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5 Skills for Any Sport Internship


Are you looking to strengthen your portfolio? Do you want experience in your field of study before you graduate? An internship is a great way to start your career as well as an excellent learning tool. Today, many companies are looking for interns to help them grow and help you to be a better employee when your day comes. There are 5 important skills needed to take part in interning in the professional world of sport management.

1 – People Skills
Whether it is with your boss or customers you need to have great people skills. Many jobs in sports have you interact with your fans or a customer since public relations is a must in this field. Also, sports advocacy campaigns and response from their fans to keep improving. You also must be able to work well with other interns or coworkers to plan, build, and work together since many internships have you working, planning or managing events with others. As a representative of your company you must be able to handle yourself in public settings as an accurate role model for them.

2. Writing Skills
Many internship programs require you to write articles or blog about events the company runs, future promotions, etc. The written word is one of their main ways to connect and be seen by the public. The ability to write, clearly and detailed, will increase your opportunities to getting any internship.

3. Technology Skills
It is important in today's world to know and understand technology. Many companies are now using social networking and media to promote or advertise. Also the ability to use common programs such as Excel, PowerPoint, and Word, are important as an intern and will only help you in the future.

Critical Thinking Skills
As an intern you must be able to think and learn fast. Many times a job is given to you with little help and a short deadline. Also it is common for problems to arise at events and the ability to think quickly and clearly is the key to fix any situation.

5 – Personal Skills
As a person looking to be an intern you must make sure you are organized, self-motivated, and be ready and willing to take on any task given to you. You must also be prepared to spend long hours working but realize not only is it benefitting the company but also yourself.

The use of these skills together will allow you to be a great intern as well as future employee. Internships are a growing requirement for jobs and the ability to access your skills and work on them can help anyone ensure the opportunity opportunity of an internship and the many opportunities that can follow.


Source by Laurel O Houle

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