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    10 Mind-Blowing Photography Tips For Beginners

    1) Pick a subject matter that speaks to you!

    Pay attention to the reoccurring themes in your work. Think of what draws you to these things so you can find new ways to capture and express what you like!

    2) Practice!

    Do not be afraid to make mistakes! Sometimes those mistakes turn out to be something unique and innovative that you can build on.

    3) Work the subject!

    Try shooting the same thing in as many ways you can capture that different aspects about it. After you shoot look through your shoot and critique your work. Be mindful of what worked and what did not and why. Editing your shoot is an important part of the learning process.

    4) Study the work of other photographers.

    Find something that inspires you and pay attention to what you like and try to mimic it. Then try to make it your own by bringing in something new and different.

    5) Composition.

    If you pay attention, most great photographs will contain at least one of these guidelines:

    • Rule of Thirds: Imagine the image is divided into threes both horizontally and vertically. The interesting aspects of the image are placed on those lines. This rule is often used in landscapes, with the horizon being placed in the top, or bottom third of the composition. Some cameras even have a grid option that will display through your viewfinder, to help you make your composition precise.
    • Balancing Elements: If you are framing your main subject off center, try having a less important object in the background of the image to balance the weight of the dominant object. The secondary object will add depth to the subject and make it more interesting by filling the void of space in the image.
    • Leading Lines: Use the subject's lines or contours to your advantage! These lines lead the viewer's eyes across the image, so become aware of them and how to use them to your advantage. The more they lead the eye around, the longer the viewer looks at your image. Examples of the leading lines could be a winding road on a hilly landscape, or the contours of your model's body. Notice how models pose is ways that create leading lines by using their limbs in interesting ways.
    • Symmetry and Patterns: Often used in architecture and nature, even in artistic portraits. The subject is center balanced, unlike in the rule of thirds.
    • Viewpoint: The angle of which the photographer shoots in relation to the subject. Showing us a subject from an angle that we do not usually see it is a great way to make it more interesting. In working the subject, pay attention to the message the shot conveys. Try eye-level, from above, below, side behind from a distance, in close, etc …
    • Background: Pay attention to your background! If your background does not add to the subject, use a plain back or use a shallow depth of field to blur the background out. Think about how it affects the tone of the subject.
    • Depth: Mostly in landscapes, depth helps convey a 3-dimensional subject in a photograph, which is 2-dimensional.
    • Framing: Objects in your environment can be used to add to your shot! Some useful examples are: archways from a building, branches from a tree, holes in some cliffs. These frames can help show off the setting.
    • Cropping: Cropping in tight on a subject is a great way to remove distracting elements around it. Everything in the photograph should hold value to your image. If it does not, try cropping it out.

    The more you practice these composition guides, the more they will become instinctual. Even in your editing & selection process, pay attention to which images pop out at you, and see if they hold one of these elements.

    6) Familiarize yourself with your tools.

    Photography is so versatile! You can even take amazing photos with a coffee can, but you must understand the limitations of your gear.

    7) Familiarize yourself with photography software!

    Digital software is today's darkroom & developing an image is just as important as how you shoot it. My favorite way to digitally polish my images is through Lightroom. It's amazing what it allows you to do to an image without exposing yourself to chemicals or wasting photo paper and developer. The preset filters are a great way to intensify the tone of the image, but you must know how to fine-tune them to make the image just so. Photoshop is also an important tool.

    8) Learn Lighting!

    I suggest photographing a subject at different times of day and compare them. If you have access to professional lighting equipment try shooting your subject lit from different angles, diffusion vs. Hard lighting, etc … There are jobs just dedicated to lighting on high-end shoots, …

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    Postmodernist Art Movement and Its Connection to Painting

    Post-modernism is a very interesting art movement. Actually it is more of a way of seeing art, texts, and actions. For example, a post-modernist artist could paint their own body, and appear on stage wandering see through vials, while a projector shows their paintings on a white wall behind the artist, or on the artist themselves.

    Post-modernists have taken painting to a whole new level, and as a result, their art is not very durable. For example, a painting of a plate of shrimp that has real shrimp glued to it will spoil quickly.

    Post-modernists see all painters as equal. They do not agree that masters such as Leonardo da Vinci or Michelangelo are better than the rest. To them all the artists are one group, not individuals. This view is not liked by many.

    Some people may have certain post-modernist aspects in their work, but they do not have to agree with everything this movement believes in. Actually, most post-modernist artists do not even know that they belong to such a movement, they simply enjoy experimenting with various techniques and styles.

    One very popular post-modernist technique is to include the artist as part of the "item" that is presented. Of course, an artist can have more than one person be part of their art work. For example, Leonardo da Vinci's Mona Lisa will be presented in a post-modernist view like this – a white wall on which the background of the famous painting is copied, and a real woman dressed as Mona Lisa standing in front of it. Another post-modern representation of the Mona Lisa would be a painting that represents the wall in the Louvre where the Mona Lisa is displayed. However, Mona Lisa is unfortunately trying to get out, well aware that she is in a painting.

    Part of the PO-MO view is to make fun of art. Allan Graham is a very popular American post-modernist. One of his paintings is simply the words "you are here" on a white canvas. The words are painted in black color.

    Modernism and post-modernism are similar in many ways. Sometimes it is difficult to differentiate just by looking at two paintings which movement they belong to. Only very extreme paintings can be classified within only one genre. Part of the beauty of art is that it does not need to be logical or labeled.

    Some artists enjoy mixing things up and surprising their audience. Others want to discover the classics, and they strive to reach the masters' precision and calculations. Art is meant to be enjoyed, discussed, critiqued, and speculated. Unlike spelling, there is no right or wrong way to create art or to appreciate it. Art enthusiasts can hang anything they want on their walls as long as it makes them happy.

