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    How Affiliate Marketing Works – A Step By Step Guide For Beginners

    Looking to make an income online? Got a computer / laptop and an Internet connection? Then Affiliate Marketing could be the simplest and quickest path to fulfilling your dream.

    Here, you’ll discover the 6 simple steps that will take you from complete beginner to Affiliate Marketer in as little as 48 hours.


    Affiliate marketing is a performance-based marketing system where a product vendor pays an “affiliate” a commission when someone buys their product. That “someone” having been referred to the vendor by the “affiliate.”

    And it all happens online: You have a web presence, usually a website, that you attract like-minded visitors to, where you “warm them up” to the idea that the product you’re promoting (as an affiliate) is the perfect answer to their pressing problem or need.

    That “product” could be physical (books, CDs, DVDs, clothing, jewelry, natural medicines, etc.) or digital (e-books, e-reports, software, online courses / trainings, etc.).

    When your visitor clicks on your affiliate link (on your site) they are redirected to the vendor’s site, where the vendor will close the sale; a lot easier after you’ve warmed them up! When your site visitor buys the vendor’s product you get paid a commission.

    For example, if the product cost $100 and you get, say, 50% commission, you’ll get paid $50! And all for, basically, introducing someone with a pressing problem or need to someone who can fix that problem.

    Affiliate marketing is ideal for beginners starting out online as it has a very low barrier to entry: it’s a very simple process that doesn’t need any particular technical skills, you don’t have to have your own product, and it doesn’t cost the earth to get started. In fact, you can get going for less than $20!

    And, you don’t have to do selling, or fulfillment, or keep stock, or deal with payment systems, and you don’t have to deal with customers; the vendor does that.

    All YOU need is an Internet connection and a computer / laptop and you’re good to go.


    Because affiliate marketing is so profitable for both affiliate and vendor, over the years many “affiliate networks” have sprung up to help both affiliates and vendors manage their affairs much more efficiently and easily.

    Vendors can attract affiliates by advertising their products on these networks and affiliates can easily find products to promote. Once an affiliate decides to promote a certain product the network assigns an affiliate link / ID so that sales of that product can be linked back to the affiliate.

    The affiliate network also takes on responsibility for managing the flow of money between vendor and affiliate either by electronic transfer or check. It also charges a small fee to both vendor and affiliate for the service.

    There are many affiliate networks to choose from, but a beginner to affiliate marketing can easily get started with “ClickBank” and / or “Amazon.”


    1. Choose Your Niche and Product

    The first step is to decide which niche you wish to operate in. A “niche” is a group of people with very similar interests, e.g. gout sufferers, broken relationships, looking for car insurance, how to make money online, etc. But, of course, it also has to have proven “buyers” in it in order to make money.

    So how do you find a profitable niche with lots of profitable products you can promote?

    A very quick way to do this is to search affiliate networks for niches that have several products that their stats tell you are selling well. If there are lots of products that are selling well, you now know that the niche is a profitable one, and, the buyers in that niche like those products.

    In other words, there’s no second guessing; you know for a fact that you can make money in that niche and you know for a fact which products are successful, unlike if you had to develop your own product!

    Once you’re happy with a product, you sign-up as an affiliate for it and are given a unique link that you place on your website. When a visitor clicks on that link they go to the vendor’s sales page where, if they buy, you get paid the commission assigned to that product.

    2. Get Your Domain Name

    Before you setup your website you need to get a domain name based around your niche. For example, fastgoutcure.com, weightlossforseniors.com. Get the idea? This will become your website “address.”

    Two of the most popular domain registrars are “GoDaddy” and “NameCheap.”

    3. Get Hosting

    Next, you need to get hosting for your website. This is where all your website files will be stored and secured. When someone enters your domain name in their browser they will be directed to your …

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    Importance of Picture Frames

    Memories are the returns that one gets out of the investment strategies made in lifestyle. They add to the collection of life and make it value living. They not only act as a comfort to the struggling and hassled thoughts but also add to the wealth of the experience, that one accumulates while spanning the grounds of life. The good times and experiences add to the happy moments while the not so happy ones contribute to learning the precious lesson of lifestyle. Whenever you take a picture of yours or your family members or whenever you are done with an awesome painting; you definitely feel to secure it and show it in an attractive way. Taken as a whole the memories are too unique to be kept aside revealed to carelessness. The importance of picture frames thereby hardly require any unique discuss.

    A photo frame gives creative reliability to your time and effort, and focuses on shades, features and the position where the picture was taken. A great picture drops its worth if put in a nasty structure purchased at the flea market. A photo frame style is simple with no decoration. These supports have clean lines in a mix of shades from primary black frames to bold, stunning shades like lemon, sea red or olive natural. Frames are available in a wide range of dimensions and absolute depths so you can not only frame pictures, but also art work or collectible items like embroidering items, petite shoelaces or excellent pottery clothing. Picture frame is a great way to make a statement on your walls. They are fashionable and will give each image an exclusive look. If you want your image walls to look expertly designed, frames are the way to go. These are a few reasons why frames are so hot, and their reputation is sure to last for many years.

    It is a difficult task to discover the right gift for the person you really like, picture frames are one of those ideal gifts in almost every possible scenario. If you are one of those people who have complications finding a right gift for an individual you really like, then you are one the right position. Enough here we are at purchasing gift is nearing, and we all will find ourselves in a challenging situation to discover just the right gift. We all want our gifts to be excellent and to take a breathing away and to appeal the person to whom they are intended for. One of the possible and simultaneously good alternatives is to buy this frame. There are several factors and reason why these are fantastic gifts.

    Whether you choose metal photo frames or wood ones, it’s important to use high quality creating and mats resources that have been handled with an alkaline eliminating agent so as to secure the artifact from level of acidity. Pay attention to the clinging, increasing and mats, and the picture frame will provide their designed features well for many years.

    Source by John E Krawczyk

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    Wallace Nutting Hand – Colored Photographs

    Wallace Nutting sold more hand-colored photographs during America’s 1900-1940 “Golden Age of Hand-Colored Photography” than any other photographer of his time. It is estimated that between 5,000,000-10,000,000 of his pictures decorated the walls of middle class American homes during the early 20th century. Why was Wallace Nutting so successful? And why are his pictures still being widely collected today? This article represents a basic introduction into the world of Wallace Nutting Pictures.

