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Tips for Planning a Great BBQ Buffet at Your Next Party

When throwing a large party, it’s often difficult to cook enough food to feed everyone. Opting for catering is a wise decision that is sure to make your party easier to plan. The best BBQ catering services for your party will provide a full meal all of your guests will thoroughly enjoy.

Choosing a Main Dish

All BBQ meals are centered around the main dish. This most often consists of various grilled meats. Chicken, lamb, and sausage are some of the most popular options. You want to make sure your meat stays moist and tender for the entire event. Look for a catering company that uses butter or oil to add flavor and to keep the meat juicy.

When your catering service arrives, make sure they have enough time and space to properly set up their equipment. If the meat arrives in foil packets, this is a good sign. The foil keeps the meat warm while circulating steam. The result is a tender, juicy meal.

Don’t Forget the Sides

No meal is complete without plenty of sides. While meat is very filling, it can be boring to eat it without any other flavors. Some of your guests may prefer to forgo the main meal altogether and only munch on the sides. Find a catering company that offers a vast array of side dishes.

Both sweet potatoes and white potatoes taste great with a BBQ buffet. Make sure to provide butter and other toppings so your guests can customize their potatoes. Corn on the cob is also a favorite. If you want something cold, try a fresh fruit salad. Choose fruits that are in season.

Cold Beverages

All of your guests are sure to get thirsty during the meal, so you need to provide plenty of cold beverages for everyone. Of course, mineral water is always in high demand. Fruit drinks, tea, and cola are also welcome treats. It’s better to have too many beverages than not enough.

Take the stress out of planning a large gathering, and leave the food up to a professional catering company. By choosing a menu and ordering enough food for all of the guests, you will ensure everyone has plenty to eat during the party.

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