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5 Herbs to Avoid If You Want Fertility


For centuries, herbs have been widely used to treat different diseases and symptoms. And these herbs have also been used for fertility. And today, with many people wanting the natural approach to treatment, herbs are becoming popular again. If there are herbs for fertility, you must also be aware of the herbs that you must avoid if you want to conceive.

1. Cinnamon. This is a famous herb for many of its therapeutic benefits. It relieves menstrual cramps and eases difficulty in childbirth. But this is not one of the herbs for fertility. If you ingest cinnamon while pregnant, it can cause premature labor and dilation of the cervix. It is advised not to drink cinnamon added in beverages or to eat this in high doses found in food.

2. Black cohosh. Like cinnamon, black cohosh also has a lot of therapeutic uses. This herb has been used for centuries to treat hot flashes, mood swings, irritability, sleep disturbances, menstrual problems, and uterine spasms. Remember that black cohosh is not one of the herbs for fertility. If you take black cohosh when you are pregnant, this can cause premature labor and dilation of the cervix.

3. Evening primrose. This is one of the herbs for fertility because it improves the quality of cervical fluid. But to affect fertility, this herb must only be taken prior to ovulation. If evening primrose is taken after ovulation, this can cause the uterus to contract and the cervix to dilate. This can cause premature labor or miscarriage. Another therapeutic use of evening primrose is to dilate the cervix during childbirth.

4. Rosemary. This is a popular herb used in cooking sumptuous meals. Rosemary is considered safe to be ingested by pregnant women if added to food. But excessive amounts found in dietary supplements are not recommended. Rosemary has been established to stimulate menstruation and the uterus.

5. Motherwort. Like most herbs, motherwort has a lot of benefits. It is used to balance hormone levels and to normalize the menstrual cycle. Furthermore, motherwort is also used to treat anxiety, heart disease, and palpitation. It is also a great herb to soothe tension and stress even among pregnant women. Although motherwort can be considered as one of the herbs for fertility, it is recommended not to be used during the first 6 months of pregnancy. This is because motherwort is a uterine stimulant which can cause premature labor and miscarriages. Because of this, you must remember that motherwort must also be avoided.

These are the 5 herbs to avoid if you want fertility. Remember that not all herbs are for fertility. Different herbs have different functions and effects. If you want to use herbs, it is best to consult a herbalist and your OB-GYN regarding using these.


Source by Eddy Wai KK

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