    It was shortly after 1900 that Wallace Nutting retired from the ministry due to ill health (he was a Congregational Minister in Providence RI at the time). As part of his recovery, he began touring the New England countryside by carriage or car, taking photographs of rural New England. Nutting was one of the first to recognize that the American scene was changing. Industrialization was altering the way our country looked and our pure and picturesque landscape would never look the same again. He seemed to feel it his divine calling to record the beauty of America for future generations.

    Beginning first in Vermont, then Massachusetts and Connecticut, and eventually throughout the rest of New England, Nutting began photographing country lanes, streams, rivers, lakes, orchards, blossoms, birches, and mountains. Wallace Nutting would take the photograph, assign a title, and instruct his colorists how it should be hand-tinted. Each picture that met Nutting’s high standards of color, composition, and taste would be affixed to its matting and signed by his employees with the distinctive “Wallace Nutting” name. (He hardly ever signed any pictures by himself). Those pictures that did not meet his strict standards were destroyed. Beginning first with outdoor (Exterior) scenes in New England, Nutting eventually traveled throughout the United States and Europe, taking photographs in 26 states and 17 foreign countries between 1900-1935. Overall, he took more than 50,000 pictures, 10,000 of which he felt met his high standards. The balance were destroyed.

    It was around 1905 that Nutting began taking his first indoor (Interior) pictures. Supposedly one day while it was raining outside, Mrs. Nutting suggested that he take a more “Personable” picture indoors. So, he set up a colonial scene, near a kitchen hearth, had an employee dress up in a colonial fashion, and took several different pictures. These sold relatively easily which encouraged him to expand more into this area. Nutting’s love of antiques, his passion for the pilgrim period, and his unquestionable desire to turn a profit led him to eventually purchase and restore five colonial homes:

    • Webb House, Wethersfield, CT
    • Wentworth-Gardner House, Portsmouth, NH
    • Cutler-Bartlett House, Newburyport, MA
    • Hazen-Garrison House, Haverhill, MA
    • Saugus Iron Works (Broadhearth), Saugus, MA

    Nutting purchased these homes because he felt each represented a different period of early colonial American style and taste. It was here, along with his own homes Nuttinghame (Southbury, CT) and Nuttingholme (Framingham, MA), that the majority of his Interior pictures were taken. Nutting’s desire to provide the most correct and appropriate settings for his Interior scenes led him in his quest to gather one of the best collections of early American furniture ever assembled. He would use the best examples of early American furniture in his Interior scenes and, when he couldn’t find it, he would reproduce it. (We’ll focus on his reproduction furniture in a subsequent article).

    Working in Southbury CT from 1905-12, and then in Framingham MA from 1912 until his death in 1941, Nutting sold literally millions of his hand-colored photographs. He claims to have sold around 10,000,000 pictures although, knowing his habit of exaggeration, that number is probably somewhat high.

    Whatever the true number, it was large. Wallace Nutting pictures were sometimes called “poor man’s prints“. Sold throughout the first quarter of the 20th century, well before the invention of color photography, these pictures initially sold literally for pennies. His market was primarily the middle and lower middle classes…those households which could not afford finer forms of art. Because of their low price, Wallace Nutting pictures were purchased in large numbers. By 1925, hardly an American middle-class household was without one as they were purchased as gifts for weddings, showers, Christmas, birthdays, and for just about any other reason imaginable.

    Nutting sold many pictures directly through his studios where he also provided his own framing services. But he also sold his pictures through many other outlets as well: department stores, drug stores, and gift shops, all around the country. He even had full-time salesmen on the road whose sole job was to sell his pictures to these retail establishments. Salesmen whom, he claims, sold enough pictures to retire quite handsomely themselves.

    The height of Wallace Nutting picture popularity was 1915-25. During this time Nutting had nearly 100 colorists in his employment, along with …

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    Top 23 Free Music Streaming Online Sites

    Music is life. It inspires, elevates, changes moods and has the power to bring out the best in us. Without music, the world would make not very much meaning. There are many ways to access and listen to music, especially in the modern world.

    Advancement in technology has made it very easy for us to access music on the go, online, via different mediums like smartphones, tablets, and mobile phones. If you want to enjoy unlimited access to great music that will cost you no money, here are the top 23 sites.


    With over 20 million song options, there is hardly any site that can beat Spotify when it comes to delivering quality music to the masses free. Users can open the site and listen to any music on their desktop, laptop, tablet and Apple devices.

    iHeart Radio

    This site is about one of the best online music site that does not have any paid subscription options whatsoever. With over 18 million songs, 4,500 artists and 1,500 live radio, this site offer the best options for all types of music lovers.

    The Sixty One

    If you are one of those people that believe that there are great songs that are unpopular, you would love this free music streaming site. They select great songs that have not been heard and put them in the limelight.


    This free music sharing and streaming site offer something unique that benefits both the artist and the users. Artists can post their songs, while users can listen to the songs, add comments and support the songs.


    This site offers music lovers the opportunity to search for thousands of music in different genre and categories, play the songs or play a collection of songs altogether. It is an excellent place to discover great music.


    There are very few online sites that can offer users the opportunity to find great music, talented artists and exceptional bands than Last.fm. Users can also use the website’s radio option to locate fresh music.


    This site is like an online radio station where you can find different types of songs, but with a little difference. During sign up, users are made to provide details of their favorite music genre, and Pandora will automatically forward them songs that relate to their interest.

    iTunes Radio

    Apple’s premier online music streaming channel needs no introduction. Users are given access to over 25 million songs; they can play on their Mac and other iOS devices. The site updates every day with great new songs.


    Step into the world of unlimited music with SoundCloud collection of music supplied by the most creative talents on the planet. The site’s uniqueness is attributed to its unique features, compatibility, and ability to share on social media.


    The RDIO model offers music lovers something extra unique among other sites. Users can listen to their favorite song or album, create a playlist, and listen to songs on multiple platforms like Android, Windows, and iOS.

