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5 Bizarre Contests Around the World


Competitiveness is an in born trait amongst humans – since the various contests we see on TV, magazines, etc. In the spirit of the upcoming Beijing Olympics, here are a few contests you probably would want to steer clear of (well maybe except the first one …) and were probably rejected by the Olympics committee.

Topless Women's Soccer

Oh yes, say this is not true ?! Everybody knows what soccer is – but have you ever watched a topless women's soccer match? Women wearing nothing but G-strings with their national colors painted all over their body (talk about patriotic) play a mean game of soccer to the delight of the pre-dominantly crowd (naturally!)

Stinky Sneaker Championship

Take those stinky sneakers out your closets! (or off your shoes really). In Montpelier Vermont, a contest is held in search of the foulest, stomach-turning, barf-inducing (insert adjective here) sneakers ever to stink the face of the earth. The contest began 25 years ago, and have had the honor of a NASA Employee, dubbed "the Nose of NASA", as master sniffer.

Just here a few tips from the contestants:

"Just wear them a lot. And drag them when you ride bikes."

"The cow pies … They're just hard to avoid.

"Keep wearing the same socks for 3 months .."

All for the grand prize of a $ 500 savings bond, $ 100 for a new pair of sneakers, the Golde Sneaker, and various Odor-Eater products!

Shin-Kicking Contest

Waiting to get all that hostility and angst out on someone? Release and let go by shin-kicking! That's correct folks! Since 1612 in merry old Costwold England, men don traditional smocks, hold each other's shoulder and try to outkick each other to the ground. Their only protection? Straw down their trousers!

Bikini Japanese Girls Bizarre Tongue Writing Contest

Japanese girls in Bikinis? Doing something with their tongues? (imagination running wild).

This is one contest where your creativity in writing will not matter … or will it? Naturally, from the land of Takeshi's Castle, there is no bizarre list without any Japanese creation whatever.

Horned Toad Derby Contest

In the town COALINGAholds the annual Horned Toad Derby where horned toads … "are placed in the center of a large red circle and the first to leave the circle wins bragging rights for its sponsor." Can just imagine the men bragging.

I'm pretty sure there are still a lot of contests around the world to top the bizarre contests lists, anything you know? Send in your links!


Source by Andrew Biggins

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