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    6 Reasons Why You Should Buy Paintings Directly From Artists

    When you decorate the walls in your home, there are a number of facts, that support you should buy paintings directly from an artist, instead of buying reproductions in online shops or physical shops.

    • You get an original, unique painting that no one else has
    • The painting is carefully created, down to the smallest detail
    • You get a quality product, made of excellent materials
    • You get the most bang for your buck – no commission to online or physical galleries
    • The selling price is higher when you want to make changes in your collection
    • You get a better service, the artist will answer any questions you have

    You get an original unique painting

    When you buy an original, unique painting from an artist, you get a unique piece of art, there is only one of one-of-a-kind.

    And you can use the artwork to design the decor in your home with your own special touch, without any fear that your family, friends or neighbors already have the same painting or can imitate your decor.

    If we look at the definition of the word “original”, The Danish Dictionary says it is an “object or phenomenon that is the basis for a copy.”

    Be aware that many online and physical stores that advertise with “original” paintings, actually sell reproductions where the artistic value is practically non-existent.

    Copies are typically made at art factories in China and other Eastern countries. The workers there doesn’t always have the best working conditions. Employees work many hours a day without any breaks, and the production is made in buildings, that lack basic needs such as glass in window and heating during winter.

    There is also a couple of Danish mass producing art factories, which employ Danish artists who produce copies under pseudonyms.

    It may be difficult to spot whether it’s a real or fictitious artist and if it’s an original painting or a copy – here are a few tips you can use, factors that indicate it is a real artist:

    Start by Googling the artist and see what information comes up. Does the artist’s contact information appear, is he having his own website, does the search show earlier exhibitions?

    • If there is an artist profile on the store’s website, and it shows a photo and a biography of the artist.
    • If an artist profile with biography is attached to the painting, and there is shown a photograph of the artist.
    • Things that indicate it is an original unique painting:
    • If there is a real artist behind and not only a pseudonym.
    • If the painting is signed with the full name, title and year on the back of the canvas.

    The painting is created with great care

    Unique paintings, made by real life artists, are characterized by the artist using hours and hours of work on composition, texture, color composition and color blending. The result is an artwork with endless small details, beautiful colors and great depth, which means you will continuously discover new details, textures, and details.

    Initially the artist plan the composition, style, subject, and medium. After that, the process of creating the painting consists of a series of different steps: priming of the canvas, applying texture pulp (1-3 operations), painting the subject (1-5 operations), top finish and at last, a topcoat.

    It varies a lot, how many times an artist must work on a painting before it is ready for the public, but typically it’s worked over 5-10 times. Especially when the creation requires many thin translucent layers and transparent colors, it has to be worked over many times.

    Characteristic for the production of reproductions is, that there is very little time for producing each painting, normally there are only 15-20 minutes available.

    This means, that it is only possible to make a painting with a maximum of three layers before it is ready. Often the painting will be manufactured in one process, and the employee is parallel working on up to 50 copies of identical paintings. Therefore, reproductions are often missing details and depth.

    You get a quality product

    Many artists take pride in using paint, materials and tools in a very high quality.

    Basically, a distinction is made between three different qualities within artist paint: School quality, student quality, and artist quality.

    What factors do determine the quality of the painting? It’s a question of the pigments being used, the proportion pigments have relative to the fillers, and the bindings.

    The highest quality paint is using the most expensive pigments, the largest share of pigments and contains little or no fillers.

    School quality is the cheapest and is used for training in school classes. It’s not suitable for a real painting, used to decorate your home with, since the poor quality means difficulties in mixing with other colors, the paint can not …

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    Promoting The Music of Indie Artists

    Marketing for the music needs some creativity and some promotional techniques. The Indies music artists must promote their music if they are on theirselves and take the help of the social networking sites. Once you will read the article you will know some fabulous tips to promote through these social networking sites.

    Once you are on the networking site, create an account. Then you will have a form to fill with your personal information that would not be leaked out to anyone except your name. Try to fill your real name so that people may know you.

    On these social sites it has been found that using your personal name is more beneficial then using the band's name so have a confidence and use your real name.

    It is beneficial because when you will have some fans they would like to add you through your name and few would go for the whole band. Because when they would add you, they would like to know more about you as a person and as a musician and justly they would be able to associate with you more deeply.

    Through these social sites not only your fans can contact you but also you can interact with them on a regular basis. And if you develop these regular interacting sessions, people would definitely love you and you can become a music star just in a single night.

    It is also not advisable to just go for promotion all the time, also give some time to your fans and answer their various questions. Do not consider this to be a waste of time; This is also a promotional technique.

    And once you develop the bond between you and your fans, you will see how greatly your music band gets promoted and stays as well.

    Thus the Indies artists should stick to some of these tips and they would keep interacting with their fans for getting more promotion.

    Source by Fara Martin

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    Billboard Music Awards Background

    Billboard is considered the creator of the most reliable music charts in the world, combining its charts each week from sales data collected by Nielsen Soundscan and airplay data collected by Nielsen Broadcast Data Systems.

    From 1990-2006, Billboard Magazine sponsored the Billboard Awards each year in December to honor the past year's successes within the music industry, based on its year-end music charts, and therefore, on popularity. From the outset, awards included Top Album, Top Artist, and Top Single in every genre. A Billboard Century Award was added in 1992, to honor the artist with the most exceptional creative contributions to the music industry. During its seventeen years, the Billboard Awards show was broadcast on the Fox network; but in 2007, circumstances including the expiration of contacts led to the cancellation of the awards ceremony that year, and it has not resumed since since efforts to revive the program. Instead, in the absence of the ceremony, Billboard has continued announcing the winners in each category as a part of each year's final Billboard Magazine issue. Although the American Billboard Awards have faded, Billboard Latin America still presents its ceremony each year to honor the greatest of the past year's Latin Music artists.