    Slacker Radio

    Listen to all your favorite songs without any need to download on the Slacker Radio Platform. Users have access to more than 10 million songs they can play at any time and any day.


    Listen to songs, find talented bands, get music information, all free at the Di.fm online music streaming site. It is loaded with cool features that enable you to choose songs based on categories like years of releases and genre.


    There are very few free online music streaming sites that can beat Grooveshark. Users are given the opportunity to explore cool features like unlimited streaming, social integration, folders and music selection options.

    YouTube Disco

    Although not very well known, this website offer users with the opportunity to search songs and playlists. You can also find your favorite artists, and use it online without any need for downloading.

    Amazon Cloud play

    With this free online streaming platform, music lovers can upload the playlist they already have and listen to them at any time. Also, when you purchase any songs on the Amazon, cloudplay automatically adds it to your playlist.


    This search engine offers something unique for music lovers. With TubeRadio, users can search for any songs and will be presented with a list they can choose. The site relies on YouTube to find and display the songs you’re searching.


    Internet radio is a phenomenon and live 365 has come to make the magic even more realistic. The website allows users to find online radio where they can listen to their favorite songs, from different parts of the world.


    The playlist has gone to another level thanks to 8track’s innovative style. Anyone can sign up on the site, select eight tracks and share it. If you like the playlist, you can follow the …

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    Art is a Reflection on Society – A Perspective

    Art has always been a reflection of the emotions, personal struggle, and the path breaking events of a contemporary society. When a society demands or undergoes a change, art has mostly subtly complied with it. The Oxford Dictionary describes art as “the quality, production, expression, or realm, according to aesthetic principles, of what is beautiful, appealing, or of more than ordinary significance.” In effect, art definitely is an expressive platform for individuals, groups, as well as society, especially the radical changes or events witnessed thereof. It usually depicts the current or a particular scenario in the purview of the political situation, economic, social, geographical, the emotions spun therein, the undertones of revolutions, and uprising, to name just some.

    If we go periodical about discussing art as a reflection of society, then we begin from the most ancient. The ‘Prehistoric Art’ consisted of paintings on the rocks and caves, which symbolized their routine lifestyles and rituals. The paintings were therefore, an evidence of their culture, which helped historians derive information about the life, culture, and the civilization of this era. The famous ‘Indus Valley’ or ‘Harappa,’ ‘Greek,’ and ‘Egyptian’ civilizations, especially had prolific artistry, including sculpture, architecture, paintings, engravings, and metal art.

    In fact, the most we know about these amazingly rich civilizations, is credited to their narrative artifacts and buildings only. For instance, the ‘Egyptian Civilization’ believed in life after death. The society therefore, had a strong spiritual framework, concentrating more on the human journey after death. They believed in immortality and worshipped many deities, a fact distilled from the paintings adorning the walls of the great Pyramids. The Greek Civilization however, was more emphatic about the human form, its poise, and beauty, reflecting mostly on the attires, body languages, hairstyles, and cultures prevailing over different periods.

    Creativity adopted the sects of ‘Art Movement’ to depict the realities of a contemporary society, vis-à-vis, its stable fabric, regularly changing aspects, and even revolutions. The impact of the contemporary socio-political scenario has also always been portrayed. For instance, before the First World War, Paris used to bustle with great political activity. This restlessness somewhere influenced the development of ‘Cubism’ by Pablo Picasso and Georges Braque. ‘Cubism’ involved the depiction of a particular subject from multiple angles, a practically prevalent situation then. The artistry turned mysterious in essence, to manifest the hatching of diverse political conspiracies in Paris at that time.

    Expressionism’ was another art form developed, when the society was undergoing transitions at different levels, including creative. There was a revolt against the traditional outlook towards art. A modern approach was adopted. The ‘Modern Art’ was a blend of ‘Abstract Realism,’ in which the subject was distorted to depict its reality and emotional upheaval. The colors in the paintings have nearly always portrayed the true emotions of the subject, the event, or the mood of the artists.

    To conclude, we can say that art may always not be beautiful aesthetically or comprehensible to all. It however, should be powerful enough to portray the current emotions of the society, including exposing harsh and subtle truths, while also encouraging the betterments. The only constant in the world is change. In tune, societies metamorphose through different annals of time and art helps capture the resulting twists and turns in the contemporary culture and lifestyle.

    Source by Annette Labedzki

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    Humanitarianism – A Recurring Theme in Michael Jackson’s Music and Videos

    Humanitarianism, as strung from the strings of Michael Jackson’s heart, became a recurring theme in his lyrics, his videos and his public persona. Jackson’s songs such as “We Are The World”, “Man In The Mirror” and “Heal The World” convey his interest in humanitarianism, equality and world peace.

    In 1985, Jackson co-writes with Lionel Richie, “We Are The World”, which is released worldwide to aid the poor in Africa and the US. Blessed with clever promotion and merchandising WATW is eventually named the biggest selling single of all time. To date, it has sold over 20 million units and raised over $63 million for famine relief.

    “Heal the World” is a song from Michael Jackson’s hit album, Dangerous, released in 1991. The song’s music video features children living in countries suffering from unrest. He performs his hit single in the Super Bowl XXVII halftime show with a 35,000 person flash card performance.

    He then creates the Heal The World Foundation, a charitable organization designed to improve the lives of children. The organization is also meant to teach children how to help others. This concept of “betterment for all” would become a centerpiece for his Dangerous World Tour.

    Jackson’s videos, like his songs, are also well received. His “Man in the Mirror” video offers a montage of footage from various major news events such as the John F. Kennedy and Robert Kennedy shootings, Live Aid, Farm Aid, and notable people including Martin Luther King, Lech Walesa, Mother Teresa, Desmond Tutu …. All the profits from his “Man in the Mirror” single goes to charity.

    As with “Man In The Mirror” and “Heal The World”, his song “Cry” reminds us of all the problems in the world. It discusses issues and subjects of war, loneliness, lying, changing the world, depression, suicide, miracles, and faith; it also suggests if everyone pulls together as one, we can all make a change to the world.