    Post-modernism is a little bit of everything – Futurism, Dadaism, Surrealism, Literature, Modernism, Acrylic Paintings, Music, Photography, and Architecture. According to POMOs everything goes good with paintings, and if something can not be put on a canvas, then it can be painted over. This makes the world of the fine arts even more exciting, unpredictable, and extreme.

    Source by Veny Arsenov

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    The Fine Art of Flirting

    Did you know that it is not necessarily your looks or your bank account that will get you the Date of Your Dreams? Even those with average features and ordinary bank account funds can have the pleasure of being with someone they thought was unattainable. You think I'm kidding, right? I'm not! Want to know how? By learning the Fine Art of Flirting!

    Now guys, as explain in my book "the Ultimate Online Dating Handbook" women will tell you that being approached with a "pick-up line" is one huge "turn off." Most women have heard them all hundred of times. So, hearing an other one from you will just make you look unoriginal (at the very least) in her eyes. A better approach would be to start up a conversation with the woman of your dreams. About what? Well, how about your immediate surrounding, or a common condition. Do this in a witty statement that appears to be spontaneous. This form of flirting makes a woman feel as though you consider her special enough to start up a honest to goodness conversation with her. Definite brownie points for you.

    You know the old saying "Flattery will get you every where!" Well, in the world of dating flattery is a great form of flirting. We all like to be complimented. So when you give a woman an unexpected compliment this tends to be the most sincere form of flattery. The best and most useful compliments are given on something others would miss. Take a look at the person you want to meet or date, a real good look. What can you compliment her on that no one else would notice? This is what you need to find. Remember, if you are trying to get the attention of a beautiful woman, you can be assured other men are trying to as well. And so, I'm sure she has heard a thousand times how beautiful she is, how nice her hair is, eyes, lips, etc. And while I'm sure she appreciates the compliments, your goal is to stand out from the crowd. Be the one that she will remember by complimenting her on something different than the other's, something original. But here's the thing, you do not want to use the flattery line to often. Flatter to much and you will end up looking like a phony and she will lump you in with all the other losers who try to win her heart.

    The next time you see someone you would real like to meet try doing a Double Take. Simply, as you walk by her look at her, then take a second glance looking back much more intentionally the second time. The second difference will say to her "You have sooo made my eye!" And, since people are naturally curious you'll have her wondering what is it about her that caught your eye. It's important when doing the double take that your glance does not turn into a stare. Gawking at any woman will only make her feel uncomfortable. So your balance should only last a few seconds, maybe with a slight smile before you turn away.

    Also, be aware of your grooming habits. You always want to look your best, be well groomed, smell nice, have fresh breath, and wear clothes that flatter you. Men always want their women to be nice looking and attractive. Well, women want the same thing in a man. If you smoke carry some gum with you. Always have a comb handy and even some cologne.

    Do you have a great sense of humor? Yes? Good, then make your date laugh. Use your great sense of humor as a form of flirting. It is said that if a man can make a woman laugh, he has the best chance to win her heart. Having said that, make sure you are witty. Do not like like it is comedy night at the local pub. Be careful what you comment on, do not be critical or too wild, do not over do it. The idea here is to get her to warm up to you, and not make a nuisance of yourself.

    Everyone likes to hear their own name. Once you are introduced to someone repeat her name in your greeting. Something like "Hi Julie, Happy to meet you!" Then as you speak with her in a conversation where ever it is possible use her name again. There are two reasons for doing this. First, the more she shes her name from you, the more comfortable she'll get with you. And second, it will help you to remember her name. Like everything else do not over do this. Just insert her name into the conversation where ever it feels right.

    While this article can not tell you …

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    Photographic and Fine Art Printing

    Thinking of having your favorite photograph or computer generated image printed in large format with the intent of having it displayed for all to admire your creative work?

    Here are a few simple guidelines to ensure that you get the best possible print quality.

    First let's start with the actual image, for optimum quality this should be around 150-300dpi at 100%, the higher the better. So let say that you require an image that is 300dpi at A1 size (841w x 594h mm), if you were to open this file in Adobe Photoshop you would see that the file size would be 199.4MB and at 150 dpi it would be 49.9 MB, so as you can see the files required can be huge.

    Many of today's high end digital cameras are quite capable of capturing images that can be printed up to and over A1 in size, especially the new 24 megapixel cameras currently available, this size & higher will eventually become a standard feature even in the smaller compact cameras which most people tend to use nowdays.

    If you are using Adobe Photoshop you can assign a different color profile to your image such as the Adobe RGB or the sRGB color spaces, as you do this you will see the colors on screen shift slightly as they are mapped to the new color space. With the Adobe RGB profile colors will look more tailored, more vivid while the sRGB tends to look more natural, which profile you use is really a matter of personal choice and how you would like your finished print to appear.

    Another important feature to ensure that your image will print just like it looks on your computer monitor is to use the "Proof Colors" option in Photoshop, when you use this option you will again see the colors shift slightly as they are mapped to the nearest printable color, to use this feature you would need an icc color profile of the output device (the printer), if your preferred print company are using a fully calibrated workflow then they will be able to email you an icc color profile which is a small file containing the print characteristics of their printers.

    Printers are calibrated using a device called a spectrophotometer and some of the high end printers will have these devices built into them. The calibration process consists of first linearizing the printer by printing a density pattern, this pattern is then read by the spectrophotometer to ensure that the printer prints the correct density of ink from 0-100%. Once the printer is "linearized" a color profile needs to be created for a particular paper / ink combination. This is done by printing a color reference target which is once again read by the spectrophotometer, this information is then used by color profiling software to create a color icc profile of the printer and which can be used by Adobe Photoshop and other software to show how an image will print.