    Janet Jackson holds the record for recipient of the most Billboard Awards in the show's history, with thirty-three awards. In 1999, Mariah Carey was honored as Billboard's Artist of the Decade. In 2009, Eminem received the honor. Whitney Houston follows closely with 30, Michael Jackson ranks third with 29, and Mariah Carey trains right behind him with 28.

    The first hosts were Paul Shaffer and Morris Day, along with Jerome Benton. Later hosts have included Phil Collins, Jon Stewart, Chris Rock, Kathy Griffin, Bernie Mac, Cedric the Entertainer, and Ryan Seacrest. Kathy Griffin is the most frequent host at three times, in 1998 with Andy Dick, in 1999 with Adam Corolla, and in 2000 with N Sync.

    The ceremonies in 1990 and 1991, the first two, were aired after taping. Since then they have aired live from 1992-2006 and have taken place in the Los Angeles area, New York, and Las Vegas. Crystal awards presented honor achievements in the genres of R & B, Rap, Country, Modern Rock, Classical, and shed the spotlight on Independent artists & albums as well. Categories include Artist of the Year, Best New Artist, Duo / Group Album of the Year, Hot 100 Producer, Hot 100 Songwriter, Hot 100 Single of the Year, Best Touring Venue, Best Concert Venue, Best Soundtrack Single, Best Digital Track, Bestselling Single, and the Century Award and Artist of the Decade Award when appropriate.

    Artist of the Year winners have included MC Hammer (the first year's winner), TLC, Alanis Morissette, Mariah Carey, Destiny's Child, Chris Brown, LeAnn Rimes, and most recently Taylor Swift. Garth Brooks, Destiny's Child, Usher, 50 Cent, and Chris Brown have all received the honor twice. Century Award winners have included George Harrison, Billy Joel, Joni Mitchell, Carlos Santana, Sting, Stevie Wonder, John Mellencamp, Annie Lennox, and Tony Bennett

    Billboard's Latin Music Awards have also been presented each year since 1990 in recognition of the Latin music industry's top performers, albums, and songs based on their performance on the past year's Bill board charts reflecting airplay and sales. Its awards include the traditional musical categories, along with the Spirit of Hope Award (in honor of humanitarian contributions) and the Lifetime Achievement Award. The awards ceremony has been broadcast on the Telemundo television network since 1999, reaching the highest ratings of any of the network's music specials.

    Source by Andy McCarthy

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    Pros And Cons Of Being A Tattoo Designer

    Tattoo designers are one of the most well paid jobs in the industry. However, it is not that easy to a successful tattoo designer. Unless you really have the passion for the art, you can’t be very successful. Here are a few pros and cons of being a tattoo artist.


    Being a tattoo designer has its pros, especially if you love your profession. It is satisfying to see your creativity getting inked on someone else’s body. It is interesting to note how people trust you completely as far as their safety and looks are concerned. If you take your jobs seriously, you will have a large number of clients following you. Even though there will be competition, you will be able to set your own mark in this niche.

    Moneywise, like any other business, tattoo artists have highs as well as lows. When you have those ‘high’ times, money flow is fantastic. And it will be your good money managing skills that will help you in the end.

    Before you become a full-fledged tattoo designer, you need to be an apprentice of an established tattoo designer. Most of the established tattoo designers love to help the youngsters. You will spend time cleaning and sterilizing their equipment or simply helping them to modify the designs. In the beginning you will be required to create designs on leather. Later you will be asked to work on human skin. This entire process will make you come close to the world of tattooing.

    This is a life-long career, which will bring satisfaction to you. Your self-expression is at its best, and if you are giving quality work, your clients will be impressed and come back to you.

    You get to meet like-minded people, people who are amazingly artistic and creative, who will have their opinions but would appreciate that you have the right to be in this industry.


    Being a tattoo designer has its share of cons. Establishing yourself in the industry as a recognized artist can be a cumbersome uphill journey. Competition is very high. There are so many aspiring tattoo designers that you will be surprised to know, and creating your mark amongst them would not be an easy task.

    Besides that there are so many expenses to take care of. For example you need to maintain sterilized equipment, you have to source and maintain equipment, you have to source all your drawing and art material. If you want to be a custom tattoo artist, then you have to always keep looking for great designs and either modify them or just practice your own skills by drawing, drawing and more drawing!

    While money flow may be really good when the business is in boom, it may dwindle during holiday seasons when people go out of the town. It is at this time you have to manage your money in a way that you sustain your business as well as yourself. At those times you would love to ink any person who comes to you, as business is slow.

    Overall, if you want to be a tattoo designer, patience is key to it.

    Source by Kristen Dunn

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    Overview of Painting Service and Design

    Decorative painting and other painting media like glass painting, computer art. Painting is one type of art. Every painting contractor will provide good qualify of interior and exterior painting services. House Worker makes the beautiful house and alteration of color will become valuable. You should select a best painting service. You need to collect more information about that company and do the analysis process. Finally you can select the best offering company of painting service.

    Good quality of product is used to increase the house value. Without trouble we can easily clean the house with the help of water. Good quality work will never remove. Most of the low quality product will remove while we cleaning in water. So choose the best one from the beginning itself. Interior painter will make the house should be delightful. Light color is the best one of interior part.Eterior painter must select the best quality of product. Compare to interior painting work, exterior painting is important. It should be good and effective, and then only the cost of house value will increase.

    An industrial painter has more experienced and good drawing skilled. They have worked many constructed building works and house works. They have a capacity to show an effective value of the house or building thought their creating work. Select product must be good. So do not bother about the money for buying a best quality product. If we want a good house we need to spend more money.

    A professional painter for minimum cost is insured and licensed painter Sydney work with good standards of painting service and conditions. Home improvement contractors do their work excellently. Professional painters will offer very inexpensive of price and variety of designs will establish. Using materials are good quality. Their aim is to satisficing the customer needs.