    However in “Scream”, “Tabloid Junkie”, and “You Are Not Alone”, Jackson directs much of his anger and personal hurt at the media. While in his ballad “Gone Too Soon”, he gives tribute to his young friend Ryan White and the plight of those with aids.

    As a response to the September 11, 2001 attacks, Jackson helps organize the United We Stand: What More Can I Give Benefit concert at RFK Stadium in Washington, D.C. The concert, which supports those who loss family members or love ones during the attacks, airs on October 21, 2001 and includes performances from dozens of major artists including Jackson, who performs his song, “What More Can I Give” as the finale.

    Given the recurrence of humanitarian and socially conscious themes in Michael Jackson’s body of work, “Earth Song”, a ballad that incorporates elements of blues, gospel and opera, is the first that overtly deals with the environment and animal welfare. Showing images of animal cruelty, deforestation, pollution and war, the video centers around the destruction and rebirth of earth.

    Like so many of Jackson’s songs of charity, equality and world peace, “Earth Song” goes on to receive a Grammy nomination.

    Source by Larry T Carter

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    Drop Coating Metallic Auto Body Paint

    Drop coating is an important skill that every auto body paint sprayer should aspire to master. Drop coats are administered during the last phase of the spraying process when metallic paints are used. When applied to an auto body panel correctly, drop coats offer full color coverage, perfect metallic content distribution and a better paint base that can accept lacquers with ease.

    Applying Metallic Paint

    Drop coating should be used with all metallic auto paints. Many paint sprayers apply metallic base coats using the same methods with which they apply solid colors, and this is a common error that compromises an otherwise perfect job. While horizontal arm movements are perfect for most solid color spray jobs, metallic auto body paint should be dropped onto the panel as soon as basic coverage has been achieved, and it is equally as important to cross coat the final application in horizontal and vertical directions.

    Ensuring Uniform Paint Coverage

    Before drop coats can be applied, the prepared car panel must be adequately covered with metallic auto body paint to help avoid primer transparency. Once the color is activated, a full wet coat of paint should be sprayed to the surface of the panel. It is essential that each horizontal spraying movement blends into the previous one to guarantee uniform coverage and distribution (overlaps of 30% to 40% are perfect). As soon as a single we coat has been applied, the auto body paint must be left to dry for around 10 minutes. Never spray a second coat until the first one has achieved a matte appearance.

    Applying a Second Coat of Metallic Paint

    Personally, I like to spray the next coat of paint in a different direction to the first, especially when the panel has been taken off the car. Sometimes, this isn’t possible on vertical panels, such as fenders and doors, if they are still fitted to the vehicle so don’t be too concerned if you are happier using a typical horizontal spraying pattern. The second application must be sprayed in a similar manner to the first coat, but try to achieve 80% wetness in comparison to the earlier application. Once more, the auto body paint must be left to dry for around 10 minutes until matte.

    Applying the Drop Coat

    If the metallic paint is still transparent, an additional coat may be required but this won’t be necessary in most cases. To spray the actual drop coat, position the spray gun 18 to 24 inches away from the surface of the panel and reduce gun pressure by 20% to 30%. Spray the auto body paint horizontally, moving the arm slowly across the panel so the metallic color drops (or falls) onto the surface. Maintain uniform coverage until the spraying process is complete. Recoat the panel from a similar distance straight away, but swap the horizontal movements for a vertical direction so the subsequent coat crosses the first. As well as guaranteeing even paint coverage, crossing the drop coat offers uniform metal distribution and a superior surface that will accept lacquer correctly.

    Tacking the Drop Coat

    Allow the drop coat to dry before visually inspecting the metallic auto body paint. Check for patches where coverage might be inconsistent and spray a further drop coat if necessary. With solvent-based auto body paint, it is always a good idea to run a tack rag over the vehicle panel as soon as the drop coat has dried. Specialist tack rags can be purchased for water-based auto body paint, but it is preferable to waive the tacking process as high paint build-up can peel back the color and this can lead to frustrating rework.

    Source by Paul J. Mitchell

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    Card Games to Play Alone

    One of the greatest things about card games is that you do not need anyone else to play a great game. There are a range of card games that you can play alone. All you need is a simple pack of cards and you can keep yourself busy for hours playing classic solitary card games.

    The most popular one person card game is solitaire. There are many different versions of solitaire. You can easily play any of them with a deck of cards. Most people know the simple version of Solitaire. It is a classic game that is often passed down through families as older members teach younger members of the family how to play.

    The classic solitaire game is played by laying out rows of cards. You then have to use the remaining deck to try to clear all the cards. You must match cards by color and suit to make a sequence of cards ranging from the ace to the king. It may seem simple, but anyone can tell you that winning a game of solitaire can be challenging.

    In the different variations of solitaire, the main differences usually are in the lay outs of the spread. Most versions still following the general matching rules of the classic game. Some have special rules or may match the cards differently.

    Free Cell is a version of solitaire where all the cards are laid out from the start into piles of all cards face up. You are given 4 free cells where you can place cards that you need to move. The object is still to match cards, alternating colors, following in order from ace to king. This is often considered one of the harder versions of the game.

    Many of the newer solitaire games are now available on computer. This allows you to play without even the need for a deck of cards. You do not need to know the layout because the computer games do it all for you. You can easily learn how to play new games since the computer games are often made to make learning the game simple.

    Playing card games by yourself is a great way to kill time. Plus you do not have to find someone to play with. You can put together a solitaire game and play all day. You’d probably be surprised at just how fun solitaire can be. Most people think it would be boring, but once you get started you get drawn into the challenge of trying to win. Most solitaire games are very challenging and winning is not easy at all.

    Solitaire card games allow you to have a fun time using just a deck of cards. No matter where you are you can put together a game to entertain yourself. With all the different variations you can spend a lot of time trying to figure out how to win them all. In addition, your brain gets a nice workout from trying to solve the game. All around, playing card games all by yourself is something that is fun and educational.