    If a printing company is not using a color calibrated system and are just using the standard windows printer drivers (which many do) then this will lead to unpredictable color and the final print not matching the screen image, this workflow of course also relations on the computer monitors (both yours and heads) being calibrated in the first place, Google "how to calibrate my monitor" to see how this is done.

    So you have gone to all the hard work of getting your image ready for print, the next option is to select the paper type, you should print onto a standard photo quality paper or onto one of the more expensive fine art papers.

    While a standard photo gloss paper will produce lovely looking prints and are fine for general use you might want to take other factors into consideration such as how long do I want the print to last for and will it look as good in a few years as it does the day it was printed. If these are important factors then having your image printed onto a high quality fine art paper is highly recommended.

    So what is the main difference between standard papers & high quality fine art paper, in one word "acid", it is the natural acid content in paper that over time causes it to yellow, curl, turn brittle & crack sometimes in less than one year.

    Fine art papers such as Photo Rag by Hahnemuhle are made from 100% cotton fibers & are acid free, this means that they are archival quality papers and is the reason why galleries, museums and professional photographers use these papers for prints that will last. They also have the look and feel of an extremely high quality print.

    While fine art papers can cost around three …

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    Where To Sell Digital Photographs

    You and your family just returned from a long and exciting vacation and took a whole lot of photos. Now you want to know what you can do with them. Simple, just sell them online.

    Could you use your digital photos to generate money? Yes and to do that you should learn about websites where you can sell your digital photos. Websites are probably the most hassle free way to upload and sell digital photos over the internet. Once you start selling online you will come to realize that it is not really difficult at all to have a perfectly profitable hobby and have fun with it.

    Scooplive.com is a website that allows you to sell digital photos online. You get connected to the media via this website. Do you realize that footage aired on the news is usually taped by a regular person just because he or she happened to have a camera at that exact moment something important happened? Media and news agencies are ready to pay money for such footage or digital photos.

    Another website where you can sell digital photos online is Celljournalist.com. Celljournalist.com acquires specific types of photos which are taken from military interventions or war devastated areas. So if by any chance you are present in such areas you could take some digital photos and sell them, regardless of whether its been taken professionally or not.

    Scooplive.com is pretty much the same kind of website as mentioned above but it also deals with other categories of digital photos. Categories range from professional modeling shoots, show biz, news, sports, culture and interior home décor. So if you are in possession of such digital photos, you can make some extra money.

    Sometimes you might have seen open exhibitions on digital photography displayed in various art galleries. Sales of digital photographs online have replaced all these trends. Online sale of digital photos has also reduced the amount of labor of going out and buying from brick and mortar photography studios.

    The mentioned websites are a minor representation of the vast number of sites where you sell digital photos online. Use search engines and you are sure to find many more websites where you can sell digital photos. Stick to it and soon you will be in business!

    Digital photography has been the one of the largest home based business trends since the invention of the digital camera. People of all age groups and professions are selling their personnel digital photos on many of these websites and adding extra money into their income. Selling digital photos online to various companies has become a multi-million dollar business, and you can be a part of it.

    Source by John Dalbert

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    Taking Pictures of Flowers

    Taking pictures of flowers may seem easy but it is a little more complex. Flowers can seem to be that subject in photography where anybody can take good pictures of simply because of how the flowers look.

    First off, there are many different types of flowers around. Some are really easy to be taken pictures of and can result in really fantastic images. Other flowers can be very difficult to get good pictures of. And there are even some flowers that are really looking un photo worthy but result in great shots.

    There are some different ways you can take pictures of these flowers. Close up shots of them can work very great since these shots will give you very fine details of the object. Generally the smaller the flower the closer you should get. You’ll see details that you probably didn’t even know were there. Some other types of flower are better when shot from a little bit of distance. Very recognizable flowers are good to shoot from a little distance since many people already know how they look.

    When picking what type of flower that you want to take pictures of you should always go for the ones that you like the best. This will be a great start.

    Do not treat all of these objects like the same. Some flowers are better photographed one way and some are better shot another. All of these species are very different having different size, colors, shapes, etc. Take your picture taking these traits into account. You will find from taking shots of flowers that some look better taken one way and some a different way.

    When taking shots of your flower be sure to have your photo be not complicated. A simple shot can look very good. For example, rather than take a picture with five flowers in it isolate one single flower. It’ll most likely look much better.

    A good way to make your pictures better is to pay close attention to the flowers shape and color. Try to compose your flower before taking the picture. When taking shots of flowers be creative.

    Source by Al Sanez

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    Top 8 Photography Tips for Beginners

    Let’s be honest, everyone loves a well-taken picture. Be it landscapes, abstract, fashion or any other object, images transcend a feeling that few things can achieve. We all admire stunning pictures but have you wondered the work that goes behind it? Make no mistake; photography is by no means an easy feat. There are people who have been practicing it for years and still haven’t mastered it.

    Starting out is the biggest obstacle in every creative field. If you can overcome it, you can achieve great things. For aspiring photographers out there, this article can be greatly influential.

    So let’s discuss what tips beginners need to click stunning images:-

    • Fill the frame: Far, distant subjects in an image don’t appeal to anyone. If you are capturing a subject, try to fill the frame with it. People will interpret it much better.

    • Be quick: Suppose you are capturing a bird sitting on your porch; the bird won’t sit there all day posing and waiting for you to set up your camera. You have to be quick and spontaneous in such situation. Wait for more and you will choose the moment.

    • Composing: For professionals, clicking images is not enough as they have to compose it also. The things you should cater to are:-

    Leveling the horizon

    Keeping the subject in place rather than the other way around

    Cropping out elements that are unnecessary

    Setting the perspective so that the vision is directed towards the subject.