    Source by Christ Nadel

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    Art, Crafts And Work: Creating In Different Environments For New Inspiration

    Crafting with music in the background is one method recognized for its' ability to help you zone into your activity. But, if you find yourself being more distracted with the use of music, it is obviously not the right option for you. Still, exploring the possibilities can help you tune into a better creative process when one of those possibilities happens to work better than what you are already doing.

    Notably, we can go through cycles in our inspirational needs; silence and solitude may be especially comforting at certain times, yet, like the seasons changing, internally, our creativity and intuitive demands may lean us toward exploring outside stimulation on other occasions.

    Here are a few among the many external experiences which can alter the way we create and possibly admit a more creative state (depending on where are needs are at the time).

    1. Creating In Nature Settings or In Front of An Inspiring View

    Taking a stroll along the beach, walking in the park, or hiking before beginning a sketch or a craft project (working in the middle of awning scenery) is one way to take advantage. You can also be less active by simply setting up your materials (a suitcase of crafts for scrapbook enthusiasts, an easel, brush and canvas for painter and a pad and pencil for writers). Once you have the bench, the blanket or another seat, you can begin the process of being immersed in the scenery which will feed back into what you create as a form of inspiration.

    2. Creating Among Crowds

    Create while people watching in parking lots, places: places where the noise and bustle of passersby can melt into one or a few tones, laying a backdrop for work which will feed best off that type of frenetic or active energetic inspiration.

    3. Creating In Silence And Or Solitude

    A quiet room, an emptied library or another near-empty space may be the perfect location when you really need to become centered in an introspective and grounding sort of way.

    Finding silence in a regularly used study or work room may accomplish the same feat. This is the opposite of needing to shake up and excite your energy, which you can achieve through the options below and the ones above, depending on the chosen setting.

    4. The Something New Option: Creating In New Never before Seen Places or Rarely Explored Places

    Going to explore something fresh and new can give a certain renewed and spontaneous energy to your senses and what you create. At times, we really need to see something new and different, for our own sanity, and for the creative process as well. Choosing from a set of inspiring ideas may lead you in the right direction for work, play and emotional-spiritual well-being.

    5. Creating With Music in the Background

    Crafting, making art or working with different types of music in the background (high energy and low) can offer the excitement or the quiet mind meditation that you would like to incorporate into your being for your momentary wellness. And, choosing what will address these energetic needs naturally feeds your creative and work processes, too.

    Source by Al Tinas

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    Impact of Digital Imaging Technologies in Contemporary Art Painting

    Technology has certainly changed the way art is perceived and created. It has been an inspiration in itself and has also been the hallmark behind the birth of some artists. Purists who take pride in the archaic art style may cringe at the onslaught of technology, but its impact on contemporary art painting is certainly undeniable.

    Some people, in fact, find it unimaginable to create works without any assistance from technology. Digital imaging has not only broadened the horizon of the modern artists but has also given a further boost to their creative flair.

    So, we have digital tools like Photoshop which have given fresh wings to painters who were in need for some help to add more flair to their work. The artists of today are tech-oriented. Some painters actually have the ability to convert their own shoddy works into master pieces once they are given tech tools.

    Illustrator and CAD are also highly popular tech tools which are being deployed in modern art paintings. The introduction of digital imaging basically commenced from the 90s. But over the past few years, especially after the advent of the new millennium, digitization of artworks has grown by leaps and bounds.

    Geometrical interpretation of paintings has also received a boost. The entire vocabulary of painting has gone through a sea change. Digitization has lent a breath of fresh air to several artists who may have found it difficult to survive otherwise. But on the other hand, too much digitization has also eroded the significance of traditional-style paintings. So, the topic is one which can raise debates that can go on forever.

    Some eminent modern painters have given their nod to digitization. Many have professed their dependence on Microsoft’s tools and Paints. These digital tools may lack the retro charm but there is no harm if they can arouse the interest of young budding artists and give them a plausible mean to vent their talent.

    ‘Photoshopping’ has also been a much-talked about thing for the past few years. Filtering of images through Photoshop has become not just popular but very useful especially for the media-based industry. Modern artworks have certainly shifted gear and are likely to veer away and away from the conventional styles.

    Impact of digital imaging in contemporary art painting is glaringly obvious. But it is essential that the future generation of painters do not totally quit the basics and follow the traditional principles in some form or the other.

    Source by Amanda Jose

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    Music Lessons Are For Everyone

    To become proficient on any instrument, consider taking music lessons. Everyone has a different goal for taking instruction, and these should be communicated clearly to the instructor at the outset. Adult and children can benefit from the guidance of a qualified, experienced professional. Instruction is available for almost any existing instrument including voice. Students should consider both private and group instruction depending on their goals.

    Children are often first exposed to live instruments and group singing at preschool age. While four and five year-olds are certainly capable of expressing themselves musically, they typically do not benefit from private lessons until they are at least five or six. However, they do tend to thrive in group instruction. Starting a child too soon can result in resentment and a future resistance to learning an instrument. Adults can begin learning at any age so long as they have the discipline and want to practice and learn.

    Instruments such as the guitar, bass, drums, or piano are usually available through local private instructors or instrument stores. Vocal coaches can typically be contacted via the local choir director or instrument store as well. For band instruments such as wind, brass, or symphonic percussion, it may be necessary to seek instruction through a local public school band director, or university professor. Vocal coaches usually advertise in local colleges as well.

    Most public schools offer classes such as band and choir which offers group instruction. Bands typically involve traditional wind, brass, and percussion instruments, and some schools offer jazz ensemble classes where students can learn to play instruments in a smaller group setting. Choirs also give an environment where students can learn vocal techniques and group performance. Many schools also make private tutoring available to students.

    Stringed instruments such as the violin, cello, bass, or viola must discipline and a robust learning environment. Instructors can often be found through a music store or local band and orchestra directors. Some children have shown great skill with stringed instruments at very young ages, so it is important to work with a tutor to decide the child’s interest and level of ability before committing to regular sessions. Some stringed instruments are too large for small children, so take their size into account.

