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    Be Aware and Be Seen While Cycling at Night

    Even if you ride your bike to work, chances are you’ve never had to ride at night. Even when you had to stay late at work you probably hitched a ride home instead of riding your bike. Your reasons for this were good ones! Without the right gear, night riding is as terrifying as it is dangerous. Until you get used to it, riding at night can be scary. But there are steps you can take to ease into it, safely.

    Tips for Cycling at Night:

    • Tip #1: Choose a Lighted Path

    Many bike paths keep their lights on well into the night, making them suitable for bicycle commuting well past when the sun goes down. Finding a lighted path means a cyclist doesn’t need much more gear to be able to ride at night. Be sure to read the signs before entering to find out if the lights run all night or if they have an automatic cut-off time.

    • Tip #2: Wear Clear Glasses

    Plenty of cyclists own snazzy and functional eyewear. But if you’re used to riding during the day, they probably have dark lenses. When searching for those perfect glasses, you probably wondered why anyone would want anything but sunglass lenses. The reason is clear. Clear is the best choice for night riding. If you don’t have a pair of clear, cycling-specific glasses, a pair of basic safety glasses will work just fine.

    • Tip #3: Be Aware

    If you thought riding in traffic in broad daylight was scary, night riding is a whole new adventure. If you’re used to riding around on auto-pilot during the day, you will need to switch over to a more alert mode when riding after sunset. If this is your first trip out on a bike at night, go slow and keep your eyes open for unexpected obstacles, bumps in the road, potholes, and other obstructions. Be mindful of your position to take the weight off of your seat and put it on your feet, on the pedals. Use your legs as suspension to soak up anything you might not see with your eyes first.

    • Tip #4: Overuse Reflective Tape

    Make yourself as visible as possible! Add reflective strips to your bag, bike frame and the clothing you plan to be riding in.

    • Tip #5: Make a Plan

    The above tips are perfect for when you find yourself staring down an unplanned bike trip in the dark. Stopping at a nearby hardware store on your lunch break, using Google to find a bike path, and making sure you are covered in reflective tape will help you for an unexpected ride. To become a night riding expert, you will need to take a few more steps. One of them being, actually making a plan.

    • Tip #6: Pick the Right Bike

    The right bike for night riding is one that can take a beating. A road bike with old parts and fatter tires is the perfect night-time bike. Fatter tires are able to soak up unexpected bumps better than the normal tires found on racing bikes.

    • Tip #7: KEEP IT SLOW!

    Source by Meagan J Deacon

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    Best Social Bookmarking Websites for Businesses

    Social Bookmarking is an important tool which can help people in finding their content on the internet without looking for it all over. It is also a very powerful tool which business owners use for building backlinks to their websites.

    This article talks about some of the best websites for social bookmarking which business owners can use. Before the list of websites begins, it is better to discuss some key points regarding the usage of social bookmarking.

    Social bookmarking websites can be used for several purposes like:

    • Creating profiles and filling them in.

    • Through social bookmarking, you can share any good content you find on the internet

    • You can also share your own content

    • You can make friends through a large number of existing communities

    There are a large number of social bookmarking websites available online. The basic concept remains the same but the topics and communities vary from website to website.

    • Digg

    Digg is the biggest social bookmarking platform online. The communities found on this platform are more tech-oriented. You can submit content related to a large number of other topics. You can still have a possibility of making it to the front page of the site.

    • Reddit

    Another social bookmarking site has been erratic in terms of success irrespective of the fact, it is one of the biggest and has serious amount of traffic.

    • Delicious

    Delicious can be referred to as a tagging website more than a bookmarking site. It is another fantastic platform for building backlinks or driving traffic to your webpage.

    • Yahoo Buzz

    Yahoo Buzz is an offering by Yahoo Inc. it takes advantage of the huge yahoo community. If you manage to reach the front page of this website, you can drive huge amounts of traffic to your page.

    • StumbleUpon

    This website is as unique as its name. it helps users “stumble upon” random content on the web which is related to the subject of their choice. For business owners, this is a platform for you to share information so that others can stumble upon it.

    • Mixx

    Mixx is not a website that has received a lot of limelight. But it is still a nice website where you can submit content. You can also be a part of the communities if you want to direct visitors to come to your website.

    • Slashdot

    Slashdot saw better days and is now dipping in popularity. This website still commands a special place in the list of social bookmarking websites. It also has a community of loyal followers.

    • Newsvine

    Newsvine is a great website for people who write news related content. If you have some information which is worth a bit of PR, this platform is a perfect place for you to submit it.