    • Remove distractions: Focus on your subject and get rid of all distractions which is demeaning the quality of your photos. Watch out for the borders in the viewfinder of your camera.

    • Get the depth and aperture right: To click images in detail, you have to set your aperture and depth of field in the right manner. Practice shooting a lot and you will eventually get things right.

    • Experimenting with shutter speed: One of the most overlooked aspects is shutter speed. Don’t make the same mistake as many have made. Experiment with slow and fast shutter speed to capture different things.

    • Getting the lighting angle right: Whether you want a silhouette effect or the sunlight on your face, you have to determine these aspects carefully.

    • Watching the weather: How pictures come out greatly depends on the type of climate and environment. If the weather is cloudy, the output will also come out in muted tones. On the other hand, a bright sunny day will make it look great.

    Source by Dylan Flint

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    Learn Digital Photography – Introducing Digital Photography

    Over the years, photography has evolved from film based to fully digital. With digital photography, you can capture that special moment with far more accuracy and detail than you used to. Digital camera manufacturers have improved the camera features so that professionals and beginner photographers can enjoy the hobby.

    However, these new features sometimes might not be enough to capture the essence of the photo. Maybe you frame the subject well and you got the lighting right but you forgot to include the red eye reduction setting. That is when photo editing software becomes handy. You just load your picture into the software and make the necessary adjustment.

    When you really want to enjoy digital photography, you need the right tool for it. When you are beginning with the hobby, you can start with compact digital camera and if you are thinking to become a professional photographer, you must look into DSLR camera.

    Always look into what you need when selecting your digital camera. If you are not a photography enthusiast, you do not need anything more than a simple point and shoot camera. On the other hand, when you want to make money with photography, you should consider a DSLR camera.

    You do know you can make money with your hobby right?

    You can be a wedding photographer, host a photo blog and even sell your picture online. When you do a search online, you will find more chance to earn money with digital photography.

    As you already knew, photography is an art and you need to improve your skills to make it better. You can go to workshops, read blogs and buy a photography book to learn more about digital photography. But no matter what you do, remember to go out and snap more nice pictures.

    Be creative when you are taking your pictures. You can take a few shots of the same subject with different settings and angles. After that, compare your pictures and analyze why some pictures are better than the rest. It is through research and practice that you can become a better digital photographer.

    Source by Michael Poh Wai Wong

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    20 Tips on How to Choose a Wedding Photographer

    How to choose a wedding photographer

    With so many wedding photographers, so many prices, and styles choosing the right wedding photographer can become quite a big and unwieldy task for the modern couple

    To begin with, the internet makes things easier, because you can see lots of work side by side, but this does not immediately let you know the most important bits of information, which will in the end determine the best choice for you

    20 top tips for choosing a photographer

    # 1 Who ever you choose, you must click with them

    A website will only go part of the way of finding out about attitude and the person.

    You will be with your wedding photographer, on your special day from dawn to dusk in some cases, inviting them into your dressing room, while you are getting ready. The photographer will then work with you and your family through the day. You need to find someone you trust, and get on with

    # 2 Who ever you choose, you must click with them

    Yes that's point one! But it is point 2 as well. Anyone shooting your wedding needs to get the best out of you, and this absolutely is a mix of communication, and camera craft. You need to be confident your wedding photographer can guide and instruct you and your family during the poses and group shots. If they make you smile, put you at your ease, the job is half done

    # 3 Know that wedding photography is both a business and a vocation

    Wedding photography is a business, and professional wedding photography is one of the hardest and stressful disciplines in the photography game. You need to choose a photographer, who is a good in business and photography. I am not talking about profits here; I am talking about the way they run the business. You need to look at the business and think – they will be here in 5 -10 years time, when I have lost my disk, and I want a re-print.

    # 4 Can you communicate with them easily

    Like all wedding suppliers, you need to know – can you communicate with them easily. A hotmail account and a mobile phone number are a giveaway. Look for a landline number, open in office hours. Ask yourself – how quickly do they reply to e-mails, and at what time of the day. However, remember we do not work 7 days a week, and we do not answer the phone if we are shooting a wedding. It is not uncommon for busy wedding photographers to take off a day in the week

    With a wedding photographer, you need to have clear on this issue, because unlike almost all of the other vendors, you will be communicating a lot with the photographer a long time after the wedding

    # 5 Choose what style you like

    There are a number of different styles of wedding photography ranging between stiff and formal, through to wholly documentary (nothing at all set up). There are also photographers that pull in aspects of other photographic disciplines such as fashion, fine art, avant-garde etc .. On top of that, there are a number of ways the photographs are processed, ranging from standard color, black and white to totally gimmicky processing.

    Before you seriously look at choosing a photographer, choose the style you want first

    # 6 Matching a photographer to the style you want

    This is obvious, but more often than not, the photographer is chosen for another reason, and their style is foisted on the couple. You need to know that good professional photographers can change the style they shoot a little from shoot to shoot. However you do not want to choose a formal photographer to shoot a reportage style etc. Most of us are in the middle, and lean one way or the other.

    Look at the photographers work, try and look at whole weddings if they are available, and if many weddings are available to view, look to see that the photographer does shoot in the way you want.

    # 7 Portfolio shots are different to general wedding photographs

    Photographers choose images for their capitals because they are either the best of the best, or they fit a certain format, or both. They tend to be dramatic, show stopping images. The 99.9% of the images the wedding photographer shoots are the ones you need to be interested in ..