    Most voice coaches prefer that vocal students be at least ten years old. Development issues such as size of the child’s lungs and changes in the vocal chords can largely affect the child’s ability to help from instruction at younger ages. Proper breathing techniques are also imperative for successful vocal coaching, and older children are typically more capable of meeting the physical requirements.

    Any instrument can be learned privately or with a group. Private lessons usually occur at home or at the teacher’s home. This often proves more convenient in terms of time and scheduling as it allows some flexibility and permits the learner to progress at their own pace. Group instruction has its advantages as well. Peer encouragement and group practice provides a more life playing or singing environment and takes place in a more traditional learning environment.

    Whether you decide on group or private sessions, stringed, band, or electric instruments, there are many options of which to take advantage. Find what works best to make your goals and ask informed questions before you start. Music lessons are a rewarding experience that will help you to master the skill of playing an instrument.

    Source by Adriana A Noton

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    Music For The Stars!

    Alan Cohen author, "Chicken Soup For The Soul," and other inspirational books said that in his work, "Lifestyles Of The Rich In Spirit."

    A prominent political figure from a Muslin nation visited one our University recently to speak and answer questions, and I watched the president of that institution challenge him and attack him verbally. There was no peace in the words he used to describe his guest, he had his mind made up that this man represented the enemy and a war of words was in order. It was obvious to everyone that this man and his country were working the devil and it was our duty to eliminate him first by dehumanizing him, and then by threats of war.

    The guest answered the questions as best he could; he knew that the majority of the audience would not accept his words, but he tried to explain his country's position on several topics that stuck fear in the hearts of Americans; but our thoughts had already established that this man was someone to hate. He on the other hand, stood his ground firmly and explained his position as clearly as he could have given the atmosphere of emotions that surrounded him. He did not claim to hate or want to destroy us, he said he wanted to be our friend; he said that his religion was a peaceful one and that his country wanted to live by their beliefs without interference from other nations. He saw the conflict in Iraq as a senseless attempt to control something that was not under our control; it had been in existence for centuries before we were born as a country and always found a way to resolve its own issues. In the mist of all the anger and resentment he found himself in, he maintained his composition and expressed his feelings about how we had created the situations we found ourselves involved in, and that we were the ones that were forcing other nations to conform unconditionally.

    The real issue is not about this man and his country; it is about each one of us. As Alan said, we must find the peace in our hearts in order to heal our separation. If we are motivated by fear, anger, and hatred, that is what we will manifest; the face of this man was that manifestation.

    We do not practice what we preach in church every Sunday, we do not follow the teachings of Christ if we attack and fight in order to control. Destroy never wins healing, but forgiveness does. Through all the years of fighting we still do not get the concept of unity; we still put ourselves up on a higher plane of existence; we are disconnected from our source and do nothing but fight in order to reconnect; years of conditioning has made us what we are, a group of wanderers looking for redemption in all the wrong ways. It is us against everything else, when in fact there is nothing else; what we see is a mirror, there for us to remember who we really are.

    Alan said something else in his book, "The most significant contribution you and I can make towards world peace is to be peaceful ourselves, to give peacefulness to those who lives we touch daily, and to forgive ourselves for our errors, to the point at which we love ourselves no matter what we have ever done. "

    Now is the time for that forgiveness; now is the time to reunite within myself, to be the spirit that expresses the love that fills my heart. I can change and will change in order to be at peace; I ask for help from my source and it is given; I ask for love to fill my body and it is given; I ask to share that love with all life and it is given.
    This Russian folk song explains my thoughts:

    If the people lived their lives

    As if it were a song!

    For singing out the light

    Provides the music for the stars

    To be dancing circles in the night.

    Source by Hal Manogue

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    Indian Music Vs Western Music

    The Indian music characteristics are evident when you compare it with Western music. In both the systems you will find some essential differences: the Indian music is based on melody or single notes played in a given order, while the Western music is based on harmony: a group of notes known as chords played together.

    Dr. Rabindranath Tagore who was well familiar with both the systems, explained the difference as follows: “The world by daylight stands for Western music which is a flowing concourse of vast harmony, composed of concord and discord and many disconnected fragments. And the night world stands for Indian music: one pure, deep and tender raga. Both, touches our heart, and yet both are contradictory in spirit. But this is natural. Nature, at the very root is divided into two, day and night, unity and variety, finite and infinite.

    Indian men live in the realm of night; we are inspired by the sense of the One and Infinite. Indian music draws away the listener beyond the boundaries of daily joys and sorrows and takes us to the solitary space of renunciation which exists at the root of the universe, while Western music leads us to dance through a limitless rise and fall of human joy and grief.

    ” Indian classical music basically stirs our spiritual sense and discipline – a longing for realization of the self salvation. Singing is a worshipping act and not an intellectual exhibition of mastery on the technique of a raga. In Western culture, singing is a formal and secular exercise, and does not involve piety or devotion as compared to Indian music

    The teacher-student (Guru-Shishya) tradition in Indian music is responsible for the deep dedication and attachment of the student to the teacher. In the West, a music teacher is taken as a hired person who teaches lessons and there is no deep attachment between the teacher and student.

    Like Western music, Indian music too is based on melody and rhythm, but it has no foundation of harmony which is so significant in Western music. Indian music is “modal” – based on the relationship between the permanent individual notes known as tonic, with the successive notes. This is the reason why Tanpura (drone) is played in the background of Indian music which reminds one of the tonic notes.