    Source by Martha Curry

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    How to Take a Relationship One Day at a Time

    The most probable advice you can get is to take your relationship one day at a time. This is quite understandable when you get to realize that great things always start small and just like the acorn grows to become a mighty oak tree in due process of time, your love relationship or affair must also wait out its own time to develop and grow to become what you expect it to be- a loving, romantic, enjoyable, resourceful and fulfilling one.

    This is one secret to building and maintaining a healthy love affair or relationship with the opposite sex.

    Even though we are all in a world where we want anything and everything NOW, quick fixes, in an instant and immediately without any delay… you must learn to give your relationship time to grow today if you are to reap the rewards and benefits for a long time to come in the future.

    How do you take your relationship one day at a time?

    1. Organization and Discipline. Both of you must introduce order into the way you manage your relationship and grow your affection in addition to the love and friendship you share together.

    This does not in any way presuppose that you must become rigid at all. Introduce some fun and zest into the things you do as you get to relate and interact with each other.

    Take time out to enjoy the journey and the process of making your relationship work.

    2. Know One Another. Make out time and create the opportunity to know your lover, boyfriend, girlfriend, partner or Spouse and also get to be known. Understanding one another matters greatly.

    There is a need to discover how your friend who you are involved with in your relationship or love affair ‘ticks’. Share your personal dreams, goals, life’s ambitions, etc and of course your expectations over your relationship together.

    3. Committed Work. Investments of time, money, knowledge, talents, and other valuable resources is a must if you are to enjoy your relationship and watch it grow and blossom to your heart’s delight.

    The place of engaging in committed work and giving sacrificially by the application of your Self in order to build a healthy relationship helps greatly.

    4. Understand What a Relationship is. It is all about your partner and you, your emotions, your life’s goals, your resources, cooperation and teamwork to mention a few.

    Disappointing as this might read, a lot of boys and girls, guys and ladies, men and women who are involved in a love relationship or are having an affair DO NOT really comprehend what a relationship is all about.

    This is one reason why breakups and separation, divorce and single parenting is on the increase today. You must be mature, responsible and accountable to get involved in an affair or consider going in to a relationship at all.

    Above all, you must realize that there is no love relationship that is immune to crisis, troubles or breakup. As such, you need to master your emotions greatly and keep it under check.

    This also contributes to the need to take your relationship one day at a time. Get to know one another and do not rush things or be in haste. Also, you can break down some of the tips shared above into smaller processes, tasks or assignments which both of you can jointly undertake.

    All that have been shared above are for your consideration and digest and should provide some useful tips and insights into what is required of you in your relationship if your desire is to build it up one day at a time or you are just starting out newly in a love relationship or an affair with that special someone.

    Source by Tosin Ajibowo

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    How to Become a Singer in Dubai

    How to become a singer in Dubai Guide

    Dubai is a fantastic location in the Middle East, rich with prosperity and opportunity for new and existing businesses to thrive. Dubai is also a prime location for entertainers and singers to perform and succeed in a full time career in the art to which they love.

    But what does it take to become a singer in Dubai and what should you know as an entertainer seeking to break out into the Dubai entertainment industry?

    As a professional singer and performer in Dubai, I have put together what I have discovered and learnt throughout my journey and experienced whilst entertaining in the UAE.

    Before we start, I would like to point out that I am not just a nobody. I have been a professional singer and entertainer worldwide who has finally settled down in the beautiful city of Dubai. Dubai has some of the most fantastic restaurants, beaches and most importantly entertainment.

    Awash with restaurants, hotels, nightclubs and entertainment venues there has never been such a great location for entertainers, bands and singers to achieve they’re full potential.

    To ensure that you have the best chance of success in the UAE with your singing career then follow these simple steps below:

    Create a promotional CD

    All entertainment venues and agencies will want to hear your voice before they book you. Creating a CD of 5 to 10 tracks will be enough for them to make an educated decision before signing you up.

    Dubai has numerous recording studios located inside and surrounding the city in places such as Deira, Downtown and Abu Dhabi.

    Make sure that you have a broad selection of various genres so that you are open to more opportunities and venues.

    Get professional photographs

    There is nothing worse than being empty handed when an agency or venue requests some professional photographs.

    Hire a photographer to take a selection of pictures in hi-resolution to be used in any promotion, web sites and social media.

    Get on social media

    It is important that you start creating a following as soon as possible. Create fan pages on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Twitter where people can find you and watch any of your live performances. Allow your fans to share and comment to get maximum outreach.

    Be sure to reply to comments and announce any future performance dates. Remember that venues need to be filled to ensure that you keep singing there!

    Print some business cards

    Another highly embarrassing and unprofessional occasion is when a potential client or venue asks for your business card and you don’t have any to hand them.

    You will find that business cards are still extremely popular in the UAE. This maybe due to the multicultural population of Dubai and the UAE. A good company that offers affordable business card printing are DESCO.

    Having a professional and attractive business card is the quickest way to get your contact details into the right hands and generate some business.

    Be sure to have the following information printed on the business cards:

    · Make it clear what you are offering

    · Your Name

    · Contact Numbers

    · Email Address

    · Website Address

    Build a website

    I have been asked by countless agencies if I had a website which they can use to direct their clients to. Having an online portfolio is fast becoming the future for many entertainers.

    Your website should look professional in it’s appearance, be easy to navigate and locate information, have your tracks embedded or linked to and have professional images.

    Including any video on your website of live performances is also a powerful advertising tool.

    Visit venues

    Get dressed up and put your best shoes on! Time to get out there and start visiting venues to drum up some business.

    Simply visiting restaurants, bars, golf clubs and nightclubs is a great start. Ask to meet with the entertainment manager at each venue.

    It’s always wise to call the venue prior to visiting to ensure that the person you need to speak to are present when you plan to visit them.

    Register with an agency or entertainment company

    This really goes without saying but it is surprising that when I meet other singers who are just starting out, they tell me they have yet to do this.

    The benefits of registering with an entertainment agency in Dubai, is that they can find additional work for you in the region. Some of the work maybe one-off and temporary yet it still creates revenue for you. More to the point that you can make more money from one-off gigs than a regular residency gig. (crazy right?)


