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Add Excitement to Your Game With Starcraft Map Downloads


When you look online for Starcraft map downloads, you will find that there are three types of maps. There are scenarios and campaigns and maps for multiplayers. The multiplayer map is the basic one and is good to download when you and a friend want to play together. This is just an inert map with some starting positions. All of the positions are carefully arranged so that you can play a balanced game. The unit stats and behavior are not modified in any way from the original map. The standard rules of the StarCraft game apply to playing with multiplayer maps and you can choose to play against yourself or another player.

For a single player, you can download a Melee map in which you play against a number of computer based opponents. There is a variation of these maps called free For All, in which you and all your computer opponents fight against each other.

Scenarios are different Starcraft maps that you can download. These maps have predefines locations, triggers, and dialogue. They also have different rules of play and different missions from the standard maps. The plot is usually linear with some skirishes or a series of objectives that you have to achieve while dealing with several players. Most scenarios try to tell a story and stringing a series of scenarios together helps you create a Campaign. In order to run a scenario, you have to use the icon for Use Map Settings on the game in order to enable the special units and triggers. All the Use Map Settings are part of the hardware of the game and you have to watch for them as you progress through the game play. These are usually single player maps.

You can download thousands of Starcraft maps, some of which are maps created by Blizzard Entertainment and others are ones that players have created on their own. You simply browse through the list of maps and read about it to choose one that you want to download to your computer. If you are just beginning the game, there are started maps to help you get used to playing different scenarios and characters. Some examples of these maps are:

– Enslavers: The Rescue. This map is a single player version for the veteran player. The story of this map occurs just after the fall of the Confederacy and Alan Schezar, the infamous pirate, hires Ghosts to enslave a Zerg. In this episode Protoss and Dominion forces join together to put an end to his scheme. You do need Broodwar to play this map and both levels must be placed in the Starcraft campaign folder in your directory. There are two more episodes of this map that you can download to make a campaign.

– Precursor Campaign. In this map, you journey to the farthest part of the galaxy to take command of a group of Confederate marines. This game is for both the novice and the veteran as you become involved in a series of events that will challenge your leadership and your ability to lead your troops to victory.

To download a map that you would like to play, all you have to do is click the download button on the screen.


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