    The Indian classical music system is horizontal; one note follows the other, while the Western music is vertical; many notes played at a time. Yehudi Menuhin, the noted musician, highlights the differentiates both systems by describing Indian music as: “for appreciating Indian music one has to adopt totally a different set of values… one must orientate oneself and at least for the concerned period, forget the passing of time and just sink into a kind of thematic, almost hypnotic trance. The rhythmic and melodic features of Indian music that are repetitive, acquires an extraordinary charm and fascination… despite the domination of this hypnotic mood’s domination, which is an Indian music characteristic, actively frees the mind.”

    The place of “composition” in these two systems is notably different. In Western music, the music is first composed by the composer and arranges it in notation: then the musicians play this composition under the guidance of a music conductor. Here improvisation hardly takes place, and the performance value lies in the uniformity and the pre-determined conduct of tone and music speed (tempo). In Indian music, while the melody grammar and rhythm is fixed, the ingenuity and skill of the musician lies in his creativity and improvisation, especially in mood evocation and rasa of a particular raga.

    In this context, an international musicologist has written: “In the West, solid blocks of music are constructed. After carving out like building stones, the seven degrees of diatonic scale, lined up and placed on top of each other with cleverly worked out harmony and counterpoint. In this way fantastic edifices in sound are erected.

    In Indian classical music, no one can think of dividing sound into blocks; instead it is refined into a wire-thin thread. The sound is stretched out to refine it to an extreme point of delicacy… No standard materials, no building of three or five floors, but just like silk thread which unfold and rises and falls and evokes a world of sensations and feelings.”

    In music of India, melody and rhythm offer a variety of subtleties, which is not possible in Western music. Indian notes are divided into units called shruties (22 microtones), whereas Western music consist of 12 semitones. The microtones are more subtle than semitones. These microtones adorned with gracetones (gamakas) create a magical effect.

    Western music has the capacity of producing many feelings and moods. While Indian music, has the capacity to produce a principal emotion or a mood in a raga. An Indian …

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    Charity Event Tips: How Much Should You Charge for a Ticket to Your Event?

    Keep in mind that the age and socio-economic bracket of your leading attendees, the kind of food, beverages, and entertainment your event features, and the mission of your event (major fund-raising, kitty fund, primarily social, etc.) all play a role in determining what your event’s ticket should cost. To help you decide on what you should charge for your next event you can look to the following three models.

    1. If you are planning a black-tie gala at an exclusive venue with live entertainment, dinner, open bar, and a celebrity guest or guests, statistics show that within a price range from $15 to $300, most charitable attendees are willing to pay between$100 and $150 per person. Even in the current economy most people feel comfortable paying this money, but charities must remember that these events are some of the biggest fundraisers. Therefore, set your price at the higher end of the range if you are hosting such a nice social event. Event-goers expect a higher ticket price for Class A venues.

    2. If you are planning an upscale cocktail party at a popular venue with passed hors d’oeuvres, a DJ, and an open bar, statistics show that most people would prefer a $75 ticket to the event. However, the range begins at $50 and reaches $100. Because of this wide range your charity should lean toward profitability in its pricing. In general, event goers are prepared to pay higher ticket prices for a charity event, because they know that increased profitability correlates with increased donations for your charity’s cause.

    3. If you are planning a casual cocktail party for an after work event with a one hour open bar, statistics show that ticket prices range between $15 and $50, with a preferred $25 charge. As in the previous models, however, charities should lean towards setting the higher price to gain profitability.

    According to a recent market research report, charities should also consider whether they want to develop a growing base of attendees for their events. If so, an excellent idea would be to offer discounted tickets for Young Professionals, especially through online ticketing services. If you offer discounted tickets to event-goers under the age of 30, you’re covering your costs, filling seats, and indoctrinating a new generation of philanthropists into the excitement of charitable giving. Lots of events have done this quite successfully. But, most of all, keep in mind that the majority of an event’s proceeds should be donated to the selected constituency. If people know they are donating to the cause and not the organization they are more likely to attend your charity’s next event, too!

    Source by Justin Baer

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    3 Day Diet May Be The Healthiest Diet!

    3 day diet origin leads to from Cleveland Clinic Diet as the institute who published this 3 day diet program in 1970. The short time span helped the 3 day diet to gain its popularity among dieters. The 3 day diet program is also known as the Navy three day diet, Baptist hospital 3 day diet, Florida 3 day diet, Army 3 day diet, and lot of others bizarre nicknames.

    The amounts of nicknames available indicate the popularity of this diet. However experts are continuously bashing this diet as it falls under the category of fad diet. Experts also said that fad diets effects are temporary, and weight will likely be gained as fast as Paris Hilton hit the newspaper.

    But before we follow the experts advice and start bashing the diet let’s take a closer look and learn about the diet facts. I am not an expert dietician but I know a lot about the experiences of going through a diet. I know how hard fad diet is and I know that weight problems sometimes are more important than our health itself for some people in some occasions. So let’s see the 3 day diet from a commoner point of view.

    3 Day diet meals plan emphasizes on eating a limited carbohydrates and a lot of omega 3 fat acids. The basic meals plan for three day diet is listed below along with the obligation to drink at least four glasses of water, two cups of coffee or tea and a glass of cranberry juice everyday.

    First Day:

    Breakfast: Consume half a grapefruit, a slice of dry toast with 2 tablespoons of peanut butter.

    Lunch: Consume half cup of dry tuna with a slice of dry toast.

    Dinner: Consume 2 slices of meat, 1 cup of green beans, 1 small apple and half cup of vanilla ice

    Second Day:

    Breakfast: Consume 1 egg, a slice of dry toast and half banana.

    Lunch: Consume half cup of Tuna or 1 cup of cottage cheese along with 5 saltine crackers.

    Dinner: Consume 2 beef franks, a cup of cabbage, 1/2 cup of carrots, 1/2 banana and 1/2 cup of vanilla ice cream.

    Third Day:

    Breakfast: Consume 5 saltine crackers along with 1 apple with a slice of cheddar.

    Lunch: Consume one hard boiled egg with 1 slice of toast

    Dinner: Consume 1 cup of tuna, 1 cup of carrots and melon and half cup of vanilla ice cream.