    # 8 Recommendations

    Nothing is better than a recommendation, but nothing is worse than an unqualified recommendation. If someone recommends any wedding supplier or wedding photographer to you, then you need to know: have they actually shot the wedding yet? What is the relationship between the photographer and the person doing the recommending? I am often …

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    Make Your Event a Work of Art With Hired Furniture

    Events today are a high-stakes occasions. They are hosted to help brands boost their presence in the market by reaching out to the niche. Obviously, a lot rides on them given the brand building goals set by entities. It's that natural to give attention to detail for your event and make it a super success of the desired variety. For that, furniture do have a big role to play as not only they can lend a visual appeal to the occasion but also give guests plenty to look forward to. No matter what kind of event is rented, right furniture can make difference to them all.

    Further, businesses need not bother about spending too much money to get the choicest of furniture put into places to enhance the appeal of the event. In fact, there are companies that rent out furniture so that events of any nature can realize its true potential and give hosts plenty to be proud of. Be it sofas, armchairs, chairs, tables, stools, poseur tables, coffee tables, bars, plinths or DJ booths – all can be hired to make the event special in true sense for sure. Event managers can hire them at an affordable cost and lend a unique touch to the area where the occasion is hosted.

    Similarly, it's possible to hire theme-specific furniture and let brand messages delivered in a mixture way. Whether the chosen theme is classic or contemporary, whether it calls for glitz or glamor, or needs plain simplicity, there will be appropriate furniture to meet all occasions and specifications with T. In fact, it's also possible to choose right colors, designs, hues and patterns with your furniture and amplify the aesthetics of the surrounding to a great level. It will not matter what quantity is needed as there are companies ready to rent as low as a couple of pieces of furniture to make your events stand out in true sense.

    For brands, the concept of hiring event-specific furniture is worth leveraging as they have to work on virtually every aspect to reach out to the audience and get the messages through. It does not matter whether the event is a product launch party or wedding or get-together or corporate gathering – they all will shine with a unique glow when visually stunning pieces of furniture are provided to them. To top it all, there is also the possibility to utilize the power of technology by having new-age furniture for your occasion and leave the guests awestruck in genuine sense.

    In overall, furniture hire is a splendid concept to benefit from and take events to an equivalent new level. With furniture available in all hues and shapes and designs, there can not be an easier and better way to have visual sparks to the event matching with the theme and sensibility of the occasion. This is how you become able to put your brand in focus and catch the attention of the audience. After all, nothing will work as much for brand building as well-planned events do and you have to better understand that.

    Source by Abhilash Tyagi

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    Experimentation in Photography

    In 1825, Joseph Nicéphore Niépce, a noted inventor, who also designed the world’s first combustion engine, experimented with a camera obscura (a box with a hole in one side, in which external light passes through the hole and is reproduced upside down onto a surface, creating an image, sort of a precursor to the pinhole camera), and created what is believed to be the world’s first known photographic image: View from the Window at Le Gras.

    Primarily an image of a courtyard that is illuminated on both sides, due to the lengthy exposure time, the overall image is grainy and looks nothing like the photography we are familiar with. In fact, the image resembles a charcoal drawing; a far cry from a photograph.

    This crude image of a courtyard spearheaded the photographic revolution, quite different from what we know today. Without a lens, or film for that matter,it took Niépce 8 hours to create this first photographic image; something that takes a fraction of the time with today’s digital cameras.

    Niépce didn’t study at a photography school (they didn’t exist at the time), and while there were other experiments prior to his 1825 photograph, this particular image stands out as does such artistic inventions as the first motion picture, the first use of color photography, and so on.

    Niépce’s creation set the standard, a revolution to be exact, for photographic experimentation. As experiments in photography advanced throughout the 19th and 20th centuries, photographers continued to use ‘old school’ devices (pinhole cameras, for example) to create photographic art so that in a sense, the old techniques have never really gone out of style.

    As a student in photography school, I used black and white 35mm film with a Minolta 7s still camera from the 60s, which despite taking it all over the world and dropping it a few times, remains incredibly durable, they just don’t make them like that anymore. I was able to concentrate on compositions more than utilizing techniques as dodging and burning.

    Most photography schools allow for experimentation. As a student, I had free sessions where you could spend the entire day in the photo lab. A teacher’s assistant would walk you through the whole procedure of developing the film, taking out your negatives and then making prints on an enlarger, and placing the photographic paper in fixer and stop bath prior to drying the completed prints. While more interested in actual compositions, my negatives tended to be scratched and my photos more faded than anything else. No real explanation for this, just the frame of mind I was in at the time.

    Analog photography is more of an art form, something you learn in photography schools. This rather arduous procedure was fulfilling, because it allowed for creativity to explore what was possible within the photographic realm. You experiment with different f-stops and different film speeds. Sometimes the end result would be disappointing; especially when something you set up didn’t come out the way you expected, too dark, too overexposed, or you left the lens cap on!

    Source by Travis Silver

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    Celebrating Independently-Minded Women In America

    Fighting For Women's Rights & Education

    From early on, women bought for their rights – whether it was to own land, to give girls the opportunity for a good education, or for equal rights in the workplace. Here are some women who stand out in history:

    Margaret Brent: In 1639, Brent became the first female landowner in Maryland. A close friend of Governor Leonard Calvert, he appointed her the executor of his estate. The Provincial Court appointed Brent as Lord Baltimore's attorney-in-fact in 1648 and, as part of her duties, she made sure soldiers were paid and fed and her actions helped to avoid mutiny in the colony. She was a significant finding settler of both Maryland and Virginia. She was also the first woman in North America to appear before a common law court.

    Sarah Josepha Hale: The author of the nursery rhyme "Mary had a little lamb" was a fiercer supporter of education for girls. After her husband's death in 1822, Hale launched her writing and magazine editing career to support her five children. She was instrumental in changing minds to allow girls into professions like teaching, and later medicine.