    Networking in any business venture has always been critical to success. In the entertainment industry of the UAE it is no different. It is …

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    Western Painting – Pluralism – The Multiplied Art

    Pluralism – The Concept
    Pluralism is a general term, denoting the variety of accepted points of view or conventions, related to a subject or a period. Pluralism, in painting, imprints an eon on art scene, which is not specifically identified by a particular genus. The earlier eras in painting have been characterized by some underlining philosophies, where one artistic mode followed the other, in succession. For instance, Medieval Painting was succeeded by Renaissance and Baroque Painting styles, in series. Similarly, Post-Impressionism followed Impressionism, and so on. However, the twenty-first century art is distinct, owing to the openness of form and style, so much so that various genres coexist on the same ground. Pluralism symbolizes the present art scene, in effect, with its multiplicity of style. The styles of painting in the twenty-first century range from simplistic Abstract forms to core Realism.

    The History
    Pluralism began taking roots in the post World War II period, but actualized more prominently around late 1960s and mid 1970s. This phase can be regarded as the time of the institutionalization of Pluralism in true sense. During this phase, artists tried breaking free from the philosophy of rebellion against the previous movements as a foundation of new & contemporary art forms. Instead, the painters preferred to embrace the earlier and newer styles to create eclectic mixes. Pluralism came as a 'revival' of more elaborate works from the abstract sects like Color Field. The simplistic forms are based on the theory that there can be no further simplification possible in the structural design.

    The Correlations
    As the art community started considering the end of art as a testonomy of historical developments, the painters shifted their focus to the classic art and modern methodologies, at the same time. Pluralism established itself as the simultaneous existence of Pop art, Minimalism, Photorealism, Conceptual art, and Pattern painting, especially in the SoHo district of New York. However, with time, more styles kept coming in, such as Hard-edged painting, Collage, Shaped canvas painting, Lyrical Abstraction, Expressionism, Neo-Expressionism, Digital painting, Monochrome painting, Intermedia painting, Graffiti, Portrait, Mural, Abstract Figurative , and so on.

    The Controversy
    The main argument cited against Pluralism in art is that these works lack the 'artistic' discipline of the genre paintings. The artists do not make conscious efforts to add imaginative excellence to their art. On the contrary, their focus is guided primarily towards the commercial success of their body of works. The admirers, in turn, are short in the judgment of refinement and aesthetics in art. The critiques complain that in the quest of creative assortment, Pluralism leads to degradation in the overall quality.

    Source by Annette Labedzki

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    Six Key Factors in Successful Teams

    We all know that teams have the potential to achieve great things for organisations. At the same time, this is by no means guaranteed. So what are the six key factors in any successful team?

    Factor 1: Skills

    If a team is to succeed, it needs to have the right skills, qualities and attributes. In many ways, a team is like the perfect cake. It requires the skills, qualities and attributes to be effectively brought together to deliver the perfect result.

    Factor 2: High levels of trust

    A team without trust will never achieve anything. At the same time, it is important to recognise that having high levels of trust does not happen overnight. In my experience, one of the easiest ways of creating trust is to let each other know that you can be counted on by delivering consistently on what you have agreed to do.

    Factor 3: Mutual accountability

    When individuals on teams need to account to each other for what they have done to progress what they agreed to do, things happen much quicker. In truth, most of us, once we have committed to something, are more likely to do it if we know we are going to have to report back to the team.

    Factor 4: A results focus

    At the end of the day, a team exists to deliver results and it is key to keep the focus of the team on the end result. It is easy, especially when the going gets tough, to lose sight of the results and get lost in activities that distract.

    Factor 5: Optimism

    When a team is faced with a challenge, it is easy to fall into a downward spiral. Successful teams on the other hand will generally be optimistic and recognise that, even if the way forward is not immediately obvious, there is a way forward at the end of the day.

    Factor 6: Proactive

    Successful teams make things happen and don’t sit back waiting for others to do something before they get started. They grab the bull by the horns and start to make things happen.

    The Bottom Line: While all of the above factors really matter, I have also noticed that you need to underpin them with appropriate rewards and a culture that recognises and values team working.

    Source by Duncan Brodie

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    10 Date Ideas for Art Lovers

    If the woman or man you’re dating loves art, impress them by suggesting one of the following activities for your next date. It’s an opportunity to see them in an environment that brings them joy. Who knows – you may even learn a thing or two about art!

    1. Visit the Local Public Art Gallery

    Whether you’re looking at a masterpiece by Rembrandt, an Emily Carr, or the work of a local artist; art can be a natural conversation starter. To those not versed in art or painting, don’t worry about using the right language or terminology. If your date is an art lover they can teach you. If you want to save some money, check to see if the gallery has any free viewing periods.

    2. Browse Privately Owned Art Galleries

    Most cities have a number of art dealers who exhibit art for sale via their gallery. Some may specialize in showcasing and selling a specific type of art – such as sculptures, paintings, First Nations art – or specific artists. Check to see if they’re open to the public. If not, they may have upcoming events or exhibitions.

    3. Tour Public Art Displays

    Take a look around you – are there sculptures scattered throughout your city? If so, have a sculpture hunt and visit a handful of them. Many cities have a sculpture garden or park with a collection of pieces in one area. It’s a great opportunity to walk around and take some pictures of you next to various art pieces to document your date.

    4. Take an Art Class

    Spend an afternoon learning how to paint, sketch, or throw pottery. If classes aren’t your thing, get a book on painting or sketching and try to teach yourselves one rainy afternoon. Remember to sign and frame your masterpieces!

    5. Finger Paint

    Relive a time you probably loved as a kid. All you need is paper, paint and some rags to wipe your hands on. Get your hands in the paints and create!

    6. Splatter Paint

    Bring out your inner Jackson Pollack and try splatter painting. If there are no studios set-up for that sort of thing, you could improvise. Cover an area in the garage with tarps (floor, walls and ceiling); tape a big piece of paper or secure a stretched canvas on the wall; put on your old clothes or overalls, a hat and goggles; and start flinging some paint at the canvas. Put on any music that brings out your creative self.

    7. Get a Caricature Sketch

    In the summer time there is often a caricature artist or two set up in the tourist area of town. Sit down and let them do their thing.