    Looking from a commoner point of view, we can see that these meals plan is actually a balanced meals plan. We have our piece of carbohydrates there from the regular consumption of the toast and saltine crackers. Our fat is supplied by Tuna which we consume everyday, the fat from fish is actually classified into good fat. Not mentioning another protein intake from meat, egg and beef franks. As those are not enough, we are required to gobble a lot of vegetables like cabbage, carrots and beans. Cabbage is actually a negative calories vegetable, so that will help burning down your calories. And those vegetables can act as diuretic while providing your body with vitamins. Our fruit is a little banana that gives us the potassium intake.

    Well looks like the 3 day diet is just promoting a balanced eating by putting a lot of emphasis on eating a lot of vegetables. Compare this 3 day diet into the diet that people are doing by stop consuming carbohydrates or protein, this 3 day diet is a lot healthier. In fact this 3 day diet reminds us about our body daily needs, which are vegetables, fruits, meat and carbohydrates.

    I am sure even our eating habit everyday cannot match the completeness of this diet. We used to take sweetened cereal or toast packed with jam in the morning, grab fast foods for lunch and again either eats frozen foods, we go and grab other fast foods. So I don’t see what’s wrong with this diet, with weight loss as a bonus. In fact by following this meals plan as guidelines we can live healthier and longer and also thinner!

    Source by Cherry Meal

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    Dirty Dancing: The Catskills Connection and Film Locations

    There is a very huge connection between the Catskills and the movie, Dirty Dancing. Enjoy the following information about people’s real-life experiences in the Catskills and the actual film locations used to capture the special quality of the Catskills.

    Dirty Dancing was actually filmed at two main locations – Mountain Lake Hotel in Virginia and Lake Lure Inn in North Carolina – that were seamlessly used together to represent the Catskills. It is said that the movie could not be made in the real Catskills due to budgetary constraints.

    Great lengths were taken to make the film appear as though it was made at one location. In reality, here is how the scenes were split up between the two main locations. Mountain Lake is the site where the Houseman family pulled up in their car to the main lodge, Johnny entered the dining room and told the college guy where to put the pickle, Penny crouched down crying on the floor in the corner of the kitchen, Baby and Johnny practiced their lift in the lake, Johnny danced with Vivian in the gazebo, and on and on. Now I must say that both the Virginia people and the N. Carolina people state that the famous lift scene was done on their turf.

    At Lake Lure Inn, scenes filmed include the interior dance scenes (of course the grand finale), the scene in which Johnny and Baby practice dancing on a log, Johnny’s cabin scene, Baby on the rock stairway scene, and the employee cottage scenes. Did you know that a third film location, Rumbling Bald Resort in North Carolina was used to shoot the golf course scene? The absolutely fantastic thing about all of this is that fans can still visit each of these three locations and get their Dirty Dancing fix. One can even stay in the very rooms that Jennifer Grey and Patrick Swayze inhabited during filming at the two main locations.

    Getting back to the original desired setting, the Catskills in 1963 is the backdrop for the story line of Dirty Dancing. The Catskills is a resort area less than two hours from New York City. The area has been affectionately nicknamed the “Borsch Belt” as in its heyday (20s through the 80s), there were more than five hundred resorts (plus many boarding houses and bungalow colonies) open where many Jewish families vacationed and many Jewish entertainers got their start and performed on a regular basis there. The vacationing region turned into a cultural entity that became a very special way of life. Many prominent people visited and performed at the resorts. Some of the performers included: Woody Allen, Pearl Bailey, Joey Bishop, Red Buttons, Sid Caesar, Rodney Dangerfield, Buddy Hackett, Mickey Katz – Jennifer Grey’s grandfather, Jackie Mason, Don Rickles, Nipsey Russell, and Henny Youngman. Sadly, there are only about twelve resorts still open.

    Eleanor Bergstein, the writer of Dirty Dancing, spent vacation time with her family (father was a physician) in the Catskills. It is very obvious that Ms. Bergstein captured the special time that took place in the Catskills heyday – the charm of a simpler, past time – and that is part of what makes Dirty Dancing so popular. It is interesting to note that Eleanor Bergstein used some of her other life experiences in the story line. For example, she was called Baby until about age twenty-one as she was the younger daughter. Also, she won dance contests as a teen and was an Arthur Murray dance instructor.

    Jackie Horner – a legendary dancer/entertainment icon who is still working as a dance/entertainment professional in the Catskills – states she was a story consultant for the movie (see special screen credit to Jackie Horner at end of movie credits). She reports many experiences that she and her Catskills dance partner, Steve Schwartz (known professionally in the Catskills as Steve Sands) lived are in the movie. For example, she reported to me (I was lucky enough to interview her regarding the movie) that the watermelon was spiked and she would take it to parties, and that Shelly Winters had brought up the idea of practicing lifts in the lake. Also, an interesting note is that Steve Schwartz (I was lucky to interview Steve as well) used to spend summers at the Catskills with his family before his father died and then he ended up professionally dancing there. He tells many stories about the “Babies,” “Bungalow Bunnies,” dance activities, and daily life in the Catskills.

    In conclusion, the Catskills connection is key to Dirty Dancing. There are a multitude of authentic experiences used from the Catskills heyday that help make this movie so popular and special. Moviegoers experience things as real and are taken back to a time when things were simpler.

    Link: The Patrick Swayze …

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    Cleaning Your Laptop Bag – 6 Easy Tips

    First impressions are important and our appearance is a big part of that first impression. For many of us our laptop case is part of our professional look and its care and maintenance can become a personal reflection. It only takes a few minutes to keep a leather laptop case looking like new, so try to work it into your weekly routine. Here are six quick tips for laptop bag care.

