that level of esteem that all of us desire, whether we are consciously aware of them or not. We can do two things in relation to our imperfections, work to bring about change that will perhaps eliminate or minimize them or just come to accept them as a part of who we are in the world.

So, don’t be afraid to let the light shine through the cracks, open up to it, bask in its warmth and glow, work with it to bring harmony to your life, find your true self then share it with the world.

I believe that in spite of the seemingly complex nature of our world today, our true self is actually love reflected. Become a positive force for good, it will make you feel better.

James Ladd

Your Personal Coach


Source by James Ladd

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