    Source by Fayadh Rahman

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    Roofers Tips for The Average Joe

    Advantages of Employing a Roofing Company

    Hiring a roofing company to install or repair a roof is important. A person that needs the best roofing work to be done on their roof has to ensure that they hire a roofing company as they have necessary skills and experience. Before getting to hire a roofing company, it is essential for a person to make sure that they do get to do research on the existing roofing companies as there are many. It is vital for a person that the roofing company that they do get to select to be the one they know is the right one for them. Explained below are advantages that a person gets to experience when they hire the best roofing company.

    One of the benefits that a person gets to experience when they hire a roofing company is the warranty that they do offer. Since accountability for the work that the roofing company does is taken by them even after it is done, it makes a person to be at ease. Warranty is offered to both the labor and the roofing materials that the roofing company gets to use. A person gets to benefit from the warranty that the roofing companies get to offer to them because if there is any problem within the time frame then the roofing company will get to inspect and fix the issue without charging a person any money.

    Building codes that are to be followed when working in the roof are mostly known to the roofing companies. Hiring of a roofing company will ensure that all the state rules are followed hence no legal issues will be experienced by a person. It is also beneficial for a person to hire a roofing company when they need any new installation or repair done to their roof as they can be able to work on it safely. A person needs to know that there are many accident cases involved in roofing and hence it needs experts that have safety gears to do that work. Roofing companies have invested their resources in safety gears so that they can make sure that their safety is guaranteed.

    The best quality of the roofing materials that is needed can be gotten by roofing companies. The experience that the roofing companies have gained over the many years they have been in business has enabled them to know where to find high quality roofing materials. Roofing materials are acquired at wholesale cost when they are acquired by roofing companies. The work relationship that the roofing companies have made with other suppliers and manufactures makes it easier for them to access the best quality of roofing materials and at the best price.

    The 10 Best Resources For Experts

    News For This Month: Roofers

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    Getting Down To Basics with Jobs

    How To Choose The Best Elementary Schools

    Education is amongst the most significant things you can offer your kids. It indicates children deserve the best to be well educated. There are certain aspects that will contribute to this. There are sure perspectives that will add to this. There are many elements that attribute to this matter. Among the most excellent thing is to take the kids in an excellent school. For the first time parents, they are confused on which school to opt for. This is because of the several ones located within their location. With regards to these needs, it is advisable to follow some guidelines when choosing the ideal school. Here are a few of these rules.

    First, you should be able to decide on the school that fits your kid’s needs. This is very important to focus on as a few kids are not able to understand things as needed. Here, you must tell if the kid has special needs or not. If the kid needs special attention, it is right to find an elementary school that accommodates his or her need. By noting this, it causes you to make the correct decision on the school to choose. This is in like manner ensures the kid is particularly dealt with by excellent teaching masters in their teaching program.

    It is as well good to learn how much it costs to educate your kids. On this issue, it makes sense to choose whether you can manage certain learning facilities or not. There are various schools to decide on and some of them could be costly to bear. Here, one must recognize if they can manage private or public schools. When you opt for the private schools, it may cost high and it is nice to make a wise decision here. One might also think of charter schools which are considered affordable to select. With the said choices, it ought to be easy to choose the perfect learning place.

    There is also the importance of noting if the school is well recognized or not. The standard aim you are looking for a school is to make sure your kids are well educated. In this way, it is imperative to trust the school will not disappoint. This show the planned schools ought to have the perfect facility to meet the kid’s needs. These should be the ideal facilities intended for the ideal extra curriculum exercises. It is also imperative to affirm the teachers intended to deal with students in mind. Great teachers are capable of dealing with the supposed age group.

    With the above factors, it matters the most to choose local schools. To find great schools, make sure to visit this online page.

    Learning The Secrets About Professionals

    Services Tips for The Average Joe

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    A Beginners Guide To Businesses

    Important Tips you Need to take a Keen Interest in to Help You in Choosing and Hiring an Airport Repair Company

    The life of human beings in the modern world has been made easier thanks to the introduction of technology that has brought with it the development of a lot of new things and devices that helps in making easy the life of human beings. One of the devices and things that have been made possible and developed as a result of the introduction of technology is the air conditioner that helps the human life in regulating and maintaining their normal temperature whenever the temperatures fluctuate. Since the air conditioner is made by human beings who are not all perfect, it makes the air conditioner vulnerable and susceptible to damages and breakdown at one point of their lifetime. When your air conditioner breaks down at one point of time, it is important that you consider hiring an air conditioner repair company to be able to do the repairs on your air conditioner and return it to its normal working condition. The selection of an air conditioner repair company may at times be a difficult for a lot of people because of the many that are available in the out there. The article below gives some of the important things you need to take into consideration when choosing an air conditioner repair company from the high number available.