    "In this age of innovation regardless no experiment will have an influence more important on the character and happiness of our society than the granting to females the advantages of a systematic and thorough education." – Sarah Josepha Hale

    Gloria Steinem: In the late 1960s and early 1970s, Steinem became nationally recognized as the spokeswoman for the feminist movement. She is a journalist and social and political activist and is currently speaking about the issues of equality through the world.

    In 1920, American women got the right to vote – after 70 years of fighting for this right. Over the years, there were many women who helped fight for the right to vote. Here we highlight some of the most prominent:

    Lucy Stone: In 1847, Stone became the first woman in Massachusetts to earn a college degree. She was a vocal advocate for women's rights and the abolition of slavery at a time when women were discouraged and even preverted to speak in public. Stone kept her maiden name after her marriage – something that was strictly frowned upon at the time. She founded the Woman's Journal, a weekly magazine about women's rights.

    Lucretius Mott: Mott believed that the roles women played in society at the time were due to limited education, not inferiority. She supported equal political rights and economic opportunities.

    Elizabeth Cady Stanton: Stanton helped form the first women's rights convention in 1848, with Lucretia Mott.

    "Self-development is a higher duty than self-sacrifice." – Elizabeth Cady Stanton

    Women In Politics

    Not so long ago, women were not allowed to participate in political affairs. Here are some women who helped change the gender gap in politics:

    Jeannette Rankin: Selected in 1916, Rankin was the first woman in Congress. Prior to joining Congress, she was a professional lobbyist for the National American Woman Suffrage Association (NAWSA), and her efforts helped women in Montana to gain the vote in 1914.

    "I may be the first woman member of Congress, but I will not be the last." – Jeannette Rankin

    Eleanor Roosevelt: The wife of President Franklin D. Roosevelt, she dramatically changed the role of the first lady through her active participation in American politics. During her husband's presidency, Roosevelt wrote a newspaper column, cave press conferences, and spoke about human rights, children's causes, and women's issues. After his death, she became the delegate to the United Nations and served from 1945 to 1953. She also served as the chair of the UN's Human Rights Commission.

    "Women are like teabags. You do not know how strong they are until you put them in hot water." – Eleanor Roosevelt

    Madeleine Albright: In 1993, Albright became the US Ambassador to the United Nations. In 1997, she was appointed as the first female US Secretary of State. In 2012, she was awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom. Albright holds a Ph.D. from Columbia University, as well as numerous honorary degrees.

    Women In Sports, Adventure, And Entertainment

    A woman can hold their own when it comes to adventure, entertainment, and sports. Here are some of the women who excelled:

    Amelia Earhart: An aviation pioneer, author, and idol to many, Earhart was the first female aviator to fly solo across the Atlantic Ocean. She helped form The Ninety-Nines, an organization supporting female pilots. She was also an adviser to the aeronautical engineering faculty at Purdue University and a career counselor to female students. In 1937, she disappeared near Howland Island during an attempt to make a circumnavigation flight of the globe.

    "The woman who can create her own job is the woman who will win fame and fortune." – Amelia Earhart

    Florence Chadwick: Chadwick was …

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    A Look At The World of Warcraft Characters

    World of Warcraft is the latest fantasy Warcraft universe game. The actions take place within Azeroth, the Warcraft world. The game is released by Blizzard Entertainment and is the fourth Warcraft universe game, the first being Warcraft: Orcs and Humans, released way back in 1994.

    World of Warcraft actions, however, happened some four years after the events wrapped up in the third game Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne. This multiplayer online game where the players can role-play, stepping into the shoes of the various Warcraft universe characters, has proved vastly popular among online gamers. The World of Warcraft characters have similarly caught the fancy of the gamers in a short time.

    At World of Warcraft, you can choose what kind of hero you would like to impersonate. The first thing to do, however, is to select what race to play. Each race has its own set of characters. You can choose to be one amongst them according to your taste. The characters go through various classes and as you overcome challenges, your character gets to master more spells and skills. The number of skills your World of Warcraft character will master depends on the class he is in.

    The most favorite World of Warcraft characters include warriors, warlocks, druids, shamans, rogues, victors, paladins, mages, hunters and deathknights. Deathknights are from the first hero class in World of Warcraft. They are heavily armed and know the mostly deadly and lethal magic. They are no longer servants of Lich King either.

    Then there are warriors who are the most fearsome in battlefields. With a single blow, they can wreak havoc on their enemies and with their battle shouts can easily bring out the best abilities from their allies.

    Rogues are useful for stealth and their ability to open hidden chests and locked doors. They are the most deadly assassins and can strike their enemies from where they are most unprepared. Warlocks can master the powers of flame and shadow and can summon demons to help themselves and their allies and to damage and cripple their enemies. They can also plague their adversaries with curses or diseases.

    Then there are druids, hunters and mages, all of what are powerful World of Warcraft characters, too. Druids can master nature and can come up with the most unusual concoctions which can perform an array of miracles, including bringing the dead back from the underworld and restoring them to life. They can also shapeshift into cats, sea lions or great bears.

    Hunters have deadly skills and precision with their rifles and bows. In addition, they can tame the wild beasts at will and then employ their power to assist their allies in battle. Mages, paladins and practices are also capable of many unique powers.

    You can choose any of these characters to represent yourself and get immersed in the mythical universe of World of Warcraft.

    Source by Tony Hodgison

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    The Fine Art of Effective Communication

    On many of my workshops, I quote a piece of well known research into the effectiveness and impact of communication. The effect on those with what we communicate is dictated by body language, tone of voice and our words. Body language accounts for an awful 56% of the overall effect, tone of voice accounts for another 36% and the actual words we use only account for 8%.

