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The Secret to Find a Dress That Will Impress

For those who are trying to find a dress that is casual but still dressy enough to wear to the office, take the time to find a garment that will boost confidence and look flawless. When you step into the right dress, you will know it. Here are some tips on finding a dress that will definitely impress.

Know Your Silhouette

Think about the dresses you’ve worn over the years that made you feel radiant. Ignoring the over the top ruffles or patterns, what did the silhouettes of the dresses look like? Were they swing dresses, A-line, or a princess cut? Maybe there was a gathered waist and clean lines rather than a sheath dress. The right silhouette will enhance a lady’s natural beauty, and chances are, you already have a good idea which style best represents you.

Try on A Lot of Dresses

The best way to know if a dress is something that will be loved is to try it on. Whether ordering online or at a brick and mortar location, set aside the time to slip on several dresses. Before trying them on, think about the color and if it will flatter your skin tone or a style that is realistic to wear for several different occasions. To make the process even more fun, enlist a friend to tell you what they think looks amazing and what should be returned or put back on the rack.

Consider the Occasion

A business casual work dress will be different than a cocktail dress, but it is still possible to find stunning dresses for any occasion. Before deciding on a dress, consider when and where it will be worn. While the sequin number may look amazing, it might make one feel overdressed at a benefit luncheon. To make the best use of resources, and to maximize the investment, take the time to find some dresses that are not only comfortable, but that can be worn again and again.

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