    The first important thing you need to take into consideration when choosing an air conditioner repair company is the license of the air conditioner repair company, his is because an air conditioner repair company gives a guarantee of a good services because for them to have attained the license form the authorities it needed them to meet some set standards and also be fully equipped for the services.

    It is also an important thing for you to take into consideration what the previous clients say about the air conditioner repair company, it is important that you read the reviews given by the previous clients about the services offered by the air conditioner repair company, with the reviews you will be able to know whether the services are good or not.

    The cost of the air conditioner repair services is also an important thing you need to take into consideration when choosing an air conditioner repair company. To help you in choosing an air conditioner repair company that is affordable for you, it is important that you make a comparison of the different cost charged by the different companies taking int consideration your budget and choosing one that can be met by the amount in your budget. The challenges involved when choosing an air conditioner repair company are reduced when you take a keen interest in the factors above.

    A 10-Point Plan for Professionals (Without Being Overwhelmed)

    Doing Services The Right Way

  • Technology

    The Path To Finding Better Resources

    Factors that Affect Vehicle Financing

    We normally look for a car to buy while at the same time assessing what your financial situation is. Buying a car is an expensive affair, which might force you to look at a financing option. This calls for you to look at the best financing option out there. A key factor in the selection of a financing option is your ability to manage the payments to come. Here is what you need to do to make sure that you make the best decision.

    You need to first focus on your present financial situation. It is important to be aware of any loans you presently have before piling on another one for the car. You can arrange for the car financing to be gotten from the same institution and tied to your existing payment scheme. You can see why you need to be certain of this option, and any other there might be.

    You need to then analyze your budget. You can be told of all manner of possibilities, but you need to first make sure that your choices are based on the real possibility of you managing the new budget. If your situation needs you to deal with the previous case first, then you will have no choice. You need to avoid the temptation of piling up new expense when you cannot reasonably manage them. Keep in mind that apart from the cost of the car, there are the other expenses of fuel, and maintenance, which is recurring.

    You can proceed to look for the financing when you know what your needs are. You need to pick one that shall be in line with what you can present as the deposit and the recurrent patents. Those who are comfortable with faster and heavier repayments can go for it. Where you cannot, you need to go for the more manageable minimal amounts for the payments, which will take a longer time to clear. You need to be certain that all in all, you are not paying way too much for the car at the end of the financing. You need to get a more flexible payment option. This shall help in case you have any problems in the future. If things look up, you can also be allowed to clear the payments much faster.

    You need to go online and search for such options in your region. When you have your priorities in order, landing on the right financing terms is not that hard. You need to always keep in mind that you should go for only what works for you.

    After you find such financing, you will be only one step from acquiring the car you wanted. Balance between what you need now, and how things will be later.

    5 Takeaways That I Learned About Vehicles

    The 10 Rules of Automobiles And How Learn More

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    Why No One Talks About Events Anymore

    Choosing a Wedding Venue

    Weddings are one of the oar celebrated aspects in the lives of many people, and that is why it takes a lot of time to prepare them. You will realize that most people tend to make sure that everything about their wedding is set, way before they can send out invitations, because a lot of people fear getting disappointed on their special day. There are a lot of aspects about a wedding, but in most cases when you ask people about an upcoming wedding, the most probable answer will be the venue. You will realize that a lot goes into deciding the wedding venue, and this is determined by so many factors that you need to know while planning for your wedding. This is the article that will help you come up with some of the best tips of making sure that you have the best choice for your wedding venue.

    The location of a wedding venue is an aspect that comes into play any time you are looking at getting the right kind of wedding venue. When it comes to location, one of the things that you will consider is how accessible and convenient the place is, such that all the invitees will find it easy to reach the wedding venue and you can also get to give directions easily. This is the reason why you need to make sure that the location you choose is neither too shallow nor too complicated for the people who
    will be attending your wedding.

    You need to find out a lot about the wedding venue you are choosing, since finances will also come into play. You need to understand that there are packages offered by the wedding venues available, and every package has a different price as per the provisions of the package. This is why you will need to make sure that you know what will work best for you, and pick it if your budget allows for the same.

    You need to make sure that you have the right kind of wedding venue from most of the types available, and the choice should be influenced by the ideal wedding venue that you have in mind. Some people fancy outdoor weddings, and for such people, they need to make sure that tents and seats are enough for the guests. You need to understand that, for outdoor weddings, factors such as weather conditions play a role, and you will have to make sure that you choose the dates with the favorable weather conditions for your big day. With this kind of information, you will definitely end up making the best choice for your wedding venue.