    I also discuss acclaimed communicators, like Jack Kennedy, Bill Clinton, Barak Obama and, unfortunately, Adolf Hitler. The effect they have or had on their audiences has been awesome, in some cases mesmeric and historically defending. These guys did not communicate by email or Twitter – sure Obama uses modern technology to deliver information – but the delivery of information and real and effective communication are two completely different things.

    When I work with senior business people, often CEOs, they are concerned to ensure that they get their communication right – communication of key information, corporate vision, the next major sales campaign. As a result, what do we have in large organizations? Email, multiple emails (to cover the email writer's ass!), Blackberries, intranets, forums – a long list of technology-aided distribution of information. In the process, communication never actually takes place effectively, if at all.

    When I work with personal clients, I often touch on personal communications problems – husbands and wives who no longer communicate – sports coaches who have not the first idea on how to effectively develop their charges' talents, because very often sports people are very visual and the coach does not appreciate the fact.

    Regardless of which aspect of modern life you look at, we're all fooling ourselves into believing that we're more effective communicators than ever. People text each other except than talk. Twitter users are obsessed with getting more followers – quantity matters, quality does not. Same with LinkedIn – when I send a personal message to a contact, I invariably get a reply which, at first sight, seems personal but, in fact, is automatic and generic.

    Send someone your information and you automatically get their sales pitch back – everyone's emailing, no one's communicating. Friends "chat" on Facebook – but do not actually chat anymore. I admit to being a Twitter user – and saw a wonderful "tweet" a couple of weeks back. The writer suggested that Twitter and Facebook should merge and be called TwitFace because so many idiots waste so much time and energy "communicating", while no one's really listening.

    But – and here's a big but – if you want to be successful and happy, professionally and personally, you can not get by without being an impressive, real, communicator. To be an effective and impressive communicator, you need to both be present and have presence. First of all, at the very least, stop texting and emailing and pick up the 'phone! Best of all, create time to actually, physically, be with those whom you wish to impress – that's about the only way that they'll be able to appreciate your body language. If you do that, of course, you open up a whole new can of worms. People start worrying about their body language – "experts" teach them how to use effective body language, which invariably comes across as false! If you have presence, however, body language looks after itself. What do I mean by that?

    Truly great communicators have presence and, as a result, they are impressive. Presence simply means that they are more present in the moment than the average normal person. Research proves that normal people are never really present, only paying as little as 1% attention to the present moment. If you want to have presence, all you need to do is be more present – to do that, all you need to do is be more attentive to the here and now. That means that you give yourself space and time to notice and appreciate the present moment. If you develop presence, by your very presence you will become impressive – an inspirational communicator – one who attentiveness to the moment and to those with what you are present will simply enable your body language and tone of voice to be effortlessly effective.

    We develop presence through calming our mind and re-developing our innate ability to pay attention to the here and now. This can be done through something as structured and formal as daily meditation (highly recommended by the way!) Or by simply creating space and time for, for example, going for a stroll to appreciate what you see, feel, hear, smell and taste . If you kindly set time aside to regularly practice your attentiveness, then you will have the necessary presence when the critical moment demands it. Then, you will be an exponent of the …

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    Guide For Top Notch New York Hotels

    Ideal location, affordable price and good reputation can only ensure a good vacation space in the New York City. This guide here is made so that you may enjoy your trip to the Yankee capital. It is brief and compact only so you may glance over offered options. The best way to make your entertainment certain is to consult the New York City tourism guide. That can save you your precious time and money. Always remember to ask for premium quality hotels.

    Hampton Inn Time Square North is for both business and pleasure travelers. It drives to meet every requirement of its guests with concierge services, high speed internet and 24-hour message and fax services. It offers the best corporate environment for its business travelers with convenient routes to offices like BBDO, Hearst Productions and Reuters. On-demand movies and on-site fitness center is provided for its guests so that entertainment is easily accessible. Its extra large 300 guestrooms accommodation ensures space for both and every guest. Complimentary coffee, tea and newspapers are offered in the lobby.

    Club Quarters Time Square Hotel is one of the New York Hotels that proudly boasts an official listing on the New York City's Register of Historic Places. With its well-maintained 1903 ambiance, this hotel promises vintage and sophisticated décor. Amenities include on-site fitness center, comfy pillow top mattresses, flat screen TV's and elegant bathrooms with granite vanities. Both smoking and non smoking rooms are available. Wide assortments of complimentary and on-demand movies are available to keep you refurbished.

    Hotel Belle Claire is famous for its Old World charm at very affordable rates. Built in 1903, this landmark hotel was designed by the noted architect E. Roth. Each guestroom retains the elegant beauty of the 1903 time-span. Comforters and wall-mounted headboards maintain a very vintage look for the entire hotel. Anchored in the heart of the Upper West Side of Manhattan, Hotel Belle Claire is family-friendly and cozy. You can get a great discount while shopping at Filnes Basement. The gymnasium offers a good work-out for the active traveler. While on-demand massage can relate your muscles of the traveling tension they have been receiving.

    Hotel Wales is a palatial heritage of luxury and pampering for over more than a century. It is magnificently adorned with traditionally styled décor. You can enjoy an European continental breakfast in the morning. You can even spend your afternoon by taking a stroll down the local museums and world famous galleries. They include the Metropolitan, Guggenheim and Cooper Hewitt. After a fun day, come back and unwind at the Italian bistro on the amazing roof-top dining patio. Each and every room of 87 guestrooms has been renovated in order to meet the expectations and requirements of the travelers. Bookworms can even enjoy the reading room with its painted walls reflecting illustrations from famous children's books. Non smoking rooms are available upon request.