    8. Sketch the City

    Get a pad of paper and pencil and set out into the city. Try your hand at sketching a boat at the pier, a coffee cup at the cafe, or the trees in the park. If your date is a talented sketcher, just watching them create can be awe-inspiring. At the very least you can play with an Etch-a-Sketch.

    9. Local Art School Events

    Are there any local art schools in your city? If so, they’ll often have at least one art exhibit during the year. It’s an opportunity to converse about the young talent in your city.

    10. Build Rock Sculptures

    If you live on a coast or shoreline, you may see a handful of large rocks balanced in a free-standing sculpture. To make your own, get a handful of smaller stones and start stacking them. To make it harder – try balancing some of them on their ends.

    Source by Sue Bond

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    When Is It Fur Coat Weather? Your Complete Fashion Guide for Wearing Fur Anytime

    Does it need to be a complete blizzard outside to wear your favorite fur? No way! With all this crazy winter weather hitting a good portion of the country, it’s a perfect time for breaking out the big and fluffy coat to keep your warm.

    But what if you live in the more southern parts of the country like Texas or Arizona? Or what if you want to rock your coat in the spring or even summer months?

    Fear not! Many fashion experts agree that luxurious furs are not just for those in colder states. We are breaking down when and how to wear fur even in the spring, summer, and warmer states.

    How to Wear Fur in the Springtime

    Fur means luxury no matter what the season. A growing trend in high fashion is incorporating furs and leathers in the new flowering season. Designers like Adrienne Landau love adding fur flourishes to the runway. Some of her tips include sticking with light to medium colors. Spring means the beginning of warmer temperatures so you fur should reflect this. Professionally store your full-length coats and wear lighter pieces.

    What kinds of lighter pieces? “New” fur comes in all kinds of shapes and sizes. Both fur coats and jackets come in cropped or mid-waist lengths with varying degrees of density. Since it still can be chilly in the spring, remember you also add fur accessories, much like you would in the winter. Go with shrugs, stoles, or scarves.

    If there is going to be a sudden cold snap with temperatures in the 40s and 50s, don’t be afraid to rock out your full fur. You’ll be stylishly warm while others gaze enviously upon you.

    How to Wear Fur in the Summer

    Fur and summer may seem like an oxymoron, but don’t shun this unlikely combo until you’ve tried. Fur can be added to your summer wardrobe in the form of fun accessories and add-on’s. Think of the luxury of fur combined with the fun of summer. Fur trimmed sweaters are available in a bright, cheery yellow with a fur collar.

    Designers are adding trims to other clothing items like silk trousers or black fur with sheer tee shirts. As mixed materials become a fashion staple, expect to see fur added with traditional clothing pieces.

    Think fur is limited to just clothing? Think again. Fur trimmed shoes are available in a variety of styles like pumps or sandals. Instead of being used for warmth, these additions on shoes are purely for fun, so there are some pretty wild styles out there.

    If summers are not too hot in your region, don’t forget about a classic fur vest. One of the best ways to dress down a vest is to wear it with a more causal outfit like a tee shirt and jeans. You can also buy a causal leather jacket with fur trim around the collar or a light cardigan with fur lined pockets.

    Now if you live in an area where summers are downright steamy and you love fur, purses are perfect for you. Bergdorf Goodman’s mini leather and fur shoulder bag is a fashionable, yet practical choice to show off your style. There also other accessories like pom poms and key chains.

    How to Wear Fur Anytime

    No matter where you’re wearing your fur, don’t be afraid to add new types of fur colors to your wardrobe. Instead of wearing fur in black or brown, try pastel colors or deep, vibrant colors. If you’re especially daring, patterns are also an option.

    Don’t be afraid to experiment. Wear your fur how and where you want to. Confidence is the best accessory when wearing your fur anytime of the year.

    Source by Marika Betker

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    Understanding the Disadvantages and the Advantages of Online Photography Gallery

    These days, Internet is becoming an even more useful tool to promote and share anything, including works of photography. You could also agree and so you want to create an online gallery for your photos. This article is giving you the disadvantages and the advantages that online photography gallery brings, for you to easily face the problems that may arise.

    Advantages: The most important one is the fact that you can reach a large global audience. This is an easy and effective way to make your photography works known to the whole world. Internet is an awesome tool for marketing, if you know how to properly use it. Moreover, you could include an e-commerce option for your gallery so that visitors could buy your photos directly on the website. Creating a personal photography gallery online is the best start, but you shouldn’t stop here, because you need to make your talent known as much as you can. The next step involves joining some groups offering online galleries so that more people, for example those who are experts in photography, will find about your capabilities. Moreover, these groups offer a perfect way for sharing tips for improving photographic skills and also experiences.

    Another advantage is momentum. This online gallery offers an ever present platform for showing your work. This gives momentum, as it shows the work you achieved over years. You could also see the way you progressed and developed all these years. Thats a good way for keeping yourself motivated, if you are an amateur or even if you are a professional.

    Disadvantages: The problem that is most common is your work will certainly appear on other sites for which you wont receive any money. Hence, its important to mark the photos with a symbol of your own or to disable the option for downloading. If this happens to you, you shouldn’t get upset right away. You shouldn’t be upset unless the sites that steal your pictures make money out of this. Actually, this could be a positive thing because this means people like your photos and they actually provide free publicity. But, if your work appear in sites making money out of this, its time to take it serious. In the worst case scenario, others can use your photos to make frauds. This commonly happens among clothing catalogue and portrait photographers.

    The last thing you should consider is if you don’t opt for an online photography gallery, but decide to use existing galleries, you’ll need to pay an amount that can range a lot. This amount doesn’t mean that you’ll either get a transaction. There are a few free services on the Internet, however, the quality usually is questionable. They have lots of limitations or if not, theres lots of advertisement on the web pages . As seen from this article, online photography galleries have advantages and also disadvantages. Hence, you should carefully consider your decision before you make it. You should design a strategy for maximizing the advantages, and in the same time minimizing disadvantages.

