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Accredited Hospitality Schools Teach Four Important Planning Stages


Accredited hospitality schools teach students in event management four main components in addition to industry statistics and trends. Students learn planning, execution, coordination and then controlling the event. All four levels of learning are essential in event management, no matter the type of event planned.


This is the most important stage of event management. Planning is not just the date and the time. Every single detail is addressed even though the details will change from one event to another. Event managers plan weddings, parties, fundraisers, fairs, seminars and any other small or large gathering that requires professional assistance. Just these examples alone reveal the different aspects of planning for each event. Most of these events take into account food, refreshment, entertainment, speakers, finding the proper venue and making sure that each detail is in line with the policies held by each place. For example, if a host wants to serve alcohol, it is the job of the event planner to make sure it is legal to do so in the venue, get the proper documentation and perhaps hiring someone to prevent underage drinking.


Obviously this is the culmination of all the planning efforts and details converging into the event day. Planners and managers must make sure that all of the plans run smoothly and that everyone is happy that attends especially the person or group that is hosting the event. They must ensure that all aspects of the party are in place, from the food to the entertainment to the main event and as the event goes on, be ready to smoothly segue into the next part of the event. If the planning was good, then this should be easier.

Coordination and Control

These last two parts are where the leadership qualities of the manager need to shine through. They must be able to juggle multiple tasks at once. They also must be able to handle the vendors at the event, the guests, the hosts and all manner of people in between. If problems arise, they need to handle it coolly and quickly. A good event planner will be able to do all of these things through to the end of the event and even after the cleanup.

Most accredited hospitality schools, whether online or traditional, teach their students all the essentials for these main parts. Additionally, they also provide students with the experience they need either by getting involved with local businesses and charities, or planning and hosting events at their school. Hospitality students can learn the theory as well as anybody, but what sets them apart from others is the experience they need to acquire implementing and executing great events.


Source by Sarah E Peduzzi

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