    On Events: My Thoughts Explained

    A 10-Point Plan for Events (Without Being Overwhelmed)

  • Business Products & Services

    Discovering The Truth About Resources

    Advantages Of Sports Picks

    Betting is something that people are becoming addicted to day by day. In the past, it was best known as gambling, and only a few people were involved in it. You will notice that with time, many people are getting themselves involved I this. It is a bit difficult outlining some of the reasons why most people are involved especially from the African continent. Definitely, there is a reason for that.

    One fact that people must accept that there are so many people who have lost fortunes to betting. There are also some who have improved their lives through the same. It is important to know that how an individual decides to go about betting is quite important because this affects their lives in different aspects. One is supposed to learn that there are people that are known for evaluating different games. You should know that getting odds from such people can be more reassuring and you will find that in most cases, they give the picks at a price. It is necessary to learn that you can get these people from various websites. Here are some of the reasons why you should look for them.

    One is encouraged to understand that sports picks are often safe than those that one predicts alone. It should be noted that the pickers usually explain how they have analyzed and evaluated the games and therefore, this makes it easy for most people to believe them. What is more, these people have done this job longer and know what it takes to win a game.

    The other thing that everyone must agree is that fact that everyone bets to win. It is therefore worth appreciating that fact that through this, one will manage to be in a better position to win. In most cases, individuals do not succeed because they have been given the sure bets but because of the strategy that the pickers use in getting the odds. Through the plans that they use, one can bet in a way that they reduce their chances of losing the games. Therefore, one will not end up losing so much money because of betting.

    One is also required to know that comparison of predictions is also another great benefit sports picks. You will realize that one will be better placed when they compare the predictions from different pickers. It is important to learn that making the comparison is necessary because it will make you get your money in multiples. You have to know that you will enjoy the fun that comes with betting only if you are not losing so much money. It will be possible to win when someone helps.

    If You Think You Get Sports, Then This Might Change Your Mind

    Looking On The Bright Side of Games

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    Paint Colors

    Picture a world without color – a very drab and depressing place. Now, imagine that world as it really is, with beautiful colors everywhere. Paint colors are the least expensive way to dramatize, stylize or personalize your home. It can hide a structural flaw or completely alter an appearance. Homes that are not blessed with interesting architectural features can be transformed into decorative showplaces with the imaginative use of paint colors.

    Because of its versatility, paint is ideal for introducing color into your home – it's economical and available in practiceally limitless shades. You can paint frequently to update the appearance of a room, create a mood, suit a season or express a personality. If you're tired of your paint color scheme, change it – quickly and easily with paint!

    Selecting a paint color scheme for your home with coordinating paint colors is not difficult if you equip yourself with some basic information about color and its effects.

    Color Creates a Mood. How you respond to certain paint colors can be a good guide for deciding how to set a particular mood in your home. With the help of the color wheel and these basic color tips your choice may be easier:

    Blue Monday, Green with envy, in the Pink – colors are often associated with moods and emotions. Colors do affect us psychologically – a fact that should be considered when decorating.

    Yellows, oranges and reds are warm colors. The hues oppose them on the color wheel – greens, blues and purples – are cool colors. Consider the temperature of a color if you want to warm up a room on the shady side of the house or cool off a room with a southern exposure.
    Light colors such as white and yellow are airy, expansive and cheerful. Use them in small, dark areas that you want to appear larger and brighter. Dark colors such as navy blue or brown can create a cozy, sophisticated feeling in oversized rooms.
    Paint Colors Can Stylize a Room. Aside from being a mood-setting device, color can be used to stylize any setting. With the right painting techniques you can accentuate good architectural features and camouflage unattractive ones, on both the interior and exterior of your home.

    Paint Color styling tricks may help you with your particular decorating demands. Contrasting colors emphasize a handsome piece of furniture or a beautiful art object can be accentuated by placing it against a wall painted a contrasting color. Attractive architectural features such as molding can be emphasized by painting them a darker or lighter paint color than the walls.

    Now picture your world filled with color. Then make it that way with carefully selected, durable Top Secret Coatings paint!

    Source by Peter Harrett

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    How Do I Power Level in World of Warcraft and Should I Even Bother?

    For those who are brand-new to WoW then odds are you prefer to level very easily. This would provide an individual much better items and many other options for a toon. The great news is that power leveling is often an excellent technique of doing this. There are lots of things you should be aware of about WoW power leveling if you want to obtain the best returns.

    How World of Warcraft Power Leveling Works

    Your very first instinct is almost always to grind out hours on the game, however this is truthfully not the most efficient route to level an individual’s toon. The greatest thing you should do is go ahead and take quests that will provide you the majority of xp for the smallest amount of one’s time expended. This can be problematic to discover without help, but you can find add ons you could download so that you can figure this out.

