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Ayala Bar Jewelry – About the Artist and Collections


About the Artist:

Ayala Bar was born in Israel and resides there today, creating unique jewelry designs from her studio in Givatayim, a Tel Aviv suburb. After graduating from art school in the 1980’s and pursuing an eclectic career in theater and interior design, she started her design company in 1990 and has emerged as one of Israel’s leading handcrafted jewelry designers. Today, Ayala Bar jewelry can be found in boutiques, department stores and art galleries around the world and across almost all continents. Museum stores such as the Jewish Museum of New York City and the Victoria and Albert Museum in London proudly feature this unique jewelry, which has become a household name for jewelry designs that are bold yet feminine, innovative yet timeless.

The Unique Designs:

Ayala’s creations stem from her unique understanding of the trends in the fashion world while being true to her own distinct style and vision, which clearly have an international appeal. Ayala works magic from a unique variety of non precious metals and materials including Swarovski crystals, pearls, leather, velvet, glass beads, assorted metals, mineral stones, fabrics, beads, crystal rhinestones, antique brass and other natural elements. Each jewelry item from the artist’s collections is intricately handcrafted from a subset of these materials. The result is a unique symphony of colors which resemble the Art Deco jewelry style of the 1920s. This unique and stunning style has frequently been referred to as “Art Deco Meets Middle East”.

Ayala Bar Collections – Ayala Bar Spring 2011:

Ayala releases two collections every year – one in the spring and one in the fall. Each collection includes several hundred pieces of jewelry, including earrings, brooches, necklaces and bracelets. As quantities are limited to a short production period, the artist’s collections have become more and more collectible items. Her most recent collection is the Spring 2011 collection, a unique and exciting collection with a palette of colors ranging from bright and colorful to more muted tones. This collections features jewelry in three styles: Hip, Radiant and Classic. More on the various styles integrated in the collections in section below.

Ayala Bar Jewelry Styles:

Each Ayala Bar collection includes jewelry items in various unique styles integrating different themes and materials. These styles include the following:

Classic Style: inspired by mosaic designs, this style and features more traditional neutral tones with the occasional pop of color. Each jewelry piece integrates decorative beading, often mosaics placed into well-defined areas, resulting in a very Byzantine era style.

Hip Style: a more daring jewelry style for women looking for a more bold look which stands out from the crowd. Inspired from everything from tropical flowers to Incan art, this style works unusual fabric compositions with metal, stones, crystal and glass.

Signature Style: This style combines large multi color beads worked into slick and trendy necklaces and earrings.

Radiant Style: This new style was introduced in the Ayala Bar Spring 2011 collection and feature fabrics under glass, enabling the combination of pattern, color and simple shapes.

Limited Edition: this limited edition jewelry line is limited in quantity and appeal to the die-hard collector.

Religious Jewelry:

The artist’s collections often feature religious jewelry pieces. Her gorgeous Jewish jewelry items include Star of David necklaces and pendants. The Star of David is believed to be a sign of protection in Jewish tradition. Christian jewelry pieces include unique crosses made in the holy land.

Allergy Information:

Ayala Bar jewelry is handcrafted from tarnish resistant hypo-allergic metal and can be an excellent fit for women with nickel related allergies.


Source by Yael Setty

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