    Hotel Roger Williams is full of vibrant colors and cozy designs. Each and every embellishment is combined to give this hotel the hippest looking boutique hotel among other New York Hotels. Present in the famously fashionable Murray Hill, it offers close vicity to Grand Central Station and the Empire State Building. You can also indulge in fantastic sight seeing by taking a look at the city's finest art galleries and restaurants. Guests can also work out on the cardio equipment in its new fitness center.

    Metro as Metro can be, Hotel Metro is ideally located right in the heart of Manhattan. It offers a fusion of 1901 vintage architecture with contemporary and urban amenities. Tech-savvy tourists will enjoy the complimentary high-speed internet and conference meeting rooms that are available at corporate request. Business travelers need not worry since there is a business center with printing capabilities to reach up to every business need. Continental breakfasts and scrumptious lunches are served everyday. Standard amenities include climate controlled fitness center, laundry service and a mini-bar. Rooftop terraces are also present for your beautiful views of the city.

    As calm as its name is, Night Hotel is one of the best New York Hotels. It offers a distinct change in the list of hotels. Intimately designed for each of its guests, the Night Hotel is one place you can not forget to go to. Its oversized beds and headboards are adorned in clear-cut white and black colors. Everything about this hotel is chic and sleek. A trip to New York City could not have been more urbane and modern.

    Source by Justice Sybil

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    StarCraft 2 Tactics Revealed in the Newest Strategy Guide

    Unless you've been living under a rock for the past 12 years, you've probably heard about StarCraft. StarCraft has been the de-facto standard for real time strategy (RTS) games for over a decade now. Recently, Blizzard released the much anticipated sequel – StarCraft 2. If you're anything like me, you love the RTS genre of video games but are easily frustrated by the number of different strategies and tactics necessary to really excel at the game. Recently, Tony Saunders released his new strategy guide, StarCraft 2 Secrets, to help people like me up the steep learning curve of the game. Tony has created tons of hugely successful guides for other games like FarmVille, World of Warcraft, Mafia Wars, etc.

    But, the past does not always equal the future. Let's take a quick look at this new guide stacks up against the competition and can it help a real newbie to the game reach the top of the gaming ladders.

    The first thing I noticed is that Tony has released a TON of information on a game that's only been out a few weeks. Many guides give you a little information now and a little more information later. They expect you to keep paying over time to buy recycled information or information you can find any place else on the Internet. Tony's guide gives you all the information he's gotten available and will continue to provide new and fresh content (even after the release of the two additional expansion campaigns) completely free of charge.

    Quite honestly, there are tons of players who have been consistently playing StarCraft since 1998 when it first came out. Millions of players have years of experience and are able to use that knowledge to get themselves ahead faster in the game now. How can someone who has not played in years (or never played before) compete against talent like that?

    StarCraft 2 Secrets levels the playing field just a bit because it shows many of the top winning strategies used by long time players. Take it from me, there are many terms and phrases used in the strategy websites that even if you try to look on Google for free tactics, you will have a difficult time. Tony takes all the lingo and strategies and breaks them down in such a way that anyone who has never even played them up, practice them, and improve your game.

    Even though it's a sequel, StarCraft 2 differs from StarCraft in a lot of subcont ways. Learning to capitalize on those differences early will enable you to practice a lot more efficiently to master the basic and advanced strategies StarCraft 2 Strategies gives you. I really feel like StarCraft 2 Secrets will give me (and you) a competitive advantage over people who do not have someone like like Tony helping them learn their game and tactics.

    Source by Steve Korb

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    5 Star Hotels In Las Vegas

    Getting a 5 Star Hotel in Las Vegas and experiencing the luxurious and celebrity treatment is a dream that many of us want to experience in reality. While on Vacation in Vegas it would be enhancing to receive star treatment and living the life of the high rollers. Even if it's for one night, just being able to have that experience is possible when choosing the right hotel in Las Vegas to make those dreams come true. Even the world class cuisines that guest can have does wonders for the mind, body, and spirit. Just being in that atmosphere and embracing the ambience is enough to shift you in a different state of mind. There are many wonderful modern style and elegant hotels here that are there to catering to the needs and demands of the guest to help make their trip a time they will never forget.

    There are several different 5 star hotels in Las Vegas that vacationers would love such as the Venetian Hotel and Casino, which is an all-suite resort and casino that is a short drive from downtown, The Fashion Show Mall, and McCarran Airport. They offer customers an opulent casino, full service spa, and a rooftop pool complex. You also have a beautiful hotel that gives customers great great service that is called the Mandarin Oriental Hotel. It provides customers with a tranquil escape with serenity and peace of mind that consist of contemporary designs and breathtaking views. They also offer an array of therapies, 7 private couple's suites, and a yoga studio. We certainly have to mention the 4 Seasons Hotel, which is located on the Las Vegas strip and it is a non-gaming hotel that provides direct access to Mandalay Bay Resort and all of the Las Vegas entertainment. It has a beautiful landscaping with a private pool. The rooms are filled with glamor inspired by the Art Deco era. If you are looking for the height of luxury another 5 star hotel that you would really enjoy is the Wynn. This place is well known for its world class dining, tranquil spas, dazzling night life, and a provocative water show called LeReve, which means The Dream. Last but not least we have the Palazzo Resort Hotel and Casino, which is a luxurious resort that's connected to its sister property The Venetian by walks and waterway. From this hotel it takes 3 miles to get to downtown and 4 miles to get to the McCarran airport. It offers hotel guest a spacious multi-level spa, more than 50 high end international boutiques, a rooftop deck with pools and private cabanas, and several options of fine-dining experience.

    Any one of these 5 star hotels in Las Vegas would be a great place to enjoy a luxurious experience and celebrity treatment. It is there duty to help you have the best time possible on your vacation and make sure that you are completely satisfied and willing to come back the following year.

    Source by Michael T Bailey