    1.Use a leather conditioner when you first purchase your leather laptop bag. Apply the conditioner after each cleaning. Lexol and Mother’s are both good brands of conditioner and cleaners. The first time you use any leather cleaner, try it on a small hidden area to make sure it is safe. This is especially important for colored and patterned cases.

    2.Wipe down your case with leather cleaner on a weekly basis. A regular laptop bag cleaning routine will prolong the life and look of your case. Try the pre-treated clothes, they are easy and convenient.

    3.Never use mink oil or saddle soap on your case. Only use products made specifically for cleaning leather.

    4.Avoid getting the case wet. Take extra care in rainy or snowy weather. Be careful not to set your leather case down on wet or snowy surfaces.

    5.Immediately clean spills. If something is spilled on the case, immediately clean off spot with a damp cloth and allow the clean laptop bag to dry in a well ventilated area.

    6.Do not use oils or lubricants on the latches, hinges and clasps. They can run and get into the case.

    If you follow these basic rules of laptop case care, you’re well on your way to always making a great first impression.

    Source by Joe Falcon

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    The Fall of Jerusalem 70 AD: Cannibal Lady Feeds on Baby’s Flesh

    The Jewish historian, Yosef bin Mattiyahu, better known to history as Flavius Josephus (c. 37-95 A.D.), in his “Antiquities of the Jews,” quoted extensively by the Church historian Eusebius of Caesaria (c. 265-369) in his “Historica Ecclesiastica” relates, in considerable detail, the Roman assault on Jerusalem in 70 A.D. His account includes a bizarre incident of cannibalism during the siege of Jerusalem by Roman troops.

    Josephus’ account is of great value to historians, having been an eyewitness. Josephus had fallen into Roman hands in the defense of Galilee (he had been a soldier and fought against the Romans in Galilee, a few years before the siege of Jerusalem commenced.) He was brought by the Romans to witness the siege.

    The Roman campaign in Palestine had begun with an uprising by Jewish militants in the countryside in 66 A.D. Roman troops under the command of Vespasian had been involved in a campaign against the militants in the countryside for some years before the siege on Jerusalem began.The Jewish religious community at Qumran was dislodged in 68 A.D. The war soon converged on Jerusalem in the Passover season of 70 A.D. As the Roman troops, now under the command of Vespasian’s son Titus closed in on Jerusalem hundreds of thousands of Jews from the surrounding country sought refuge in Jerusalem within its walls.

    Josephus estimated the number of Jews in Jerusalem at the Passover season 70 A.D. to have risen above 3 million. As the siege progressed famine set in. Armed bandits soon formed the habit of going from house to house in search of food, breaking down doors and confiscating food or anything of value for themselves. As the food scarcity intensified conditions got worse and order broke down completely in the besieged city as roving hordes of militants went totally berserk looting, killing and ransacking homes and confiscating all stores they could lay their hands on without caring about how their victims would survive.

    According to Josephus, the mad-dog behavior of the armed bandits caused great distress to ordinary people who began dying in great numbers in their homes and on the streets of starvation. In the midst of this hell was a certain woman Mary daughter of Eleazar of Bathezor, of distinguished and wealthy family upbringing. She had fled with other refugees from the her country home into Jerusalem in the spring of 70 A.D. before the advance of Roman troops. Everyone knew that she was wealthy, so she became a favorite victim of looters and miscreants who soon stripped her of everything in her possession. In the process she resisted vehemently trying often to hide her purchases, for she had money to buy food with. But the looters kept a watch on her and would thoroughly ransack her home as soon as they believed she had acquired new stores, leaving nothing for her. She soon grew weary of resisting and acquiring food for the benefit of looters. In secret she killed her suckling baby and roasted the flesh. The sweet odor of the roasted flesh attracted attention and her tormentors were on her again demanding that she give up her roast. Mary, by this time, apparently out of her mind in great distress told them coolly that she had prepared a feast for them and reserved the best part for their enjoyment. She led them to where the half-eaten remains of her baby were covered up and revealed to them the horrible sight. Even men who had become hardened by the horrors of the war were shocked and seized with fright at the sight of the roasted infant half consumed by its mother.

    “This is my own son,” she said to them. “The deed is mind. Eat, for I too have eaten. Be not more merciful than a woman, nor more compassionate than a mother. But if you are too pious and shrink from my sacrifice let the rest remain for me.” At these words, the men, terribly shaken, filed out of the room quietly. No one thought of depriving her of her latest store.

    Meanwhile the war escalated and survivors soon began heaving masses of dead bodies over the city walls into the valley below. So terrible was the sight of the trenches filled with bloated, oozing bodies that even the Roman commander Titus cried out at the sight calling out to God to witness that it was not his doing. Those who tried to escaped from the beleaguered city were taken by the Roman soldiers, whipped and tortured and then crucified alive before the walls of the city. Crucifixion beams sprang up one after the other into a forest of thousands of crucified bodies. Attacking Roman soldiers came upon of a group of about 6 000 women and children who had sought refuge in a part …

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    What Is an Outdoor Living Area? One Definition

    What is an outdoor living area? The easy answer is simple and very broad: it can be whatever the owner wants it to be, providing of course that it is outside and that a good deal of time is spent living in it. What are your wants and needs? How do you like to spend your time out-of-doors? These are the questions that will help develop your definition of an outdoor living area. For these reasons, my definition of an outdoor living area includes the following features:

    • a furnished patio, dining area and kitchen.
    • an activity area including a swimming pool and lounge area.
    • a well designed landscape and garden area to add ambiance.