    Use Your Profession

    Taking advantage of your profession to help you to gain xp is one additional factor to think about is. Use this to your advantage by using the simplest task to obtain additional xp. A good example of this is with tailoring. You need to use the lowest cost tailoring recipes and use them again and again to get additional xp.

    Keep Away From Player vs player combat

    PvP (player vs. player) is not likely to give you xp, which is the reason you need to avoid it. Because you are going to be encountering npcs as part of your quests, you need to choose PvE (player vs. Environment) meaning you fight creatures and monsters along the way. This will provide you with experience in the most productive way possible.

    Should You Pay Another person to Power Level?

    Unbelievably, you’ll find those who work as power levelers. For a small charge they are willing to carry out the leveling for you and get you to 90 fast. While this might look like a tempting offer, there are several things to keep in mind when taking advantage of a service such as this.

    For one, you won’t get the experience of experiencing the game by yourself. When you are attempting to play like a level 90 you will not possess the same knowledge of the toon or even the environment as you would’ve had if you did the leveling on your own.

    Another factor to give thought to with this is it is actually against the terms of use by the manufacturer, Blizzard. Even if you decided not to look at the terms and conditions is not going to take away any kind of consequences. You could find that your account is suspended or maybe even terminated because of this since it breaks the spirit of the game.

    Additionally it is highly unsafe to share your information with someone you may not know. Providing them with access to your account means that they can steal your gold and even more. Blizzard is fantastic about supporting individuals who have had their accounts broken into, however if you phone them over a matter relevant to a power leveling service, then chances are you will end up in trouble.

    A Few Recommendations to be aware of

    It’s not necessary to care about spending gold on your equipment. You are going to out-level it very quickly and it will simply be a complete waste of gold. In fact many of us opt to stay just with the equipment they loot or can pick up somewhat cheap from the auction house if need be.

    Repeatedly going through a dungeon is not really efficient either. You simply won’t get the xp for it again. This really is only useful if you’re searching for specific items or gear. If there are quests which go along with the dungeon they are usually completed by just completing the dungeon.

    There are actually elixirs that you can find that will increase the experience you receive for a certain period of time, normally 60 minutes. Should you have quests that you’re waiting to turn in, wait until after you consume the elixir to turn them in so you will get extra xp after which you can head out to do additional leveling.

    In case you are trying to level a brand new toon and are unsure exactly what class to create, a death knight is most likely the smart choice. Should you already have got an additional character that is at least level 55, then your death knight will start out at level 55. This allows you to get them to 90 much faster than starting at level 1.

    If you are a new player, power leveling is probably not the best option for you. Even though it might seem attractive to get to level …

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    Practice is Not a Shot You're Already Good At

    My daughter Sammie has a horse and she rides in English riding competitions. She's been doing it now for over 7 years and I must say she's become quite a good rider. My son Kirk will be going into his senior year in high school next year and he's planning on having a great year in both football and basketball. Both kids are busy practicing so that they can do their absolute best in their chosen sport. As they practice they must remember that:

    Practice Is Not a Shot You're Already Good At

    I'm proud of my kids for choosing to stick to something and wanting to be the best that they can be at it. Sammie practices her riding almost every day of the week and Kirk is either practicing shooting, weight lifting, or running every day also. It's a pretty rigorous schedule. Sometimes they complain, but for the most part they see their commitment through and realize that it's the only way to get to where they want to go.

    During this practice time they will sharpen their skills. The most important and valuable sharpening of their skills will come from continuously practicing the things that they are not as good at.

    It's easy and far more enjoyable to practice the things that we can do well. Yet it's those things that we practice that we can not do so well that helps us develop the "Total Package." It's almost a guarantee that both of them will encounter the most challenging situation that's unique to them at some time during their competitions. This particular challenging situation may never be the best part of their overall performance. At the same time, by practicing the thing that is the most challenging, they will have a better chance of dealing with it effectively when they do encounter it.

    I wish them luck in their endeavors. I will encourage them to continue with their practice and tell them to imagine and expect great results because of the work that they have been willing to do.

    Source by Fred Nicklaus

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    How to Get World of Warcraft Gold

    WoW Players have difficulty on gaining and saving World of Warcraft gold in the game as real people in the actual world. We can compare the auction abode of Azeroth to a colossal computerized shopping mall. You can find in this place the many listings and reviews of products accompanied by alluring offers and even annoying salesmen like in real life.