    Source by Alex Don

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    12 Essential Elements of the Gospel – Why God Is Restoring the Elements to the Church

    It is the mind and will of God to restore the church to the understanding of the exact knowledge of each of the 12 essential Elements of the Gospel. I remember writing these Elements on a chalk board in a school where I worked as a janitor in the mid 1970’s. I was in an American Literature classroom when I began to use the chalkboard to work out the Elements. I was intrigued at how God designed them and knew that there had to be a central Element that tied them all together. That is the Element Grace.

    I felt a strong presence of God as He began to develop the understanding of the Elements in my mind. He made me to know both the binary and proclitic relationship of the Elements and made me to understand why they are defined as a synergistic work that can only be observed in the eco-system of His truth. God also made me to understand that each Element is a Spiritual Unit of Measure (SUM) that allows us to accurately measure our faith to Jesus Christ.

    By the hand of God upon me I understood these 12 Elements to be the spiritual foundation of our faith in Jesus Christ and to also be the 12 stones of the altar of Christ necessary for each believer to function in their spiritual priesthood.

    It is vital that the church go back to the basics-back to the 12 essential Elements of the Gospel. By doing so, we will restore the testimony of Jesus Christ to our faith.

    The testimony of God is in all Creation

    All creation testifies of God, that He is the life giver.”In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. The same was in the beginning with God. All things were created by HIM–by the Word of God, and without Him was not anything created that was created. In Him was LIFE.” (John 1:1-3)

    All creation carries a tradition of likeness according to the pattern of their creation. In other words, everything God created carries the likeness of the physiological and chemical patterns He established for it. Fish swim, birds fly, and trees grow leaves and fruit. We see in the likeness of the bird the pattern God established for it. And by this pattern the birds carry the testimony of God as His creation and glorify God by fulfilling His design for them.

    The Heart of Man Must Carry the Testimony of God

    Man must also testify of God by carrying His likeness. The problem is, that Adam and Eve, our first parents, decided to reject the knowledge God gave them and to accept the knowledge Satan gave them. This decision resulted in Adam losing the likeness of God and inheriting instead the darkness of Satan.

    The human race inherited this history and each person carries this testimony of Satan and carries this image of darkness upon the mind and soul. The deception began with knowledge and this is why people today still follow the pattern of Satan’s lies and still carry his likeness. Adam took on the knowledge of darkness and his soul reflected the pattern of that knowledge.

    Do you see…The knowledge of this world holds the pattern of darkness.

    A Tradition of Likeness Through Knowledge

    God’s plan is to return the soul to the likeness of God. He sent Jesus Christ to atone for man’s sin by dying on the cross to shed His blood for a new covenant and by this He established a new tradition of knowledge for us to experience His likeness.

    The likeness of Jesus Christ is expressed through each of the 12 essential Elements of the Gospel. The sign and seal of ownership is in this pattern of knowledge because God uses it to restore man to His image and likeness.

    It is through the pattern of this knowledge that God restores His testimony to your soul and that you are restored to your true history.

    It is through the pattern of this knowledge that God expresses the life of Christ in you. The likeness of Christ being expressed is healing your soul.

    The 12 Essential Elements of the Gospel

    (1) Grace (2) Faith (3) Righteousness (4) Justification (5) Sanctification (6) Holiness (7) Peace (8) Rest (9) Charity (10) Truth (11) Regeneration (12) Renewing of the Mind

    The likeness of Jesus Christ is in the pattern of this knowledge. If you want to live according to the power of God you must live according to the pattern of these Elements.

    We carry the likeness of God now in knowledge. We were created by God, for God, and this is why faith pleases God. Faith restores the likeness of God to the soul.

    Just as …

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    A Short History of Oil Painting

    The numerous masterpieces put on display in the well-known museums across the globe simply prove that oil is the medium that has caused a considerable impact on painting as a visual form of art. During the present times, oil painting on canvas continues to be a favorite of serious painters because it gives long-casting colors and allows a wide range of methods and approaches. The origin of oil paints can be traced back to the 13th century. However, this was further developed as a modern form of medium by Jan van Eyck, in the 15th century. Since artists had a problem of a too long drying time, this Belgian painter discovered a method that enabled painters to have a faster way to develop their compositions. He found a way to create a vibrant oil color palette by means of combining pigments with nut oils and linseed.

    Later on, da Vinci, Messini and other artists enhanced the formula by making it the best medium to represent forms, figures and details by using a variety of colors, depths and shadows. It was during the Renaissance, also known as Golden Age of Painting, when artists developed their craft and established most of the techniques that enabled the oil medium to emerge. Oil painting became more refined due to the studies in perspective, human anatomy and proportion. In this era, artists aimed to come up with images that were realistic. They wanted to represent everything that was captured by the detailed eye of an artist and also catch the power of the human emotions and present them as well.

    Giovanni Bellini’s “St. Francis in Ecstasy”, his 1480 work of art, captures the ability of oil to make an accurate and complex masterpiece using the soft morning light glow and natural landscape details. During the Baroque era, oil as a medium became useful when artists wanted to demonstrate the power of emotions by means of carefully manipulating shadows and light. In Rembrandt’s 1642 work of art entitled “Night Watch”, the use of oil shows the concerns of the night watch by means of a dark, but detailed background, plus the crisp brightness brought about by the golden garments. During the middle part of the 19th century, painters discovered new approaches and built new movements, also including oil as a medium. Monet used oil in the 1872 painting entitled “Impression, Sunrise”, which was named after the Impressionist movement. This suggests the view of a harbor, sun and silhouette reflected on water. Artists like Picasso, Matisse and Kandinsky used oil in Modernism and beyond to advance their experimental methods during the first part of the 20th century.

    Oil lets an artist revise a work of art by easily taking it out from the canvas. Because of its rich history, great body of theories and its flexible nature, oil painting has greatly influenced visual art. All through the 20th century, oil paints have been improved further with the introduction of oil paint sticks. These were utilized by artists such as Anselm Kiefer and Jean-Michel Basquiat. Way back during the Renaissance period, masters used oil in creating masterpieces that keep on inspiring, intriguing and delighting. At present, artists use this important medium to convey their goals, visions and emotions.

    Source by Karina Popa