    First and foremost, the key elements of an outdoor living area, like the inside of the home, include a kitchen, a dining area and a patio sitting area. When weather permits our family likes to cook, eat, relax and entertain outside; my wife and I like to have our friends over; our three teenage children like to have their friends over. Cooking, then, is important and takes place at all hours from morning until midnight. A good barbecue forms the center piece of any outdoor kitchen but an extra burner or two in some form also make life easier for the cook. An ample work surface with a chopping block or cutting board can further increase the cook’s pleasure time outside. Access to water, whether it be full outdoor plumbing or simply a hose hook-up or water dispenser, is yet another necessity. One more important feature is a means of keeping food and beverages cool and handy, either in a fridge or cooler on ice. An added bonus for me is a sit up counter area where friends can watch and keep me company while I cook. All of these features should be arranged to form an efficient working triangle just as they are indoors. Next, the kitchen should have easy access to the dining area. A dining table with seating to accommodate groups larger than just immediate family is a wise move if space permits. Once again, a bonus here would be outdoor storage space to hold patio dishes, flatware and linen. A chest or garden hutch could easily be adapted to fit this purpose. Finally an area to sit, relax, read, converse and even watch TV if possible is a lovely addition to any outdoor living area. Comfortable chairs, couches, side tables, a glider or porch swing and even a daybed can make this area cozy and inviting. Patio furniture can be purchased in a wide range of styles and materials to meet anyone’s taste and preference; my bias leans to cedar patio furniture.The goal here, ultimately, is to make the outdoor living area mirror the comfort and design of the indoors.

    In addition to eating, relaxing and entertaining outside, we also like to be active; thus my outdoor living area also includes a swimming pool and space for other activities. Pools come in three basic styles: in ground, on ground and above ground. In ground pools are by far the most expensive option but they also offer the greatest range of use and the best aesthetics. The pool is best placed where it can receive maximum sun, an aspect not so necessary in hotter climes perhaps but certainly so further north where summers are a bit shorter and less intense. Ample decking all around the pool is necessary for good traffic flow and for ease of cleaning and maintaining. I recommend two distinct patio areas be included in the pool deck design. One is an open area where lounge chairs or adirondacks can be placed for sun worshipers. The other should offer an escape from the sun in the form of a covered bar/sitting area or some form of pagoda or tiki hut. As a rule, people will stay by the pool longer if they can get out of the sun for a bit without deserting the entire area. A hot-tub spa or a sauna would be a pleasant addition as well, if for no other reason because they add a year-round drawing card to the patio. Additionally, if space allows I would set aside a relatively long but not needfully wide area for playing catch with a baseball or football, for shooting pucks or practising soccer kicks, or for pitching horseshoes, bocce, lawn bowling, whatever. Most yards can accommodate all, or at least some of these features to some degree; downsizing is preferable to omitting. The more options available, the more enjoyment can be taken.

    Finally, atmosphere and ambiance are vital to any outdoor living area; these elements can be created with a well designed garden and complimentary landscaping. The goal here is to set the mood for whatever activities occur, be …

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    Motorcycle Stunt Riding Facts and More

    Motorcycle stunt riding is a growing sport in the United Kingdom and the United States. However, United States law prohibits “stunting” motorcycles on public roads and it can even get you in jail quickly.

    If you’re buying a second-hand motorcycle, check if the bike has been stunted. Check for flat spots on the front tire which shows you that the bike has done some wheelies and also check for scratches which could have resulted from a crash. Stunting can trash engines, transmissions and the suspension, so beware unless you intend to use your bikes in the same way, as a stunt bike.

    Robert Craig Knievel, Jr. is probably the most famous American motorcycle daredevil. Now considered as both an icon and a legend, he started his career as an entertainer somewhere in the late 1960s. He performed numerous motorcycle jumps which are televised in the entire country. His attempt to jump the Snake River Canyon located at Twin Falls, Idaho back in 1974 was among the most watched (it ranks number 4) event in ABC’s Wide World of Sports up until this date. He died last year, November 30 at age 69.

    Some Motorcycle Stunts & Drill Teams in the US include the South Florida Bike Crew, D-Aces Stunt Riders Motorcycle Team (Wasau, Wisconsin), TenNinety6 (Kalamazoo, MI) and the Hardly Angels (a Women’s Motorcycle Drill Team).

    Bob Duffey, a professional Motorcycle Jumper was dubbed as “The Fastest Man on Two Wheels Backwards”. He’s got an ET of 11.71 seconds and a trap speed of 122 mph. The man is untouched on the dragstrip riding backwards. This record was done on a 1979 stock Kawasaki Z1R-TC, his favorite bike, at an IDBA (International Drag Bike Association) sanctioned event.

    Debbie Evans – The Queen of Trials was the first woman to successfully ride in the US Trials during the late 1970s and is generally considered as the best female rider in the history of the sport.

    Australian Robbie Maddison now holds the record for the “Longest Motorcycle Jump”. He broke it earlier in January this year at an exhibition event sponsored by a big hotel. He leapt 322 feet, 7 inches (98.34 meters) totally and ended up smashing the Guinness World Record of 277 feet, 6 inches (84.58 meters) set in 2005 by Trigger Gumm.

    Perhaps the most widely known sport bike motorcycle stunt is the “wheelie”. It is a trick where the front wheel or wheels come off the ground and the vehicle is balanced on the rear wheel or wheels.

    Other Popular Bike Stunts include the handstand (The rider does a handstand on a moving motorcycle), the Endo (a stunt which lifts the motorcycle’s rear tire off the ground while balancing the bike on the front wheel or wheels while still rolling), the Stoppie (stopping a moving motorcycle, so the rear wheel is raised in the air while the machine is balanced on the front tire and comes to a complete stop), 12 O’ Clock Wheelie (a kind of wheelie that is straight up and the rider scratches the tail of the motorcycle on the street), Circle Wheelie (wheelie while driving in a circular motion), and Combo Wheelie (a wheelie that features multiple rider maneuvers while on one wheel).

    A full range of protective gear should be worn when attempting a stunt in a high powered motorcycle. Some popular brands include Alpinestars, Teknic, Icon, Sidi and Joe Rocket whilst Arai, Bell, AGV, KBC, Icon, Shoei and Suomy are some of the popular helmet brands.

    Source by Nail Khazen