    Lots of players frequently attempt to discover various ways to make more gold while enjoying the game. There are numerous techniques that come into existence every day to perform this. Most newbie players made this great and common mistake of leaving behind things that belong to anything they have killed. Learn that if you killed a certain being, it will serve as your loot that is rightfully your own. You can take this loot no matter how crud it looks like. Make sure to pick up the whole lot and bear in mind that a person's "junk" could serve as another player's gold. As you sell off these items, you can accumulate more gold on your World of Warcraft quickly.

    Opting to crafting profession is another common mistake of most players who are just starting to learn the game. This is usually a lot more expensive than its worth. This could be real deal to every new player who has insufficient gold. What can cost a huge amount of gold are the supplies for crafters. The items created by crafters also consume high cost of gold and no one will ever afford your work in the early levels.

    One of the best ways to acquire more gaming gold is questing. Blizzard Entertainment has created changes that aid players to increase their World of Warcraft gold a lot easier. An increased amount of gold rewards when a certain quest has been completed is one of these immune changes. You will appreciate this change even more as you level up higher. You will be granted with lots of gold when reach level 70 in place of experience for completing quests.

    You may also want to check out a book called "Gold Secrets Guild for the World of Warcraft" if you truly enjoy playing the game. This book is published to distribute some secrets that are not disclosed to many players when it comes to acquiring more World of Warcraft gold. If you can not find any of the secrets for free online, the website provides you all the details on how to obtain this book. Lots of hardcore players do not mind the amount of money they will spend to get their own copy of this book and learn how to become richer and enhance their playing pleasures of World of Warcraft. This could much serve as an investment than a frolicome spending, particularly when you achieve your desired effect.

    Source by Aris Winston

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    The Difference Between Oil And Acrylic Paint

    The differences between oil and acrylic paint basically lie in the characteristics and behavior of these paints. To begin with, oil paintings are generally given a lot more respect in the art world and considered the right medium for true professionals and masters of classical art.

    Acrylic paint, on the other hand, is a medium commonly used for beginners or amateur artists who either can not easily master oil painting techniques or who do not have enough time on their hands to paint with oils. By this, one can improvise that acrylic paint is easier to work with and faster drying but not possessing the depth of color and shade vital for making minute texture and tone changes in professional paintings.

    Safety and Differences in Drying Time
    There are also safety implications. Acrylic paints are much safer and can be mixed and washed with water, while oil paint requires turpentine and other mediums – which are toxic and not friendly to the environment – to thin and clean. Professional artists take adequate care and maintain well ventilated spaces to work with oil paints. But oil paints have been around for centuries and have been what the great masters worked with.

    Acrylics can be used by almost anyone, are flexible and can be easily mixed with water to produce the desired changes in shade. They also dry faster, requiring anywhere from fifteen minutes to an hour while oils take days. This is also stated as a disadvantage for acrylic paints as slow painters who take days to paint a picture and keep improving their work will have to work a lot faster with acrylics. Oils give more time for you to paint and improve on the work each day as you acquire a fresh perspective.

    Richer Colors with Oil Paints
    Oils are the preferred medium in the art world because they facilitate more vivid and richer colors, while some acrylics have a tendency to darken during the drying process. But oil paints are more expensive than acrylics and the choice depends on whether you want to get started and learn to paint a few pictures quickly, or want to spend time and money and paint a picture the way professionals do.

    Oil colors require much practice and patience while acrylics are easier and safer to handle and you can do quick paintings in a short amount of time. Usually it is professionals who can afford oil paints and spend their days painting with them, achieving artistic perfection. Amateurs and students usually only use acrylics and they are reliably easy to master, not requiring specialized ventilated space for painting. These are the basic differences between oil and acrylic paint and it is up to your requirements and budget to decide which to use.

    If you wish to become a professional artist you need to learn to use oil paints as they enable you to use richer and more artistic techniques to create critically acclaimed and respected art. However, acrylic paints are available with retarders, gels and pastes to increase the drying time and provide the variety in texture and help you paint in using similar techniques to oil painting.

    Source by Mark Jubbs

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    How to Get Work as a Guest Entertainer on a Cruise Ship – Part II

    This is part TWO of a series of articles I have written to help entertainers get work as
    Guest Entertainers on cruise ships.

    This varies from cruise line to cruise line, so again, either ask your agent or check
    the Guest Entertainer Manual of the cruise line you are working for the discounts
    you are allowed as a guest entertainer. The general rule for most ships is that there
    is a 25% bar discount for guest entertainers and a 20% discount in the boutique
    shops on board. At the end of each cruise when you get your bill, make sure that
    the discounts have been taken off the final account. It has happened on so many
    occasions where the final discount was wrong or not taken off. For whatever reason
    these days, the bills are always wrong and most guest entertainers have to end up
    going down at the end of a cruise and sorting the problems out. I often believe the
    problems on ships are due to simple lack of communication between departments!
    There are the top end cruise lines where you do not have to pay for any drinks at the
    bar, but that is the minority. There is also a 21-year minimum age requirement for
    purchasing alcohol on most cruise lines.
    Everything you purchase is put on to your account so ships are a cashless society,
    however I always take a few dollar bills and leave them as tips.
    Note: – As of re-reading this book the company I work for has now taken off any
    discounts in the shops on board for guest entertainers.

    Requirement of Shows
    Each cruise line will have different requirements from their Guest Entertainers, what
    I offer is simply a guideline –

    Length and number of shows
    I checked the guidelines in the manual for the cruise line I work on and they state
    that a minimum repertoire of two 30-minute and one 15-minute show is required.
    On longer cruises it may be necessary to perform three of four 30 minute shows. On
    the ships I work I have never done two different 30 minute shows, rather one full
    show and a split show with another act or two different 45 minute shows. On the
    cruise I am on at the moment, as of writing this book, I am performing two 45
    minute shows and a close-up show. The close-up show is at my suggestion to the
    cruise director as it gives me another chance to push my DVDs plus I thoroughly
    enjoy close-up magic.
    How many shows you are required to perform depends entirely on the length of
    cruise. If you are doing the short seven day cruises then more often that not you will
    only be required to do one full show, possibly maybe another show sharing the bill
    with another act. On the longer cruises of say twenty four days you can be assured
    you will need to do two different full shows. This requires a lot of work and it is
    important that your second show is as strong as the first.
    Speaking from experience I prefer just to do my one main show as it contains all my
    number one material, rather than try and split it up between two shows. After
    experimenting with my act I realized how important it is to make sure your first
    show is very strong, that way people will talk about you, get to know you and come
    back for the second. You will hear other entertainers say they have an A and a B
    show, in my opinion if you want a long career in Cruising make sure both your
    shows are A material. If you can do a close-up show then by all means mention it to
    the cruise director as it all helps in the long run keeping your name in front of the
    passengers when they fill in the comment cards.
    The general rule of thumb is that you will do your main show twice in one night.

    Your schedule

    Your schedule will vary from ship to ship and cruise to cruise. Generally speaking,
    on a seven day cruise you will be required to work one night with your main 45-50
    minute act. This you will do twice, once at the early show, usually 8.30pm and the
    other at 10.30pm for two different audiences. On the larger ships they are now
    getting us to work more, so we will work one night with the two shows, then repeat
    the show again the next night for the crowds who missed it. The large ships now
    carry up to 2800 passengers so you are required to do an extra show. On the seven
    day cruise you may also be asked to do an extra ten to fifteen minute …

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    The 10 Best Resources For Remodeling

    Why should You Remodel your Kitchen and Bathroom

    It is expensive to remodel any room in your home although sometimes the benefits of doing so outweigh the price. It is no use emptying your bank account or borrowing money instead you can use the best advice and have attractive bathrooms or kitchens. This article will enlighten you on why you should remodel your rooms today. In this article you will get ideas on how to remodel your kitchen or bathroom.

    Since your home is probably your largest investment, it possible that its value will decrease due to poor maintenance. But with simple maintenance your home will still not increase in value. If you remodel your kitchen or bathroom the value of your home can increase.

    Such ideas affect the buying decision. Buyers and especially women will be attracted by well-designed kitchens from well-executed kitchen remodeling projects. Well-designed bathrooms which are easily customizable and spacious are suitable for any homeowners.

    Your bank’s low interest should benefit you in case you don’t have enough money to remodel your bathroom or kitchen. These low interest from your bank are always not permanent, so you need to consult your bank so they can combine a good remodeling loan for your project.

    Many home owners do not recognize this aspect however with time energy costs increase. There is a good amount of energy used by lighting, kitchen equipment, and other devices that depend on energy. Contractors of kitchen remodeling area aware of how to make these areas efficient on energy. These contractors can do so by using energy efficient light bulbs, optimizing natural light and replacing old devices with up to date ones.

    More ideas of bathroom remodeling are to increase energy effectiveness through installing taps or faucets that are water-saving. Correct heating and ventilation equipment is another bathroom remodeling idea. Your home can be energy efficient with several other remodeling ideas. Lastly, installing your bathroom with remote controlled shower and baths is an idea to remodel your bathroom.

    There is a great influx of cheap building materials in the market. The building materials are low quality and cheap, but you will find some high-quality materials that are low in pricing since their brand is unrecognized. Improvement of production technologies have introduced ways of manufacturing cheap quality building materials.

    Smart homes are popular and building one is very expensive. However, if you begin with the bathroom or kitchen, you can incorporate technology that will make your residence efficient. You can have the right water temperature even when outside the bathroom. The design of most homes is such that if you have to change the kitchen layout, you must do the same for the bathroom. Sometimes it is important to change the layouts of the bathroom and the kitchen at the same time.

    The Essential Laws of Kitchens Explained

    A Brief Rundown of Bathrooms

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    A Beginners Guide To Slides

    Love The Jump With Jumpin Castles

    For children, being able to play is something that they need. That said, giving your children the fun and relaxation they need is important especially after a long day at school. On that note, you should consider taking your kids somewhere fun. One of your options would be to bring them somewhere where there are jumping castles. For kids, a colorful playground is something that is perceived as a fun place to play in and that’s what jumping castles are for. Even parents can play with their children in the jumping castles.

    If you’re not sure what jumping castles are, then you need to know that they’re just inflatable structures. For adults, it may not seem much, but kids love inflatable objects especially when it comes to jumping castles. Also, you shouldn’t be too surprised if your kids will have to spend long hours of their jumping activity in the jumping castles. Also, you won’t have to worry about the structural integrity of jumping castles. What makes jumping castles durable is the fact that they are made from PVC and nylon. Also, it’s important to know that jumping castles won’t catch fire since the materials used for it are basically fire retardant. This is the reason why you won’t have to worry about the safety of your kids while they enjoy the jumping castles on their own.

    Also, the castle design is something that’s been derived from the traditional castles. Jumping castles manufacturing is also something that can use certain designs but most of them are traditional castles. Since jumping castles are mainly made for kids, they usually have colorful and cartoony themes. Jumping castles can also be bought and used in your home which is why it’s important to know that you can also have a personalized one.

    Also, if you’re going to compare the size of personal jumping castles than those that are used in amusement parks, it’s a fact that the former has a smaller size. So if you really want your kids to have their very own jumping castles, it’s necessary that you make certain requests from the manufacturer and see if they can give you the jumping castles that you want. Mostly, these changes are related to the colors. As for the cost of jumping castles, they would depend on the size and personalized changes that you requested. Also, if you want to be able to save more money, it’s necessary to buy directly from the manufacturer. Also, you’ll want to know if you can get a warranty for the jumping castles before you decide to buy them.

    Needless to say, giving your kids the jumping castles that they can use in your home is more convenient than going to an amusement park every now and then.

    Incredible Lessons I’ve Learned About Inflatables

    5 Takeaways That I Learned About Sales

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    Getting To The Point – Personalizations

    Indispensable Facts About Personalized Gifts

    The communication among people have brought about diverse kinds of relationships. Relations entail emotional bonds created among individuals who have close ties such as family and friends.It is critical to uphold and cultivate these relationships as they are an integral segment of life. people perform several actions to ensure they reinforce bonds in diverse relations. These activities might comprise of gifting family and friend. All relationship need to have gifts as they make one to feel special and loved. A number of gifts can get used in gifting loved ones. Nonetheless, this will depend on one’s gender, preference or the reason for gifting.

    Gifts can get offered on different celebrations such as graduations. For instance, during a boy’s graduation ceremony you may opt to gift them a laptop case or a money wallet to use as they get into college. An employed man a shaving kit might be a necessity as they embark on business trips. A tote bag has the necessary space to accommodate all baby items including diapers hence a suitable gift for a mom to be. It is vital to note that gifts can be ready-made or customized according to one’s specifications. A lot of people prefer to give personalized gifts to their loved ones. Customized gifts are beneficial in many ways. Pwersoanlized gifts are unique and represent one’s personality as they are made to fit one’s likes.

    For instance, you may opt to give a newlywed couple passport cases with their initials. This sort of gift is bound to excite a couple as they go for their honeymoon. Customized gifts come in handy as they can get used in various ceremonies including wedding parties, graduation parties and many more. When you are confused about what to gift your loved one on these special occasions, you will never go wrong with a specialized gift. Personalized gifts can be given to both men and women. A person may choose to gift their partner or child with an item such as a shirt with a personalized message on it. It is critical to note that gifts between couples assist in enhancing relationships.

    There are various aspects one should consider when choosing personalized gifts. It is necessary to get the required information about a person before offering them a gift. A person’s age, likes, dislikes, and personality will aid you in choosing the right gift for them. Example, one may choose to offer a tote bag as a gift to their mom to use when attending friends meetings or to execute other tasks. For her reading glasses or sunglasses an eyeglass case can be the appropriate gift to give her. You are supposed to choose a customized gift according to the event to avoid feeling misplaced.

    The Essential Laws of Personalizations Explained

    The Beginner’s Guide to Customizations